NFL Calls Out Trump’s Lie About Anthem Protests

Fox News reports:

The NFL on Wednesday refuted President Donald Trump’s claim that league Commissioner Roger Goodell is “finally demanding” that players stand up during the national anthem.

“Commentary this morning about the Commissioner’s position on the Anthem is not accurate. As we said yesterday, there will be a discussion of these issues at the owners meeting next week. The NFL is doing the hard work of trying to move from protest to progress, working to bring people together,” the league said in a statement.

Goodell said the league believes “everyone should stand for the National Anthem,” but stopped short of mandating that players stand. The commissioner added that the league would consider forming an “in-season platform” to allow players to promote social justice efforts.

  • worstcultever

    Sorry for OT – but who doesn’t need a NEW RANDY

  • Rex

    Trump has ruined football, the Flag and the National Anthem.
    Trump ruins everything.

    • Lazycrockett

      Drumpf hates the NFL so hes more than happy to ruin it.

      • Lizard

        Didn’t he try to buy a team to become a member of the owners’ “club” and nobody wanted him there?

        Money can buy sports teams, but it can’t buy likability.

        • Lazycrockett

          He was in the USFL which he forced to go against the NFL and thus bankrupting them. Then he owned the Jersey Generals and the NFL refused to let them in their league and it went belly up.

        • jerry

          He tried to buy an NFL team and failed, then he tried to force the NFL to accept the USFL teams in an expansion and failed. The USFL was profitable when they had spring/early summer games, not competing against the NFL. As owner of the NJ Generals, Trump eventually forced that league into direct competition with the NFL and caused his team and the entire league to go bankrupt. The direct competition was an attempt to get the NFL to absorb the USFL teams, but USFL had a way-lower talent level.

        • StillStandingNow

          His social skills are beneath the real “locker room boys”.

    • james1200

      So maybe he’ll also ruin the Republican Party for a generation or two?

    • Uncle Mark

      He’s even ruined Cheetos for me. I feel like I’m eating a bag full of Trump dicks; in fact everyday in this country, I feel like I’m eating a bag full of Trump dicks.

      • Tawreos

        It doesn’t help that they are life sized, well the crunchy Cheetos are at any rate.

        • John30013

          The crunchy ones are the only kind worth eating.

    • Uncle Mark

      One would hope with the Fucking Moron’s efforts to manipulate and/or hurt the NFL would lead to the owners throwing their money into hurting Twitler and opposing candidates that support the lil’ dictator

      • John30013

        Unfortunately most of the owners fully support Lord Dampnut’s policy priorities.

      • Mike C

        Nope. Because like all conservative boycott efforts the actual follow-through is pathetic. No one is missing their football. But it does give him a chance to whip up his base and his policies, if implemented, will be of great benefit to billionaire football team owners.

    • PeedeResistance

      It was not possible to ruin (further) our National ANATHEMA, a ninth-rate drinking song (from a war the US lost) made into complete war porn….but you’re right about dRUMPf 🙂

    • charemor

      And the sad thing is that he doesn’t give a damn about any of the three.

  • Michael R

    This was a protest about police brutality , has this been
    addressed by Trump or Pence in any way ?
    also see : Russian meddling in election
    Our country has no leaders !

    • Tawreos

      Addressing police brutality would require a thoughtful and innovative response, so of course this administration changes the argument to look how much those black guys hate our country.

      • Given the fact that AG Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is taking steps to facilitate police brutality — or at least, dispense with any consequences for the police — Trump has to change the discussion to fit with his jingoist “patriotism.”

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    • minidriver

      Unfortunately the T-P duo is addressing police brutality by giving the police even more military equipment.

    • Al


    • Adam Stevens

      This is the one area where the Trump administration shows its true craft. They can take any issue, any issue at all, and magically turn it onto a completely different issue.

      Of course, this does require complete stupidity on the part of his supporters, but it is amazing to watch them try and pull it off.

      Mostly, it is terrifying to see just how easy it is to manipulate adult human beings.

    • pete

      trump’s position is just the opposite of police brutality, increasing computer security, voter access, path to citizenship. he sides with increased police action, hacking, voter suppression. he’s leading . . . in the opposite direction.

