Log Cabin Republicans Head Is Sick Of Your Trolling

Metro Weekly reports:

“If I hear one more time that LGBT Republicans are like Jews for Hitler or blacks for the KKK, my head will explode,” says Gregory T. Angelo. “Trolls think they’re being clever and they’re really not. I’d appreciate trolls much more if they likened Log Cabin Republicans to White Whales for Ahab.”

“If you are already of the mindset that President Trump is anti-LGBT and everything he does is anti-LGBT, then you will find actions that the administration has taken that confirm your preconception and you will overlook those that do not.”

“If you’re going to call out the administration for its appointments of individuals who have an anti-LGBT record, then you also need to lift up those people who the administration has appointed that do have pro-LGBT records. I will point to Secretary DeVos, who Log Cabin Republicans stood in support of during her confirmation process. Secretary Rex Tillerson, who has been very vocal in support of the LGBT community since becoming the Secretary of State.”

Log Cabin Republicans will stage their 40th anniversary gala next week at Trump’s DC hotel.