Dem Rep: DeVos Is Dumber Than A Bag Of Hammers

The Hill reports:

Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) on Monday used one of President Trump’s insults for a Democratic lawmaker to slam Education Secretary Betsy DeVos after her appearance on “60 Minutes.”

DeVos appeared to struggle at times during her interview to answer basic questions about public schools’ performance, particularly in her home state of Michigan. Public schools there have gotten worse, interviewer Lesley Stahl pointed out, despite school choice policies DeVos has championed.

Huffman’s attack on DeVos’s IQ comes a few days after Trump labeled Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) “a very low IQ individual” during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania. Waters has been a fierce and vocal critical of Trump’s rhetoric and policies. She was among 60 Democrats who voted in December to launch impeachment proceedings against the president.

  • lymis

    Cue the Republicans expressing dismay that insulting people is bad form…

    • Gustav2

      Sexist, they will go with sexist and intolerant of different views.

      • Oscarlating Wildely

        And that grand wooshing sound? That’s the irony going right over their heads.

      • CanuckDon

        And of course, the Democrat will apologize.

    • Bambino

      A different set of moral compass they love to use for the others.

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    “Are there any Queers in the Theatre today? Get them up against The Wall…..”

    • Todd20036

      We are all bricks in Trump’s wall.
      Or something.

    • JackFknTwist

      As they say in Quebec :
      “Je me souviens.”

  • Tread

    Waiting for the excuse that Trump’s low-grade speech is just “campaign rally talk.” Fuck, I hate these people.

  • Karl Dubhe

    You’re insulting hammers!

    • zhera

      At least hammers are useful tools. Ditzy Betsy? Not so much!

  • greenmanTN

    The Bag Of Hammers Union just filed suit for defamation.

    • another_steve

      They believe that title properly belongs to Secretary Ben Carson, not to Secretary DeVos.

      • Kruhn

        I think they’re both neck in neck in the stupidity department. Who would’ve thought that Rick Perry would look smart in comparison.

        • swimboy

          It’s those glasses, they’re working!

      • Ted.OR

        No, no, Ben Carson is dumber than a box of rocks. Betsy still holds the title for the bag of hammers.

    • David Walker

      It’s a hard-hitting indictment.

    • Rex

      Nailed it.

    • perversatile

      Personally, I would have gone with the classic,
      “as useless as an ashtray on a motorcycle”
      for both it’s accuracy and the high probability
      of someone having to explain it to Dump45

    • JCF


  • Sashineb
    • Karl Dubhe

      I loath that man.

      His form of cooking involves the use of poisonous working conditions.

      No matter what the food tastes or looks like, I’d not eat something from his kitchen.

      • kareemachan

        Clearly the concept of reality TV hasn’t sunk in yet for you…..

        • Butch

          We have an agreement that whatever other dreck partner decides to watch it can’t be reality TV. Will not watch.

          • 🐾vorpal🐾

            I think pretty much all US reality TV is dreck, but that isn’t necessarily the case elsewhere.

            My favourite cooking show is UK’s Masterchef: The Professionals, and the focus is entirely on the food. I have learned a lot of professional culinary technique and it has emboldened my cooking endeavours.

          • Karl Dubhe

            I know it all, that’s why I always cook the same thing.


            I do like good cooking shows. 🙂

          • Lars Littlefield

            Patti’s Mexican Table is my current favorite. She’s a nice Jewish girl from Mexico City who teaches everyone how to make pork kosher. Gotta love that.

          • Lars Littlefield

            Mmmm . . maybe. But the Great British Bake Off, or whatever it is called . . . . Well,I want to ram a couple of cream horns down Mary Berry’s throat and something worse up that Hollywood guu’s ass. They’re are too smug for me to enjoy anything they have to say. The”comic” Sue Perkins needs to launder her blue jeans and quit messing with the contestants stuff as they try to compete. It’s a wonder no one has dump a bowl of something on her head.

            I feel so much better. Thanks! 🙂

        • 🐾vorpal🐾

          Agreed. When he started his “TV cooking empire” back in the UK, with “Kitchen Nightmares”, he was actually quite kind and helpful.

