Today’s World Net Daily Poll

Sound off on claims from Chicago that Obama has homosexual past
  • I’m shocked WND would even dignify such an absurd and offensive accusation
  • I love it! This is the kind of unhinged, perverse, yellow journalism that will help re-elect Obama
  • Don’t be ridiculous. This man’s been married happily for 20 years today with 2 beautiful children
  • You can’t believe what anybody in Chicago says
  • Why is he hiding? He should just come out of the closet
  • I just don’t know what to think
  • It’s no more bizarre than having a president with a Marxist and Muslim background
  • Obama has proven to be perverse in every other way. Why would it be surprising for his sexuality to be perverse?
  • It isn’t shocking. He was mentored by bisexual, communist pornographer Frank Marshall Davis
  • Thank you WND for having the courage to pursue stories like this when no one else will
  • Other

World Net Daily today published another screaming “OBAMA IS GAY” headline thanks to the continuing batshittery of homocon douchebag Kevin DuJan.  Feel free to enter the comments there with your Disqus login.