Brian Brown: We Won Big In Indiana

“The National Organization for Marriage and its allies have once again demonstrated that abandoning marriage is a disastrous decision for any politician. At a time when many local Republican party committees are under pressure from elites to remove support for marriage and life from their platforms, the results of the Indiana primaries should be a warning sign — abandon marriage at your own peril. These victories continue the streak of successes that NOM and local allies have had in states like New York, Maine, and New Hampshire where the organization has been instrumental in electing pro-marriage candidates and defeating incumbents of both parties who have voted to abandon marriage. For example, NOM was instrumental in defeating four state Senators in New York who voted to redefine marriage.” – Hate group leader Brian Brown, reacting to Tuesday’s defeat of two pro-gay Indiana state reps.

RELATED: Streak of successes? Like Tony Perkins, last month Brown had nothing to say when NOM failed to unseat three pro-gay Illinois state reps despite having vowed to “destroy” their careers.  In today’s statement  Brown claims that four New York state Senators lost their seats because of NOM’s campaign against them. In January 2013 Brown claimed that it was three New York state Senators that he had unseated. But that was a lie too as two of those Senators were arrested on corruption charges and the other did not even run because of a scandal about a lawsuit.