    • Circ09

      They don’t have to address it. Once again, the Republicans masterfully changed the equation making it all about “Patriotism” and “Respecting our Troops” and all those buzz words that get their base to rally. And we (the left, Democrats in power, etc…) let them hijack the conversation. Again.

    • CJAS

      The protest is about police brutality, and injustice. And while they’re at it, they might want to address the anthem’s third verse: “No refuge could save the hireling and slave. From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave.”

      It’s also interesting how a hostile foreign governments’ clandestine attacks on electoral system is universally described by our press “meddling”.

    • Lars Littlefield

      No. Trump and Pence, et al, have ignored the reason for the peaceful protest so they can maximize energizing their base with jingoistic false patriotism.

    • StillStandingNow

      YES! Jeff Sessions is..well…”Jeff Sessions Backs Down From Policing the Police – The Atlantic”

    • JCF

      Lord, are THOSE HANDS ever Too Freaking BIG!

  • another_steve

    Polling is showing that this issue is not working for progressives and non-haters. Mom, the flag and apple pie, you know.

    Doesn’t mean the team players should stop doing what they’re doing, but it’s not a winner for us.

    • Skokieguy [Larry]

      Part of it is, on virtually ALL media, it is described as players protesting the flag or the anthem or protesting during the anthem.

      I NEVER hear, “NFL players again took a knee to protest police brutality and the unfair treatment of American citizens of color.”

      • another_steve

        That confusion could be avoided and the general public might be more receptive were the protest not done in conjunction with the singing of the national anthem.

        Say, for example, the players take a knee after the singing of the anthem.

        Just sayin’.

        • Skokieguy [Larry]

          I agree, right before or right after, but nonetheless, the media is too lazy to correctly describe the protests.

          • The_Wretched

            The media line is only the same cross stations / brands when they are following edits on high. Normally, you’d get a diversity of expression and we aren’t seeing that.

          • Skokieguy [Larry]

            I don’t think its coordinated. No one is ‘on high’ enough to control messaging across all media. I think “anthem protest” is just lazy descriptive shorthand.

        • Ninja0980

          Players did that in some cases and were booed anyway.

      • Beat me to it.

    • Tawreos

      It doesn’t work because the majority of the country doesn’t have to worry about surviving getting pulled over by the police, something that minorities do regardless of what they did or didn’t do.

    • It’s not working at least in part because the media has bought into Trump’s lie about disrespecting the troops, etc. That’s what gets repeated ad nauseam, not what the protest is really about, so Trump’s base is eating it up and others are, quite understandably, not getting it.

    • Ninja0980

      Sitting at lunch counters etc. back in the day wasn’t popular either.

  • Stogiebear

    Put an end to the militarization of our local police — RESPECT OUT COUNTRY!

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    Has Trump done anything TRUTHFUL in the past week? The past month?

    • bambinoitaliano

      Even as a baby his cries were fake.

      • bobbyjoe

        You speak as if his baby years were in the past tense.

    • james1200

      It’s part of his narcissistic personality disorder; he’s incapable of telling the truth, especially when he thinks it might reflect badly on him.

    • Uncle Mark

      Can you even name anything that he’s done that has been any good for the common man?

      • Skokieguy [Larry]

        He has gotten the public to pay more attention to politics. And I think he has energized moderate Republicans and independents to open their eyes about what the Republican party has devolved into.

        • Uncle Mark

          Good point…though I should have been more specific in asking what has the Fucking Moron done INTENTIONALLY that has successfully helped the common man

  • bkmn

    Divide and conquer. It is from a very old playbook

  • TheGrandWazoo2

    The commissioner added that the league would consider forming an “in-season platform” to allow players to promote social justice efforts.

    Here’s the “platform” Trump suggested.

  • fastlanestranger

    Our president lied? Must be a ____day.

    • nocadrummer

      Don’t worry, he only lies on days ending in ‘y’.

  • Hank

    OT: ‘Brilliant,’ 41 and Lost to AIDS: The Theater World Asks Why

    Just when we began to think of HIV as a manageable disease, this happens!!! Read the article. Everyone, should come away with the thought of being tested as often as indicated!!!!

