First Review Of Kim Davis’s Book Reveals That God Speaks To Her Out Loud Because Of Course He Does

Over at The Friendly Atheist our friend Hemant Mehta has purchased a copy of Kim Davis’s book and provides some amusing commentary. A few excerpts:

Both Davis and Huckabee go on and on about how Pope Francis met with her to express his support. Huckabee even said the Pope “endorsed her stand.” That’s literally not what the Vatican said. They claimed the Pope was duped into meeting her, and the man who set up that meeting was later fired.

Davis alleges that gay and lesbian couples sued her because they wanted “a lucrative payday.” That’s not true. Most lawsuits of this nature call on the losing side to pay for the winner’s legal bills as well as “compensatory and punitive damages.” Since the ACLU was representing those clients, it’s not like any money would’ve gone in their pockets.

Davis hears voices. At one point, she talks about how she stopped attending church, but God kept trying to get through to her. “I had a friend with me and the radio was off when I heard someone speak my name, “Kimberly,” in a deep resonant voice. Startled, I looked around and asked my friend, “Did you hear that?” “Hear what?” she asked, with a skeptical laugh. There are just two people who call me Kimberly, my dad, and one other person. Neither were anywhere near at that moment. “Okay, Lord,” I said. As strange as it sounds, I knew He had just called my name.

Please do hit the link, read the rest, and report back. Mehta notes that you’ll need a flow chart to follow the chapter on Davis’s multiple adulteries, marriages and divorces.