Stormy Daniels Shades Trump With T-Shirt Line

The Hill reports:

Adult film star Stormy Daniels is promoting a line of t-shirts and other products mocking President Trump. The Stormy Store website, which describes Daniels as a “slayer of internet trolls,” says that part of the sales will go to supporting anti-bullying organizations.

“#TeamStormy doesn’t start fights, but we finish them,” the website reads. “Unwilling to be silenced or intimidated, Stormy has been standing up to bullies her entire life, and that continues today,” the website reads. “As she says, ‘Standing up to bullies is kind of my thing.’”

The site also sells #TeamStory t-shirts and wristbands, as well as a t-shirt featuring Forbes Magazine with the tagline, “Don’t Make Me Spank You.”