Trump Hails Right Wing Group For Praising Him (The Same Group Yesterday Made News For Racist Texts)

Well, of course:

President Trump on Friday tweeted his support for Charlie Kirk and conservative group Turning Point USA one day after a New Yorker investigation revealed racist text messages sent by a former top official in the organization.

The show of support comes just a day after it was revealed that Turning Point’s former national field director, Crystal Clanton, sent text messages to another staffer during the 2016 campaign expressing her hatred towards African-Americans. Clanton held the second-most-powerful position in Turning Point USA for five years before her resignation.

“I hate black people. Like fuck them all . . . I hate blacks. End of story,” Clanton said in texts to John Ryan O’Rourke, another former Turning Point employee.

Read the full New Yorker expose.

  • FAEN

    But but BLOTUS insists he isn’t racist. As do the GOP. They couldn’t be lying could they 😱?

  • When are you going to off yourself?
    Oh, I’m sorry, I mean, pass yourself away?

    • I’m reminded of a quote from The Kitchen God’s Wife:

      “He died of a bad heart.”
      “Hmmph. It was his bad heart that kept him alive for longer than he deserved.”

      • vorpal

        Love that book.

        • It’s good one. Have you ever read The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston? I have a fondness for that one because it reminds me so much of my childhood, growing up in SF, and the two parents in that story remind me of my own mother and father:

          “My mother has told me once and for all the useful parts. She will add nothing unless powered by necessity, a riverbank that guides her life. She plants vegetable gardens rather than lawns; she carries the odd-shaped tomatoes home from the field and eats food left for the gods.”

  • Jefe5084

    Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

  • Durwood
    • -M-

      Hah-ha 😁

    • PeterC

      He has destroyed a lot.

  • Tomcat

    Soon trump will be telling his followers they have to drink the death potion because they are going to get him, and they will.

    • Uncle Mark

      Isn’t this tax scam bill the prequel to drinking the polonium-flavored Kool-Aid?

  • bkmn
    • -M-

      You’re assuming Trumpists have sufficient math skills for that.

      • Rebecca

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      • Valerie

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      • Kristy

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    • Hue-Man
    • JCF

      There are two types of Drumpf supporters: white racists—the vast majority—and Stockholm Syndrome minority tools.

    • Octoberfurst

      Spot on!

    • Nowhereman

      Well, the idiots probably don’t know HOW to check their bank accounts, and billionaires have people to do that for them…

  • Gustav2

    Gee, claiming to be a ‘charity’ and doing political work is illegal?

    Who knew? It not like some of the Tea Party orgs or religious orgs or anything.

  • netxtown

    gurl sounds like she needs some bbc….but it may be a bit of a problem finding any that would. skank is skank

  • Leo

    Hates blacks? Oh. Worth posting this again. Not wages. Not jobs.

    They can’t be racist! Oh? 25% of the Obama to Trump Rust Belt flippers don’t believe in interracial marriage.

    6th study to confirm this btw. Please read.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      Another fine “master race” specimen.

      • David Walker

        “Don’t be shtupid.
        Be a shmarty.
        Come and join
        The nazi party.”

    • Gustav2

      Vox should have asked me or the hubby raised in rural Ohio.

      We said that the Wednesday morning after the election.

      • Joe in PA

        Or our neighbors here in PA (with the 5X8′ dixie flag sticking out of their trailor hitch).

        • David Walker

          I posted a video here. I think your neighbors may be in some of the pictures. I suspect there are some photo ops here, and I KNOW there are where I grew up. “Merry Christmas from the Family.”

        • JCF

          Tell me about it. I lived in (RED) Central PA for 5 years (1990s). If it wasn’t the ever-present “Stars&Bars” (Confederate flag), then it was the shirt seen here (that’s MLKJr in the crosshairs), sold at the ***county fair***.

    • David Walker

      Yuh think? Then they deserve their very own xmas tune:

  • Will Parkinson

    Hm. A racist thanking other racists. Go figure.

  • clay

    Brad Parscale, Stephen Miller, and Richard Spencer– I bet they hang out, drinking beer and bragging about the women they’ve ‘bagged’ on the weekends (when Brad doesn’t have to revert to being Turmp’s golf caddy).

  • pj

    getting harder and harder to find someone to stroke your ego huh don.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      “Get me the girl with the little teeth.”

  • shellback
  • Lumpy Gaga

    “Not on Christmas, Don. Not on Christmas.”

    • Charles in Bloomington

      “For 14, you don’t look so good.”

