Liberty Counsel: Our Fake “100,000 Peruvians Rally For Kim Davis” Photo Was An Honest Mistake

“We have no reason to puff the Kim Davis story. Her name has become known around the world. The people in Peru were very much aware of Kim Davis because her story was broadcast on a variety of media. However, the photograph was an honest mistake. Make no mistake, however, that there is widespread support for Kim Davis. Last week she was recognized by many people as she walked through the Philadelphia, New York LaGuardia, and Washington, D.C. Reagan airports. People gave her a thumbs up sign or verbally expressed support for Kim Davis. While she has obvious detractors, Kim Davis also has wide support.” – Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver, quoted on BarbWire. Staver has also dropped his claim that the Peruvian rally was held in Davis’ name and now merely claims that she was prayed for during the event. There is still no proof that the event actually took place.