Roy Moore’s “Voter Fraud Expert” Also Claims To Have “Mathematically Proven” JFK Assassination Conspiracy

Raw Story reports:

Richard Charnin, the purported “expert” in voter fraud who has been cited by the Roy Moore campaign to claim that Democrat Doug Jones did not legitimately win this month’s Alabama Senate special election, is a notorious conspiracy theorist who has claimed that he has “mathematically proved” that there was a vast conspiracy to assassinate former President John F. Kennedy.

As noted by CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, Charnin in 2014 published a book called “Reclaiming Science: the JFK Conspiracy,” which was described as “a mathematical analysis of unnatural deaths, witness testimony, altered evidence and media disinformation” about Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.

Law & Crime reports:

Charnin has also pushed conspiracies about Seth Rich, who was a DNC staffer murdered in July 2016. “It’s not just about Seth Rich. Applied Mathematics indicates a virtual 100% probability of a cover-up,” he wrote.

Moore is the first Republican to lose an Alabama Senate race in 25 years. We can’t imagine that Mr. Charnin’s affidavit and Moore’ election complaint will be a winning effort either.