NFL Launches Investigation After Texas QB Is Allowed To Return To Game After Scary Concussion [VIDEO]

SB Nation reports:

Tom Savage suffered a concussion against the 49ers that forced T.J. Yates to come in at quarterback. He would later be ruled out after further evaluation, but not before coming back into the game for a series, somehow, before doctors properly diagnosed him.

The handling of the incident is sure to bring questions. Savage was clearly hurt, and even displayed the “fencing response” which is commonly associated with head trauma injuries. After the game, CBS reported that the NFL’s chief medical officer, Dr. Allen Sills, will be talking to the team and looking into the incident.

If the league finds that the Texans violated the concussion protocol, they could punish them. In 2016 the NFL passed a rule that allows the league to punish teams that violate the concussion protocol with fines or even loss of draft picks.

  • gaycuckhubby

    The NFL and other contact sports like hockey in soccer have head Collision protocol. The protocols work fairly well when the team and the refs follow them. The punishment needs to be big enough to outweigh the desire to keep the player in. I hope the NFL comes down hard on Texas

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  • netxtown

    Most days I see American football to be about the same as a centuries ago Roman gladiator fight – albeit now with commercial sponsorship and cheerleaders.

  • Tawreos

    I hope he is OK and team gets nailed hard for allowing this.

  • Gustav2

    Not to worry, nothing will start show up until he is in his 50’s.

    • Gerry Fisher

      If he doesn’t end up on a killing spree before that.

      • Gustav2

        It also needs to be looked at with men who attended rural schools without a large bench to sub players. I am sure my brother-in-law was put back in the game too soon because of the short roster of players.

    • Taylor Bixler

      I know that is snark, but Junior Seau was 43 when he killed himself. Aaron Hernandez was 27 and had signs of CTE.

      • Gustav2

        My brother-in-law was 53 when he committed suicide, the NFL doesn’t give a shit because the players are retired and the professionals are just the tip of the iceberg.

        • Taylor Bixler

          Well, they are addressing the important stuff, like kneeling players and Papa John’s revenues…

        • Andrew Iverson

          Not to mention that there is an almost inexhaustible supply of replacements just waiting in the wings to get their shot.

  • greenmanTN

    I looked up “the fencing response,” which I wasn’t familiar with.

    “The fencing response is not a parry or a repost in fencing or sword fighting, but rather a medical term used often in competitive sport. The fencing response is an unusual and unnatural looking position of the arms adopted by individuals when suffering a concussion. Here, immediately following moderate forces affecting the brain stem of the individual, the forearms are held awkwardly, with one in a flexed position, and the other extended up into the air lasting a few seconds following the impact. This often occurs in sports such as football, hockey, boxing, rugby, martial arts and others, and is used as an indicator of an injury force magnitude and midbrain localization which can aid in injury identification for medical professionals in sports activities and possibly other scenarios.”

    • SFnomad

      Thanks, I was just about to look that up. Poor reporting to use such an obscure term and not explain it. Well, it’s explained in the link, not the excerpt here.

      • gaycuckhubby

        The reporting is from a sports journalist. And for a sports Outlet. I think most of their readers would probably know what it is.

        • Mikey

          A sports outlet? I doubt most of their readers can walk and chew gum at the same time.

          • gaycuckhubby

            Pssst… most of the world’s Brilliant Minds and brilliant leaders are also sports fans ☺️

          • Mikey

            I also didn’t say “all of their readers”.

          • Natty Enquirer

            You’re just projecting.

        • whollyfool

          They always explain that stuff for me on NPR. 🙂

    • Gerry Fisher
      • Jon

        Now you can tell when you’ve punched Richard Spencer hard enough.

        • Xaca

          Or Spencer could just be doing his Nazi salute thing. Hard to tell the difference between that and brain damage.

  • Xaca

    Oh, well…you know… Bill McNair (owner) said: “Inmates running the asylum.”

  • BeaverTales

    This is where CTE comes from….these injuries are rarely this obvious.

    • Gustav2

      Yeah, it usually is a series of small ones. At one time my brother-in-law could balance a checkbook in seconds, or find an error you have made. When hit his late 40’s he started to have difficulty learning new things and retaining the old. The football stats he spouted when we watched games started to fade away. Even tho he knew how to keyboard, he started to hunt and peck. He disconnected his internet because it was a frustration. He committed suicide at 53 this past July.

      When I hear of the stats of middle aged rural men committing suicide, I want to know if they played football.

      • whollyfool

        Horrible. I’m so sorry.

        • Gustav2

          My late father-in-law used to brag how his son played every quarter in every game, always offense and often defense from Jr High aged thru college and in the semi-pros.

          That’s a lot of small and large hits.

          • whollyfool

            I’m hoping that the bragging about playing thorough injuries will stop. We need to quit glorifying that.

  • Joe in PA

    O/T…apparently there has been an explosion at the Port Authority in NYC. And in-law was just evacuated. I haven’t found news reports yet. Scary.

  • Good. I cannot believe they let him back in the game. He had a seizure on the field, FFS!

  • Ninja0980

    Fine the heck out of them.

  • greenmanTN

    FWIW it’s good that one of his opponents immediately went to his aid.

  • Kevin Andrews

    The Oligarchs’ Gladiators and MIC promotions are dead-meat walking. They’ve displayed their absolute contempt of the players from Kirkpatrick to injuries on the field for decades of lining their pockets at all our expense.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Sorry, but after your “Sand Jews” comment, anything and everything you say is null and void. You have zero credibility now so why not crawl back under whatever rock you came from. #Girlbye.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    I know some people will say that a chance of severe injury is what the players are being paid for but this shit is scary and the teams are not following their own damn rules.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Sadly, in a sport like football, an injury like this is inevitable. That said, his being allowed (or pushed) to finish the game without being properly assessed by a Doctor is negligence of the highest order and hopefully there will be consequences for those who allowed this to go on.

  • Smith_90125

    “NFL investigation” = whitewash to protect white owners.

    NFL is short for “no f***ing loyalty”, especially when it comes to the players, taxpayers or cities.

    This crap is why I quit watching football cold turkey five years ago. I don’t miss it, and am openly anti-football now.

  • JWC

    better MUCH better control on this most serious condition

  • JCF

    Terrifying—and disgusting, that he was allowed back in the game. THIS is why I quit watching the NFL, before the Anthem Fracas began [NB: I support those who kneel.]

  • doninkansas

    Reminds me of high school back in Indiana. A cross country runner tripped and fell, hurting his leg. The kid was in a lot of pain and the coach wanted to take him out, the kid insisted on running, the coach let him. Turned out the kid had broken one of the bones in his lower leg. But they won!