    • Robincho

      Just for that, he doesn’t get any cha-cha heels…

  • jerry
  • -M-

    Duh. Everybody knows that Twitler loves to be complimented, and if there’s a racist or anti-Semitic message associated so much the better.

  • Bambino

    Twitter must be working over time to shut down the Nazi. Eye rolled!

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Totally, completely, unapologetic O/T because it’s the Friday before Christmas and I need to be in a happy place. Friends have arrived, the cottage is smelling of fresh made bread and bagels and I’m not letting the Trumpanzee ruin it for me. Oh, I’ll still comment, but in a more festive way.

    Speaking of festive, my evil and ever so adorable husbotter convinced me to “suit up” for the holidays….he then proceeded to get creative with colour placement (sigh) after taking a couple of pics. So, to all of my friends here on JMG, both far and not so far, allow me to wish you all….

    Yes, I’m smirking because he was only wearing his collar when he took the pic.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      What a Ho.

    • Bambino

      And we have a white Christmas to boot.

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        Same here. Woke up to 16 cm, come to think of it, so did……aaaaand I’ll stop there. 😉

        • Robincho

          Snow is like sex. You never know how many centimetres you’re gonna get or how long it’s gonna last…

          • netxtown

            that is so true. here in north texas – snow is a rarity, and if it does snow, it just simply doesn’t last. No reason to drag out a saddle for 8 damn seconds…

        • David Walker

          Well, in that case… They posted this just this morning. Ho? Nah. Ho Ho Ho!

        • Hank

          Was that you husband “prodding” you??? Stay Warm!

          • Jean-Marc in Canada

            Naughty boy, come sit with us.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Hat hangs to the left.

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        Santa is always on top of the situation 😉

      • Joe in PA

        Is that a thing? Like the hanky thing? Damn, I’m so out of the loop. 🙁

        • David Walker

          A city I used to frequent named its cruising area The Fruit Loop. Harrisburg, on the other hand, has The Mary Go-Round. Some insist that it’s “Merry,” but that’s because they were assimilationists.

          • Joe in PA

            LOL, thanks for the chuckle.

    • PickyPecker
      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        Yes please.

      • Bambino
        • PickyPecker

          Beautiful! Can you even imagine how much time it would take to decorate those like that!?!

          • Bambino

            I’ll probably forbid anyone to eat them 🙂

        • ColdCountry

          You made those? They’re beautiful!

          • Bambino

            Nah. I wish.

        • Jean-Marc in Canada

          Those are delightful.

      • Joe in PA

        I’m hungry. 🙂

      • David Walker

        Eat ’em up. Yum!

        • Jwmvh

          Is that a reference to the song Fish Heads?

          • David Walker

            Yes! Roly-poly fish heads, even.

      • nocadrummer

        Cookies Bound to Please You!

      • Gerry Fisher

        LUV those

      • jerry

        LOL. So I actually googled “ginger men bondage”…pics were nothing that I could actually post here.

      • Nowhereman

        Oh my goodness! That reminds me of a woman I used to know back in the day who used to do things like that to Barbie dolls and put them around her house in interesting poses.

    • David Walker

      Sorry, but shouldn’t that be “Fappy Holidays”?

      • JCF

        Later tonight. ;-X

    • JCF

      Back atcha, Jean-Marc! Me, I’m finishing my stuffed bell peppers (MY home-grown late season peppers, here in Sacra-tomato), ready to freeze ahead of my Choir Party next week (there’s actually 2 kinds of home-grown peppers in ’em, as well as home-grown tomato sauce).

      Food, friends, festivities: regardless of your belief-system, may all JMGers enjoy all 3! *

      * A cordial invite to one and all, to St Michael’s Episcopal Church (2140 Mission Ave, Carmichael CA), where I’ll be singing both services Christmas Eve (5 and 9PM). Just because it’ll piss Drumpf off, I’ll say: Happy Holidays! 😀

  • William

    Crystal sounds like a delightful fuckwad.

  • ChrisMorley
  • Jeffrey

    I realized while talking to a completely normal friend yesterday that we were both harboring the most horrible thoughts about what we hope would happen to this moron. It isn’t like either of us to wish death and dismemberment upon any person, much less and entire family. So I decided it would be a good time to take a break from politics. That includes JMG because it’s really only Trump news now. I’m going to have to relax and let Mueller do his job. Republicans are digging their own graves and there isnt anything we can currently do about it. We will be prepared for 2018. So I’m off to enjoy some home decor sites and some porn blogs and To pay more attention to my husband instead of this festering turd of a president. I let him disrupt my 2017 and that stops now. Have a happy Festivus and may the Flying Spaghetti Monster bestow gravy upon your meatballs with his great noodley appendages. Hasta marinara and ramen.

