Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins Is Furious After Frontrunner Donald Trump Blows Off Duggar Fest 2015

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Donald Trump tweeted a reach-around to Tony Perkins, prompting Perkins to tweet back a Jedi mind trick about Trump confirming for the Values Voter Summit? Well, get ready for the Fundies Vs Trump cage match to ramp up even more, because Trump is definitely NOT going to this year’s Duggar Fest. And wow, Tony Perkins is ever so pissed. The Christian Post reports:

FRC President Tony Perkins has informed The Christian Post that Trump, the current frontrunner among Republican presidential candidates, will not be attending FRC’s Sept. 25-27 Values Voters Summit, even though other leading Republican candidates are scheduled to speak. Although some polls have shown that the misogynistic real estate mogul who once favored abortion and carries liberal views on same-sex marriage has had no trouble gaining the support of Evangelicals, Perkins asserted that Trump’s refusal to speak at the conference is a sign that he has no interest in conversing with Evangelicals.

“We have got the Values Voters Summit coming up and Donald Trump has passed. He is not going to come,” Perkins said. “I think that is going to send a message to Evangelicals and values voters that he wants their support, but he is not really interested in having a conversation with them.” “I think that is probably about the time, in about three or four weeks, people are going to start thinking more seriously about this as we move forward into the year,” Perkins continued. “[Trump’s absense], whether it was intended to or not, it will send a message.” “I think [Trump] is going to have to have conversations with Evangelicals and talk about issues they care about. He hasn’t really done that in a way that is convincing,” Perkins argued. “Could [Trump] make some progress with Evangelicals? I think he could if he tried, but I don’t really see that happening right now.”

The bolding is mine. Snork! The only other GOP candidates that are also blowing off Duggar Fest are George Pataki and Jim Gilmore, both of whom are polling at under 1%.  The cable networks usually run blanket coverage of the Values Voter Summit. It would be a extra delicious if Trump were to siphon off a large chunk of that with another one of his outrage-inducing stunts.