Poof! You’re One Of Us

Remember the dust-up earlier this month about Mormons posthumously baptizing Jews? A Daily Kos diarist has just posthumously converted LDS founder Joseph Smith to the family of homosexuals.

Dear God of the Homos, With your great and everlasting love that blessed the covenants of Achilles and Petroclus, Gilgamesh and Enkidu, and of Jonathon and David, bless then the soul of Joseph Smith of Sharon, Vermont with your divine penis. Let it pierce the anus of his soul, and let you be forever joined to him, since on this oppressive earth, he was denied the pleasure of the male sex. Forever and ever, our brother Joseph Smith has now joined our family (We Sing the Hymn to Praise God of the Homos!). Blessed be God of the Homos, Amen

I know, we’re terrible. But look at the portrait! It just screams “Hmmph!”