    • Bambino

      Eat, drink and be merry or Mary!

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      I hear ya. But I need to stay for the following reasons :

      1- Non stop humor
      2- Community support
      3- The sluts.

    • Guest

      Completely understandable, I hope your soul is refreshed. We could all use some of that!

    • -M-

      Enjoy. I hope you’ll at least send all your elected officials regular reminders that the illegitimate shitgibbon,and the devil-worshipping dunce Pence, need to go.

      Whatever balance works for you.

  • Harveyrabbit

    “I hate black people. Like fuck them all . . . I hate blacks. End of story,”

    Well that’s a clear definitive statement. No ambiguity at all. They taught her well in school.

    • David Walker

      This is a very disturbing picture. Yes, of course, they’re showing the cute young girl unmasked, because no true red-blooded Murkin would dare do anything to her. More disturbing is the obvious hussy at picture left. A black purse? And that’s practically a mini-sheet. How did she ever gain admittance to such a pure, xn group? Did her husband run the gas station?

  • Cuberly Deux
    • Hank

      Was he pointing to Ben Carson??? He may be the only “token” left in the administration, now that Omarosa is gone.

  • Hue-Man

    Quelle surprise!
    One-Third of Trump’s Judicial Picks Are Anti-LGBT

  • another_steve

    As people of decent and noble character become increasingly incensed over where Trump is dragging our nation to, more and more commentators are letting loose and speaking it.

    This morning on MSNBC, I heard one refer to Trump as the “Thug-in-Chief.”


    Loved it.

  • Hue-Man


    Iowa City native, advocate and author Zach Wahls announced Thursday he
    will run for the Iowa Senate seat held by Bob Dvorsky, who does not plan
    to seek re-election in 2018.

    On Thursday, Wahls celebrated his parents, Jackie Reger and Terry Wahls,
    on the 21st anniversary of their commitment ceremony, during which they
    walked down the aisle to the theme song from “Star Trek Voyager.”

    • PickyPecker

      YAY! Great story and I wish him luck!
      A beautiful selection, that song they picked. My favorite by far of any of the series’ openings.

      • netxtown

        I’ll second ST: Enterprise.

      • Cuberly Deux

        Yep, still the best opening credits and theme of them all.

      • Mikey

        it didn’t win the Emmy for its title music for nothing.
        Fantastic composer that Jerry Goldsmith… or as us film music buffs like to call him: Jerry Godsmith.

        • jerry

          Also winning an Emmy for Voyager “Endgame” music was composer Jay Chattaway.

    • Bambino

      What taken him so long. I pegged him to be running years ago. Better late than never.

    • BearEyes

      Much success, Zach

    • Bryan

      Go Zach!

    • JCF

      Buttigieg/Wahls 2028! ;-/

  • Dunkerblinker

    Worst case scenario…3 years until the bastard is out on his fat orange ass!!

    • Halou

      Now is the point where you think just how much damage he can do in that time. And remember whatever he has done so far is just a warmup.

  • E.J.

    O.T. happy holidays everyone….

    • yes b’y

      That’s depressing.

      • Dazzer

        More bittersweet, I’d say.

    • Treant

      Carp-ay Diem!

    • Mikey

      that’s awful.

  • Taylor Bixler

    Turning Point USA. LOL. The cash pit that self owns more than paul joseph watson

  • Clive Johnson
  • JWC

    The man holds the nuclear football has to constantly told how good he is that isjust so beyond sick

  • ColdCountry

    “The President has accomplished some absolutely historic things during this past year.”

    That’s certainly true. And none of them are good.

  • Friday’s_cat

    Charlie Kirk, king of bumper sticker bigotry.

  • Slippy_World
  • GanymedeRenard

    You want to know what the actual fuck is wrong with the goddamned shitgibbon? EVERYTHING! How can MILLIONS of people be so fucking stupid to vote for him is beyond me.

  • Halou

    Remember the whinge-fest Trump had when an FBI agent sent questionable text messages. Yeah, not being a Trumpkin is a sackable offence, but literally hating an entire race of people? It would be patriotically incorrect to say or do anything to address this.

  • Kevin Andrews
  • JCF