Trump To Plot With GOP Leaders At Camp David

The Associated Press reports:

Eager for more legislative achievements before Washington’s focus shifts to the midterm elections, President Donald Trump plans to open the new year by meeting with Republican congressional leaders to map out the 2018 legislative agenda, the White House said.

After returning to Washington from Florida, where he is spending the holidays, Trump will quickly host Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin at the rustic Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountains during the weekend of Jan. 6-7, the White House said.

The pow-wow will follow the recent enactment of legislation to cut taxes, beginning next year, for corporations and individuals at an estimated cost of $1.5 trillion added to the national debt over 10 years. The agenda for next year is already lengthy, and 2018 is still a few days away.

  • bkmn

    Also known as – “White minds think alike”

  • Turtles all the way down.

    • TheManicMechanic

      And elephants.

  • margaretpoa

    Sure. They are going to follow up blowing a hole in the deficit by filling it by gutting social security and medicare. Then they are going to spend the “savings” by building a wall.
    I owe Susan Sarandon an apology: Clinton would have been just like Trump!

  • JT


    Another classic political drama on TCM today: The Best Man. Screenplay and cameo appearance by Gore Vidal. With a gay element.

    • Michael White

      Thanks . We are so cold an old movie marathon sounds like a great day.

    • JCF

      “Are you saying he’s some kind of deeeeeegenerate?”

  • Ninja0980

    May a giant meteorite hit it during that time.

  • shellback

    Someone, please, stop him from doing any more damage.

  • BearEyes

    smear/destroy Mueller
    smear/destroy Flynn
    violate more emoluments at tRump properties
    destroy social security
    destroy medicare
    destroy medicaid.
    kill more “job killing” consumer protection regulations.

    • margaretpoa

      Destroy Republican brand for generations.

      • Steverino


      • Todd20036

        That’s already done.

        I’ll never trust a republican ever again, even the so called moderate republicans may feel bad about the bills being passed, but they’ll still vote for them.

        • cleos_mom

          I was done with the GOP by the early 1980s, and haven’t seen any reason to change my mind since then.

          • Falconlights

            I’ve never had any use for them, period.

      • cleos_mom

        We can hope!

      • JCF
    • sadoldguy

      Privatize infrastructure.

      And puppy pelt coats for all.

      • Connie

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    • canoebum

      Make government more efficient by eliminating the EPA and HUD.

    • FAEN

      Figure out how to suppress the vote even more.

      Continuously lie about everything and everyone.

  • Boreal

    They will need dems to help them pass most legislation. Any dem that votes for any of this should be voted out of office.

    • Chucktech

      That’s exactly right. In the Senate will be done with this bullshit reconciliation mode that only requires a majority. It’s now gonna be 60 votes needed, baby…

      • Boreal

        Here is their problem:

        ‘budget reconciliation can only be brought up a maximum of three times per year per budget resolution. Also, Congress has banned reconciliation from being used to increase deficits.’

        • Rambie

          They get another 3 even if they don’t pass a budget?! Well F**k

          • Boreal

            The deficit part is the part to watch. Something repigs fought for in the 80s. If it increases the deficit they have to cut things, more tricky in an election year.

          • Rambie

            They’ll use funny math like they did with the Tax bill too

          • Will Parkinson

            No, it’s now called #AlternativeMath (trademark pending)

          • olandp

            Cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will go over really well in Florida.

          • Ninja0980

            There are Republicans that remember what happened when W suggested it.
            It did NOT go over well.

          • Falconlights

            Yeah, and I’m sure the folks in Sun City, AZ will just LOVE the cuts, too.

      • Rambie

        Don’t get they get another reconciliation bill if they pass a budget?

        • Chucktech

          Good luck with that!

      • GayOldLady

        It’s a new ballgame and when we win back the House and the Senate we’ll clean the GOP’s house for them if they’re not willing to do it themselves.

        • Chucktech

          From your lips…

        • Falconlights

          A HUGE “so mote it be” to that!

    • Rambie

      What the Dems should do it extract progressive concessions in the Senate bill and use the fact that the House won’t pass or even vote on the bills to tar the House Republicans in the election.

      “Rep _____ is hurting our district by blocking bill ____” etc

      • Boreal

        Our biggest problem is old school dems like Pelosi and Schumer worry more about decorum than playing hardball with these assholes.

        • Falconlights

          They’re not helping at all. We need ass-kissers, not ass-lickers.

