“Ex-Gays” Promote Catholic Dogma: Disordered Gays Must Become Celibate

In a new 38-minute film partially shot in Catholic churches and laden with images of popes and priests, a handful of “ex-gay” crackpots tell their sad sad story about their empty meaningless lives as sexual human beings and how they came to love Jesus. Among those featured is notorious nutjob and NARTH supporter Christopher Doyle and freakshow “therapist” Richard Cohen, who earned national ridicule years ago for his “gay cure” treatment which involved beating a pillow with a tennis racket while screaming, “Why, Mommy, why?” I’m not aware of either Doyle or Cohen actually being Catholic, but the film includes lengthy explanations of how the Catholic Church’s condemnation of gay people as “intrinsically disordered” is actually a message of love. The film closes with several calls for lifelong celibacy for gay people who just cannot bring themselves to feign sexual interest in the opposite sex.

(Tipped by JMG reader George)

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: In January, Christopher Doyle said that communist American gay activists are to blame for the religion-motivated murders of gay men in Africa. Last September I wrote about the latest scam from Doyle and Cohen.

The crackpot “ex-gays” over at PFOX have announced “the end of homosexuality.” Training sessions will be conducted by Richard “Tennis Racket” Cohen and Christopher Doyle. For a mere $295, these totally and forever gay scamsters will train you to be a certified “Sexual Orientation Coach” via 12 thirty minutes sessions of de-gaying by means of “touch therapy” in which Cohen and Doyle will lovingly hold the clients in their completely homosexual arms while muttering gruff Jeff Stryker-isms into their ears. You really want it, don’t you? Oh, wait. That was the old therapy. The new therapy will be performed online! Oh, the possibilities! For an additional $100 donation they will send you a Don’t Let Me Suck Your Cock wristband so that unwary suitors know to steer clear at the local dirty bookstore. How proactive!