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HomoQuotable – Armistead Maupin

“Once you start to tell tales about your own life, it’s impossible to keep the artifice out of it. No matter how frank an autobiography may appear to be, it’s still a very carefully contrived contraption. ” – Armistead Maupin, revealing that he may never write a memoir. (via

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Bloggers Do Downtown


A hastily improvised blogger lunch at Chelsea’s Elmo proved to be a lot of fun. Anything involving Bloody Marys can prove to be a lot of fun. Towards the end of the meal, I was making fun of somebody at another table wearing ginormous reflective aviator glasses. They seem to have replaced those amber-tinted Twilo glasses amongst the still-high-but-at-brunch-anyway disco ...

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Sirius OutQ


I had a great time on Siruis today, thanks to OutQ’s charming hosts, Larry Flick, Keith Price, and their producer, The Cynthia. Also, thanks to JMG readers who tuned in! I said a couple of things I probably shouldn’t have, but what else is new? After my on-air bit, Sirius marketing guru Paul kindly gave me a tour of the ...

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Hot Dog


I ran across this tug-of-war going on in front of the Met. He was not interested in coming out of the fountain. Do you blame him?

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Thursday, 7PMI’m in the bike department of Paragon Sports, a block from Union Square. All the bikes on display frighten me. They are oddly-angled and futuristic looking. They look like their riders would require a special outfit. Something spandex. Probably in yellow. Yellow spandex from the future. A tall handsome young clerk approaches me and with a thick Italian accent ...

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HomoQuotable – Edmund White


“As I was writing the book, I kept drawing up lists of chapters, and my AIDS was certainly one of them for a long time. And then, I don’t know, I thought I’d put it in the background.” – famed gay author Edmund White, (A Boys Own Story, The Beautiful Room Is Empty) who curiously does not mention his 20-year ...

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OutQ On Sirius FM


Tune in Friday at 10AM to hear me on Sirius FM’s gay channel OutQ, on the OutQ In The Morning Show, with host Larry Flick. Non-subscribers can listen online (registration required). Sirius doesn’t time-shift, I’m on at 7AM on the West Coast. I first met Larry Flick back in the early 90’s, at the Billboard Dance Music Summit in San ...

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Morning View: Lunchbox Diner


This stainless steel Art Deco diner sits smack on the busy West Side Highway across from the Christopher Street pier in the West Village. There are few of these left in the city, but the remaining ones are lovely.

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