Scott Walker Activates National Guard For Midterms

Madison’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Republican Gov. Scott Walker has taken the unusual step of activating the Wisconsin National Guard troops on Election Day. Walker issued an executive order Friday authorizing troops to “provide essential services to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.” The order doesn’t offer any further details on the troops’ mission.

Commission spokesman Reid Magney says he can’t remember a governor issuing such an order. If you ask some Wisconsin voters, it wasn’t needed. “I’m not as concerned since we have the paper ballots in this state,” Tyler Pihl, an early voter, said. “So it is an interesting choice to deploy the National Guard at the 11th hour.”

Dozens were in line to vote at the Hawthorne Public Library in Madison. Dawn Edwards was among them. She felt like it was just a political play from the governor. “It seems like if it were a threat, that it would have come up before now,” Edwards said.