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Fox News Commentator Mocks Justin Timberlake’s Manhood Because He Won’t Let His Son Play Football

“This guy was in a boy band, I think his son will be much more qualified to be in a boy band. It’s a lot safer on stage than it is on a football field, right? Come on, this is indicative of the way the elites see football, and tough sports and manhood, frankly. You learn things when you get …

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NFL Hall Of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre: The Only Way To Make Football Safer Is Not To Play [VIDEO]

Retired NFL Hall Of Fame quarterback Brett Favre issued a sobering assessment ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl: “How do you make the game safer? You don’t play. You know, I mean, is that going to happen? No, I think the NFL is here to stay, obviously. And that being said, I think we, we have started the ball rolling, …

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NFL Launches Investigation After Texas QB Is Allowed To Return To Game After Scary Concussion [VIDEO]

SB Nation reports: Tom Savage suffered a concussion against the 49ers that forced T.J. Yates to come in at quarterback. He would later be ruled out after further evaluation, but not before coming back into the game for a series, somehow, before doctors properly diagnosed him. The handling of the incident is sure to bring questions. Savage was clearly hurt, …

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