  • AtticusP

    I hear that Satan has been invited.

    What’s the going rate for Republican souls these days?

    Must be pretty high, since most of them sold their’s long ago.

  • Rex

    Is there a Trump property at Camp David? Or a golf course, at least?

    • clay

      It’s me being overly-optimistic that thinks McConnell and Ryan are refusing to go to a Trump property.

      • Tawreos

        I think they want it more private so they do not have to many pictures showing them smiling and shaking hands with Trump.

        • GayOldLady

          Too late!! They already made fools of themselves drooling over Trump at the White House after the tax bill passed. They’re all finished to some degree. Ryan will lose the speakers job and his Congressional seat, either at the ballot box or via quitting. O’Connell will lose his position as Majority Leader. They’re as done as 10 minute eggs.

          • fuow

            Not, if we don’t vote, they’re not.

          • Danieruw

            I so want to see Ryan lose his seat at the ballot box. Schadenfreude! I want to use his tears to bake my bread!

  • Mr. M

    Oh God every time I see Mitch McConnell’s face I barf in my mouth.

  • Jay Silversmith

    More deception, collusion, treachery and treason from the tres amigos.

  • canoebum

    And the demonization of Medicare and Social Security begins. We shall be treated to constant messaging of how the debt they cause is wrecking the economy and the ability of businesses to create jobs.

  • Kruhn

    Exclusive picture of the Camp David meeting with the Republicans. “What are we going to do tonight, Donald?”

    “The same thing we do every night, Mitchy. Try to take over the world!”

    • KnownDonorDad

      They’re Mitchy and the Don
      They’re Mitchy and the Don
      One is a turtle
      The other’s a con

  • ohbear1957

    They’re renaming it “Camp Donald” – America’s newest national monument!

  • CanuckDon

    Please send reminders to all of them that it’s their second amendment right to carry guns that weekend.

  • Stogiebear

    Camp David, the new Wolfschanze West.

    • Michael White

      Do you think folks who have never seen Betty White in anything except the Golden Girls will get that reference?/s No hate intended for the younger crowd.

      • canoebum

        Come on now, they’ve all seen her in re-runs of The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Nick at Night.

      • Mueller Abides

        That was meant for the ElderGays.

  • kladinvt

    May all the INDICTMENTS, we’ve been dreaming about, come true in 2018!

  • Dayglo

    They’re keeping America safe from Democracy.

  • Tomcat

    Look out medicaid and individual welfare, your next on the chopping block.

  • Statistics Palin

    Now that Mueller is investigating the RNC and Paul Ryan for collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election, I have one question.
    Will Uncle Vlad be there in person or will he Skype in?

  • 2guysnamedjoe

    Will this be his first visit to Camp David?
    How come he isn’t holding this meeting at one of his properties and billing the taxpayer for it?

  • Will Parkinson

    How much more can we fuck over America? Just watch!

  • Treant

    The first of the year really does mark the shift into election territory, and we’re starting to fall inside the memory window of the common voters.

    Screw them a year before the election, they’ll forget. Eleven months…and the memory starts to crystallize a bit…

  • cleos_mom

    But does Camp David have a golf course?

  • GanymedeRenard

    That won’t be a meeting. It will be a black sabbath.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    If only a passing asteroid would swing by and hit at a fortunate time.

  • bzrd

    New Year’s resolution:
    Contact representatives to demand the government pay back all the money it “borrowed,” stole, from Social Security

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    The problem is the entire GOP, not just Trump. Thanks for making that clear, Mitch and Paul.

  • fuow

    Yeah, but her emails! The importance of teaching us Democrats a lesson.
    It’s going to get even worse, especially for transgender people and gay men.
    Those gay men who didn’t vote or voted ‘Green’? You deserve this, with all your hearts and souls, you deserve this.
    The rest of us need to start abandoning our principled stance of making The Perfect the Enemy of the merely Good-Enough and start focusing on taking back the House and the Senate in 2018. Yes, nay-sayers, I am quite well aware of the odds against us in the Senate races, thanks.
    Oh, and let’s not forget what the 2010 census did to us…2020 is right around the corner!

    • JCF

      “It’s going to get even worse, especially for transgender people and gay men.”

      Because it’s a fucking paradise for lesbians? O_o

  • TheManicMechanic

    Don’t forget Russians.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    As I have said many times before, it’s what despots and dictators do.