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There Can Be Only One

And at the moment, it ain’t me. Voting for ultimate blog Daddyness ends at 8am tomorrow. Thanks again to Malcontent for a silly/fun bit of foolery that led me to some new blogs that will go up on my blogroll shortly. And then we’ll get back to serious stuff, like Sanjaya.

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It’s Broughten

Squeaking by Outsports with a scant 51.6% of the vote, this here website thingy has advanced to the final round of Malcontent’s March Gayness, in which JMG is pitted against OMG Blog for ultimate blog Daddyness. Check out OMG Blog, then vote here. There can be only one! Go Gators!

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The Fey Four

The Monica Geller in me compels me to mention the Fey Four, the penultimate round of Malcontent’s March Gayness, in which I’m bracketed against Outsports. The other two survivors are Towleroad and OMG Blog. The original 64 blogs in the playoffs yielded me a couple of new reads, I recommend scanning that list for some fun new stuff. Voting in ...

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