          US reality TV – no matter the subject – exists only to create as much drama as possible. You can see this clearly by comparing Masterchef Australia, which is a celebration of food and fun and camaraderie amongst the participants, versus Masterchef US, where the judges try to turn the contestants against each other in a metaphorical bloodbath of hate and cattiness where the food just happens to be tangential.

          • Oscarlating Wildely

            “Turn the contestants against each other into a metaphorical bloodbath of hate and cattiness.”

            The MO of modern day America in one sentence.

          • 🐾vorpal🐾

            Could not agree more: many Americans meet each other and immediately look to find what differentiates them rather than what unites them.

          • AmeriCanadian

            Well said Vorpal!

          • Lars Littlefield

            You trying to be Dr. Phil? /s

          • JaniceInToronto

            Stupid cat. Why can’t you be a dog like the rest of ‘merika?


          • B Snow

            I watched one episode of The Pool Master because I love swimming pools. About half the show was designing and building the pool, the other half was the participants bickering. Not worth another episode. 🙁

        • Karl Dubhe

          There’s a reason I shot the TV and cancelled the cable. 🙂

          • Harveyrabbit

            I don’t allow him on my TV. Even an ad for an upcoming show of his is an automatic remote click.

      • netxtown

        Not a fan at all. He would yell at me one time. Then he’d be wearing a very large and very hot frying pan right up his ass. A whole new angle on ‘reality’ tv…

      • Bambino

        He got seduced into the game of glamorized reality television. Portaying this rage drill sargeant in the kitchen definitely damaged his credential as a chef.

        • Amanda B. Rekendwith

          Didn’t do much for his credentials as a human, either.

      • SilasMarner

        I won’t watch anything he is involved with. He’s just too toxic and someone needs to bitch slap him mightily!

    • yes b’y
      • CanuckDon

        It’s almost like they’re growing the more I stare.

      • AmeriCanadian

        That’s not wrong! That’s a delicacy!

      • alc2018

        oh, the creamy centers that one can imagine oozing from the inside…

  • another_steve

    DeVos is in her position for one purpose and one purpose only: to dismantle the public school system in America and help turn the United States into a theocracy.

    This, by order of Trump’s evangelical puppet masters.

    • Todd20036

      And she got that position because she is loyal to Trump. No other qualifications are necessary.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        She’s not even a 5 !

      • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

        There’s still this:

        “From May 4 until September 23, the Russian bank looked up the address to this Trump corporate server 2,820 times — more lookups than the Trump server received from any other source.

        As noted, Alfa Bank alone represents 80% of the lookups, according to these leaked internet records.

        Far back in second place, with 714 such lookups, was a company called Spectrum Health.

        Spectrum is a medical facility chain led by Dick DeVos, the husband of Betsy DeVos, who was appointed by Trump as U.S. education secretary.

        Together, Alfa and Spectrum accounted for 99% of the lookups.”

    • The Sentinel

      Bingo. It’s irrelevant how she performs on T.V. or in front of Congress. She’s in power, has the tools to destroy the public education system, and she’s determined to do so under orders from her God while shitting on LGBT students’ lives in the process. DeVos is not a bumbling idiot. That’s an act. She’s extremely dangerous.

      • another_steve

        No one truly interested in education in America today should meet with this monster. No school official. No academician.

        If DeVos tries to withhold federal money to, say, a school whose principal refuses to meet with her or her people, sue the fucking bastard.

      • Exactly. She is not stupid. She is slick and can lie through her teeth while smiling and obfuscating…like so many of 45’s minions.

    • ted-

      Will they all just die of a heart attack already?

    • John30013

      If you haven’t already, definitely follow the link in that tweet and watch the segment from the 60 Minutes interview. OMFNEG!

    • Devon Rodriguez

      When Trump nominated people like Devos, Perry, and Pruitt, you just knew he was not taking the job of POTUS seriously. Goof appointments for real jobs.

      Doomed to fail

      • The_Wretched

        I think Trump (well bannon) intentionally has been trying to destroy the federal government. All the cabinet jobs went to agents of destruction or at least loyal idiots who wouldn’t fight to keep their departments working.

      • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

        “When PUTIN nominated people like Devos, Perry, and Pruitt, you just knew he was taking the job of POTUS seriously. Goof appointments for real jobs DESTROYING AMERICAN DEMOCRACY.

