Former NFL Player Sues Gay Blogger Over Nude Video

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

Former NFL player, radio host and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” hubby Kordell Stewart has sued an Atlanta blogger for posting a video showing his exposed backside, according to TMZ.

The court documents, filed in Fulton County Superior Court, accuses Quentin Latham (known as the Funky Dinera online) of posting a private video and posting it online last December and concocted a fake email that implied the video came from a boyfriend of Stewart’s.

Stewart, in numerous interviews and statements and in his book, has denied vigorously of being gay. He did so again in the lawsuit and noted that Latham’s blog, in numerous instances, has said Stewart is not straight.

Funky Dineva has a large social media following, with 131,000 followers on Twitter alone. In the 2016 clip below, Kordell tells Steve Harvey that the gay accusations have only brought him “closer to the word.” 

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