Pam Geller: Disclaimers Of My Hate Messages Are Sharia-Compliant

Geller writes on her Atlas Shrugs blog:

In an unprecedented move, the city of San Francisco is placing ads right next to every one of our pro-Israel ads on San Francisco Muni buses, saying (according to CBS San Francisco) “Muni doesn’t support this message.” This is unprecedented in the history of outdoor advertising. This is the manifestation of Sharia in Western society. Any war on innocent civilians is savage. They are reading the idea that “all Muslims” or “all Arabs” want to destroy Israel into my ad. That is nowhere in my message. They are the Islamophobes and racists.

She is the VICTIM, people.

UPDATE: JMG reader Cuberly tips us that Geller’s MUNI sign has already been defaced. On Facebook, at least. MUNI officials won’t yet say if the below image is photoshop work. Seems like it is.