Kellyanne Conway Shrieks At CNN For 20 Minutes

Propaganda Minister Kellyanne Conway really outdid her trademark diversion tactics today in a wild 20-minute interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter that careened from topic to topic.

Here’s just one bit via Mediaite:

The Reliable Sources host moved on to press about leaks coming out of the White House, asking if any staffers have been fired, and after Conway took a swipe at the media for its coverage, Stelter fired back: “Why the constant attacks?”

“Are you really arguing there’s not that many leaks out of the White House?” Stelter asked. “Yeah, I would argue that,” Conway replied. “There’s been an unprecedented number of leaks,” Stelter said. “It’s shocking.”

The debate then moved on to Trump’s attacks on the press, with Stelter noting that the president is “tearing down our American media and other institutions in ways that are going to cause long and lasting damage.”