NOM: Gays Control The Media So Send Us Money

“Gay activists who heavily influence media coverage do not want any honest debate about the what Americans actually believe — as evidenced by the election results in Kentucky and Houston — and instead want people to simply be told they must accept the rogue decisions of judges who have imposed a radical view of marriage and human sexuality on the nation.

“It thus falls to NOM to help Americans sort through the facts from the fantasy manufactured by LGBT activists and the media that fawns over them. It’s why we spend so much time communicating with you, our supporters, so that you are armed with the information you need to help push back on the narrative that redefining marriage is “a done deal” and must be accepted.

“We’ve had some tremendous successes in recent months, and the victories in Houston and Kentucky add to our track record. But they and future victories are only possible if we enjoy your continued support. Please give generously so that we can replenish our coffers and prepare for future opportunities to advance the cause of marriage and religious liberty.” – Hate group leader Brian Brown, in a money beg that claims credit for Houston and Kentucky.