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CALIFORNIA: Closeted GOP Rep. David Dreier Will Not Seek Reelection

Rep. David “Closet Case” Dreier (R-CA) will not seek reelection to the U.S. House this fall. Veteran Rep. David Dreier, one of California’s most influential Republicans in Congress, announced Wednesday that he won’t be running for reelection, perhaps the biggest casualty of the state’s first-ever citizens-drawn political map, which cast him into a politically inhospitable district. Dreier is the sixth ...

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Gay-Baiting Rep. David Dreier (R-CA)

Another gay-baiting ad from the Democrats, this one from Blue America PAC, a group headed by Howie Klein. The Courage Campaign and others have called for Dreier to come out or at least oppose Prop 8. Nothing but silence.

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Rep. David Dreier: It’s Time For You To Come Out And Denounce Proposition 8!!!

The Courage Campaign is demanding that Rep. David Dreier (R-CA) come out of the closet and denounce Proposition 8. Rep. David Dreier: It’s time to come out against Prop 8 This November, Californians will vote on Proposition 8, a ballot measure that would, as the ballot description reads, “eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry.” On Tuesday, we sent ...

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