Homocon LGBTrump Founder: Crybaby Anti-Trump Protesters Need To Get Over It Or Move To Canada

From homocon Joseph Murray’s column published today by The Hill:

Frankly, the protestors are sore losers, most of whom should honor their Canadian pledge. If Trump had lost and the “deplorables” were protesting Hillary in the streets do we really think the protests would be viewed the same way the media? My bet is a protest against a President-elect Clinton would have been deemed as sexist and subversive, not one of frustration and fearful of a President-elect Hillary who had called this group irredeemable.

As founder of LGBTrump. I promise you that LGBT people have nothing to fear, but to LGBT Left groups that understand fear equals fundraising, civic decency be damned. The same tactic will be utilized by leftist Hispanic groups and women’s groups. Left-leaning special interests need the protestors to act out because it serves a profitable narrative. It is up to the Silent Majority — the same majority that handed Trump the White House — to step up, fill in the gap, and teach the protestors an important civics lesson. Trump is our president and the losers need to get over it.

Back in July, Murray published a Breitbart column applauding Trump’s support for North Carolina’s HB2. An excerpt:

Trump treats gays and lesbians as just normal Americans, who worry about jobs and schools and crime and neighborhood traffic and trade and wages. Just the routine, everyday stuff of Americans’ society. His comments on the live-and-let-live HB2 in no way undercuts the commitment he has made to gay people – and all Americans – that he will keep them safe and protect them from sharia-shrieking, gay-hating jihadis.

And unlike his opponent, he won’t say he is pro-LGBT when the cameras are on, he won’t be taking money from anti-gay regimes behind closed doors. What Trump said then and what Trump is saying now are not contradictory, much to the chagrin of the LGBT left. More importantly, what Trump said does not disqualify him from being the best candidate on gay rights that the Republican Party has ever nominated — because gay rights and trans rights are not synonymous.

From the description of Murray’s self-published book:

Ever wonder what it is like to be a longtime member of the Christian Right and a married gay man? Ever believe that such a combo would make Ozzie & Harriet look like Oscar & Felix? Joe Murray was a longtime cadet of the Christian Right and spent the early years of his life building a resume that might make Goldwater envious. He served as a member of Pat Buchanan’s Presidential campaign staff in 1999 and was appointed to the Alliance Defending Freedom’s prestigious Blackstone Fellowship for budding Christian attorneys in 2000.

He spent a number years working on the front lines of the “Culture War” as a Staff Attorney for the American Family Association. He worked with the Pennsylvania Pastor’s Network and was a columnist for the conservative Philadelphia Bulletin. Murray, a Conservative Catholic, also happens to be gay. In his new book, Odd Man Out, Murray tackles the misconception that one’s identity should predetermine one’s politics.

It would be interesting to hear how this asshole left the employ of the American Family Association and Alliance Defending Freedom. Note that his logo pointedly leaves out the “T” in LGBT.lgbtrump