        FTFY 🤤

    • Devon Rodriguez
    • Devon Rodriguez
  • Tomcat

    He hit that nail on the head.

  • Tulle Christensen

    unpossible, she went to all the finest private schools /s

    • Bambino

      Those private school only have one book. The Bubble. Hence you can almost see what’s brewing in her head at all time when facing the media.

    • Chuck in NYC

      And she wears pearls!

  • No, no, she’s just misunderstood, the poor dear:

    Lesley Stahl: Why have you become, people say, the most hated Cabinet secretary?

    Betsy DeVos: I’m not so sure exactly how that happened. But I think there are
    a lot of really powerful forces allied against change.

    Lesley Stahl: Does it hurt?

    Betsy DeVos: Sometimes it does. Sometimes it does. Again, I think– I think–

    Lesley Stahl: Do you ever say–

    Betsy DeVos:–I’m more misunderstood than anything.

    • kareemachan

      …a twunt?

    • edrex

      Lesley Stahl: Why have you become, people say, the most hated Cabinet secretary?

      Betsy DeVos: I’m not so sure exactly how that happened… i mean, there’s a black guy in the cabinet. it thought for sure it would be him.

    • The_Wretched

      Powerful forces are against taking the money out of education of kids, Betsy.

  • FAEN

    You mean to tell me she has no idea of what’s she’s talking about and bought her position?

  • greenmanTN

    Little did we know this would become a plank of the Republican Party!

    At times I’m more after this.

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      that’s the second time that film has showed up in this thread… great minds and terrifying administration and all that.

      Oh and Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb?

      • Lars Littlefield

        “Tell me Vicar, what’s the Church’s official position on China these days?”

    • PickyPecker

      Most times lately, I’m here more and more….

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        I’m concerned about your color today.

        • David Walker

          Either he’s doing his Elphaba impersonation or he drank too much green beer over the weekend.

          • greenmanTN

            So you read “Wicked” or saw the play? They’re very different.

          • David Walker

            Yes and yes. Much prefer the book, but the show has better music.

          • greenmanTN

            I like the book better. 😉

          • Lars Littlefield

            I think he’s looking fabulous! Slainte, Mr. Pecker.

      • greenmanTN

        Every time I visited my favorite pot cafe in Amsterdam they were playing Pink Floyd: Live At Pompeii. Every single time. Not coincidentally, the Cockring bar was almost across street from it and for once I didn’t feel like a total boob while dancing!

        Not the song playing, but appropriate, “I don’t think the world is ready.” It was fun. I liked it. I shook my ass all over that floor! I apologize for any injuries.

  • Bambino

    That tweet can apply to Drumpf and many in his cabinet. If only the social media app allow quick edit.

  • alc2018 no one really knew that as Betsy secretly blow dryed her hair at home, at night her brain was getting smaller and smaller…

    • Oscarlating Wildely


      • Karl Dubhe

        No. Division by zero gives an undefined result.

        Even if you’re dividing zero by zero. 🙂

        • Oscarlating Wildely

          “an undefined result.”

          Kind of like De Vos.

        • Tulle Christensen

          Or for us computer nerds..NAN (not a number)

          • Karl Dubhe

            Not even an imaginary one. 🙂

            Hey, why isn’t there an imaginary answer to that math question?

          • perversatile

            Banana. Box. June bug.

    • Lars Littlefield

      At least she’s sitting on a Rae/Eames chair.

  • BobSF_94117

    Good lord. She’s not stupid. She really doesn’t give a fuck about helping the public schools, so she has no idea how to do so.

    • Karl Dubhe

      I think it’s both, she is stupid and she doesn’t give a fuck about others.

      • BobSF_94117

        Stupid people don’t manage to get into a position to destroy the public school system.

        [edit] Stahl should have switched over to an interview about HOW to destroy public education. De Vos would have shone brightly. [/edit]

        • Karl Dubhe

          She has.

          It’s not the stupidity of someone who cannot learn. It’s the stupidity of someone who thinks that what she knows trumps the knowledge of others.

          It’s the stupidity of those rich enough to think that every problem is about money, or status and jealousy.

        • The stupid rise faster than the brilliant because they do not rock the boat. Ever met a stupid person did not subscribe to argumentum ad populum?

        • JaniceInToronto

          “Stupid people don’t manage to get into a position to destroy the public school system.”

