Catholic League: The Public Doesn’t Care About Trump’s Adultery Because Of Immoral Shows Like Will & Grace

Via press release from blowhard Bill Donohue:

Who cares about Stormy Daniels? The media care. Indeed, they are obsessed with the story. They are also angry: they are angry that the public doesn’t care. Nor does the public care about the tapes that President Trump’s former lawyer has about Trump’s alleged sexual encounter with a former Playboy model. How to account for this disparate reaction?

The media went from “My Three Sons” to “Three’s Company” to “Will and Grace” and “Modern Family.” Movies that once received an “R” rating for salacious fare now merit a PG or PG-13 score. Groping while dancing was never seen on Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand,” now it is boldly featured on MTV and BET.

The result? The only moral judgment the dominant culture allows is when an act is nonconsensual. This amoral conception of liberty—what may be called the BDSM approach to morality—is now part of our collective conscience, firmly rooted in the public’s mind. It explains our moral passivity.

After working so hard to craft this culture of moral indifference, the media elite are now angry at the public for not sharing their angst over Stormy and Trump. They need to check their notes. Was Stormy a victim? No. End of story. Be careful what you wish for.

For somebody who claims the immoral public doesn’t care about family values, Donohue sure loves to launch boycotts over potty language on television, including the one he started this very week against Burger King.