WND Columnist Erik Rush: Those Who Criticize Me Belong In Prison With Obama

“As this counterfeit American president continues to attempt to defray suspicion and conceal his treason and lies, I intend to continue to expound upon that treason and those lies. I will also continue to assert that those in government and in the press who have failed to reveal Obama for what he is – considering his actions, the evidence of history, and the damning evidence against Obama which is readily available – richly deserve to share in whatever penalties are meted out to traitors and their enablers. I will continue to do this despite the risks and pathetic Alinskyite Marxist ridicule of those whom I pray one day occupy prison cells on the same block as the man representing himself as Barack Hussein Obama.” – Erik Rush, writing for World Net Daily.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Earlier this year Rush told World Net Daily readers that President Obama wants Christians declared insane and put in prison. In late October last year, Rush wrote a World Net Daily column in which he called for the imprisonment and executions of journalists after Mitt Romney wins the election.