NRA Still Silent After Las Vegas Massacre

NBC News reports:

The National Rifle Association has gone dark, but other gun-rights groups say they’re keeping close tabs on Republicans to make sure that any new legislation doesn’t see the light of day after the shooting massacre in Las Vegas.

“Given the spinelessness of so many of the Republican caucus, the best thing would be to get the leadership not to let it come up,” Larry Pratt, co-founder and executive director emeritus of the Gun Owners of America, said in an interview with NBC. “If it comes to a vote, they are going to be held accountable.”

But Republican leaders, including President Donald Trump, are taking the same approach as the NRA — which is to say as little as possible. In Las Vegas on Wednesday, Trump said again that he wasn’t ready to talk about gun violence. In the Capitol, many GOP lawmakers said they didn’t have enough information to assess whether new gun-control laws should be enacted but hinted that the bar is high.