Jeff Sessions On DOJ Pride Event Honoring Transgender Student: We’ll Protect And Defend Trans Rights [VIDEO]

THIS was expected. Chris Geidner reports at Buzzfeed:

A day after an LGBT employee group at the Justice Department announced plans to honor lawyers and a student seeking to advance transgender rights at a pride month program next week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke positively to staff Thursday about the upcoming event.

“We are going to have a pride group, in this very room, I think next week, I believe it is, and so that’s perfectly appropriate, and we will protect and defend and celebrate that — and protect the rights of all transgender persons,” Sessions said in response to a question posed to him by an intern.

The student being honored is Gavin Grimm, whose case was rejected as moot by the US Supreme Court in March after Trump rolled back Obama-era transgender student rights.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gavin just last night and on Sunday he’ll be starring in the NYC Pride parade aboard the ACLU’s float. Hit the link for the rest of Buzzfeed’s report.