CNN Host John Berman: It’s Not Monday, Water Isn’t Wet, The Sky Is Not Blue, And Truth Isn’t Truth [VIDEO]

“I’m declaring it is not Monday, and it’s not because I say it’s not. I’m giving myself this new presidential power that Rudy Giuliani just created yesterday. Monday isn’t Monday. The sky is not blue. Water isn’t wet. And truth is not truth. The President’s lawyer actually declared this in the latest edition to the ‘Things Said Out Loud’ file. He said it trying to explain why he doesn’t want the President to testify to the special counsel.

“Giuliani is intentionally trying to create some new world of relative factuality. That world is like the misbegotten spawn of Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass and George Orwell’s 1984. Actually, we should leave Orwell out of this. All he said was ‘ignorance is strength.’ He wouldn’t have the guts to say ‘truth isn’t truth.’ That’s too much for Orwell.

“Truth isn’t truth fits nicely in the same solar system as ‘alternative facts.’ Actually, I shouldn’t use the phrase ‘solar system’ because we all know there is no sun. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. He’s not there. Which is why it is NOT Monday.” – CNN host John Berman, piling on to Rudy Giuliani.