          Perhaps not, although rich people certainly do.

    • Alan Scott Goeringer

      It’s the exact same thing with Scott Pruitt. He doesn’t give a shit about the environment. He just wants to keep those industry dollars lining his pocket.

    • Ann Kah

      Nothing about that justifies your conclusion that she’s not stupid.

  • clay

    “Then how come she’s so rich, huh?”


  • Robert Adams

    And a bag of hammers can be useful.

  • SilasMarner

    In my family when we were talking about a low I.Q., we refer them as being “dumber than a box of rocks”. Although a “bag of hammers” works too.

  • Boreal

    Ramen. Jared needs to run for higher office.

  • Kevin Andrews

    The Scamway Queen, pyramid con-artist, Christ-O-Fascist tasked by the Shitgibbon to “Destroy the Department of Education.”
    Just buy your kit for $60.00 and educate your children in group homes or rotating through the neighborhood.
    End the destruction of public education.
    Get rid of the Scamway Queen.

    • Lars Littlefield

      So priceless. So salient. So on point. And so true.

  • Lars Littlefield

    I approve of Rep. Jared Huffman’s message. May he continue on his personal path of peace and enlightenment. Ramen

  • Kissmagrits

    An alternate theory: Ms. DeVos is trying to remake American education into a paid
    subscription service of her family’s business…Amway Inc.
    And school security? Not a problem….her brother is Eric Prince, the
    co-founder of Dick Cheney’s band of mercenaries known as Blackwater.

  • rednekokie

    Dumber than a bag of hammers — yes — and meaner than a bag of snakes, as well.

  • AndyinChicago

    That’s unfair. A bag of hammers can be useful.

  • ‘Til Tuesday

    I vacillate between Betsy DeVos and Dr. Stabby as far who’s dumber. Betsy’s got an evil streak to go with her ignorance. She’s opposed to public schools and she wants tax money funneled to private (usually all-white) Christian academies and her family’s educational business. Whereas, Dr. Stabby is just plain old dumb as a box of rocks. So, I guess Betsy DeVos is worse.

    • The_Wretched

      DeVos is worse, she’s been active her entire life in destroying public education and in promoting BS in AMWAY and pushing conservative christianity.

      Dr. Stabby is in mid to late phase Alzheimers and should be getting care, not running a federal agency.

      • perversatile

        -and then there’s Betsy’s brother
        versus Ben can’t find his luggage.

  • JWC

    We all saw that in herinterviews

  • Kruhn

    I resent that comment! Bags of hammers can be useful in many ways. Betsy DeVos, not so much.

  • StevenMN

    I prefer dumber than a stump, I watched the interview and DeVos was completely stumped by Leslie Stahl’s questions about education. Its absolutely mind-boggling how a person who is so inept could be appointed to such a position.

  • MBear

    Shes laughing all the way to the bank.

    The dumb ones perhaps are the people who allow her to remain in power while being fully aware of the irreparable damage she is causing the country

  • witch

    Hammers are useful, her not so much

  • Jefe5084
    • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

      Oh. Yisssssssssssss

    • Treant

      I’ll buy the peaches.

    • Gianni

      There is always at least one clear thinker among us and I love hearing from them. Thanks. 🙂

  • Rillion

    I sometimes wonder how much more damage Trump could do to this country if he bothered to put competent evil people in positions of power instead of all these evil idiots.

  • eddiebeskeddie

    the difference is – even a bag of dumb hammers know what their job is and can get the job done.

  • coram nobis

    Fun fact: Rep. Huffman may be the only current member who identifies his religion as humanist or agnostic.

    The timing of his confession was influenced, in no small part, by what Huffman sees as the cynical use of Christianity in our national politics, especially its often awkward deployment by the current President.

    “I’ve seen religion wielded in such negative ways around here, lately,” said Huffman, who grew up in a family that practiced a form of Mormonism. “Trump does it all the time, so implausibly.”

  • red-diaper-baby 1942

    Once again insulting hammers!

    • Gianni

      That’s what I thought. At least a hammer is a useful tool.

  • anne marie in philly

    oh DUH; tell us something we don’t ALREADY know!

    • Ann Kah

      Just Trump’s type! He doesn’t see anything wrong with those adjectives.

  • MassageBear