DRAIN THE SWAMP: Trump Poised To Name Goldman Sachs Exec Steve Mnuchin As Treasury Secretary

Salon reports:

Despite his promise to “drain the swamp,” it looks like President-elect Donald Trump is prepared to nominate one of Wall Street’s most notorious bog monsters to be America’s next secretary of the Treasury.

Steven Mnuchin, who served as the Trump campaign’s national finance chairman, has been recommended by the Trump transition team for the top post in the treasury department, according to Bloomberg.

“Trump has already displayed a pattern of loyalty to those closest to him during the campaign in early selections for administration jobs, and Mnuchin joined the campaign at a time when many from Wall Street stayed away,” Bloomberg wrote.

Mnuchin is best known for his 17-year career at Goldman Sachs, although he also served as a Hollywood producer for movies like “American Sniper,” “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Suicide Squad.” He was also widely regarded as one of the chief villains of the 2008 financial collapse.