Brian Brown: Send Money To Fight For “Gender Reality”

Just in from hate group leader Brian Brown:

There’s only three days left in the $50,000 matching gift challenge that has been made available to us. I am so grateful to all those who have responded in recent days, but we are still more than $10,000 short of our goal. I am worried we won’t make it because a lot of people have taken off for the holidays.

Every dollar that we fall short of the goal is a dollar that will not be available to NOM to help us fight for marriage, religious liberty and the biological reality of gender. Will you act today to save 2019 by making an emergency contribution knowing that it will be matched dollar for dollar?

I’ve written a number of times in recent days about all the successes we’ve enjoyed this year – in the courts, including the US Supreme Court, with the Trump administration, in Congress and state legislatures, and at the ballot box.

But unfortunately, our finances have fallen critically behind and unless we are able to receive the full $50,000 in matching funds at the end of the year, we will be in serious trouble. We only have three days left to make the goal. It’s crucial that we do so.