    • Al

      Link provided does not work.

    • ChrisMorley

      Sad. He was diagnosed at a really late stage of HIV infection, apparently with lesions that seem to have been Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) , which people on treatment now almost never develop.
      It’s not unknown for people to ignore symptoms for fear of a positive test result, but avoiding testing reduces your chances of living the normal lifespan we can expect with modern HIV treatments.
      As you encourage, test regularly and frequently, and you can now take PrEP to protect you if you are negative and taking risks.

    • several months ago a friend of mine dies at age 53 of…wait for it….HepC

      He had never been tested, for anything I suppose.

      • Hank

        That is a shame. Just general blood work might have showed abnormal liver functions and prompted further testing. Nowadays, there are even meds to cure Hep C. I lost some friends who were poz and had Hep C @ 15 years ago. It was the Hep C, that got them.

        • funny thing is, he just had his appendix removed a couple months earlier….apparently the hospital did not test for much else…

  • safari
  • Halou

    I’ll only start respecting America once it’s head of state determines two things:

    1. When a Nazi commits murder, are they a good person or a bad person?
    2. Should the police be at liberty to assault and kill people for being black?

    Apparently despite centuries of fighting over them we still don’t have a definitive answer to either of these important questions.

  • Dale Snyder

    Like you respected our country by dodging the draft five times?

    • Halou

      While McCain was overseas fighting for his life in a prisoner of war camp, Donnie cried about poor liddle him, he has bone spurs.

      • Snarkaholic

        …even though he played several team sports in school.

        • ChrisMorley

          It seems he must have been symptomless. It was a rich white boys’ scam to avoid Vietnam service.

          ‘Heel spurs cause local foot pain, tenderness, and sometimes swelling. This can lead to difficulty walking
          due to pain at the bottom of the foot with weight-bearing. Sometimes there is accompanying inflammation of the entire bottom of the foot (plantar fasciitis) when the heel spur occurs in the bottom of the heel bone…..

          Bone spurs that are not associated with symptoms may never cause problems and do not require treatment.’

  • ClevelandJim

    Or, they could just stop playing the song. It’s a sporting event, not a government function or July 4th celebration.


    “Commentary this morning about the Commissioner’s position on the Anthem is not accurate.”

    Call it what it fucking is..LIES!

    • StillStandingNow

      Exactly! I am sick to death of “not accurate” or “falsehoods” or “alternative facts”…call a LIE a LIE!

  • Michael White

    I can not impress on you how little I care about the NFL (modern gladiator owners), but I support anyone one who stands up to the orange turd

  • Max_1
  • worstcultever

    Dumpfuck thinks he’s just bullying some regular old n-words for his base. But guess what, people of color are the heart of the NFL product. And even the NFL plantation owners know it, and have no choice but to respect their labor pool.

    How will this end? Dumpy knows nothing else but to push and push. He HAS to win. But he can’t. Maybe they’ll all just keep the players off the field until the bullshit jingo song is over. Personally I’d be thrilled if they did away with the jingo song altogether. But Dumpy thinks this will be an easy win, cuz white billionaire owners and ungrateful black SOBs. He’s very wrong. None of these people are 16-yo scared beauty pageant girls.

    • Uncle Mark

      Wouldn’t it be interesting if the NFL didn’t do enough, compelling black players to find black investors/owners to form their own league…ultimately undermining white ownership of the NFL

  • HZ81

    The AG of the USA AGAIN made it easy for our community to be discriminated against and the media and nation (it seems) is all “But, football” believing and covering every word this clown says.

    Fuck football. Fuck POTUS. Fuck any and all y’all who allowed it to happen to all of us.

  • Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands, North Korea, Iran, NAFTA, EPA, DOJ, ACA, banking regulations, tax law… and he’s talking about the NFL.


    GOP Congress: Can you really STILL be okay with this??

    • David L. Caster

      The GOP IS all of this.

    • Niblet58

      He is nursing an age old grudge against them for not letting him buy a team.


    What a nice man… flag flag

  • greenmanTN
  • Reality.Bites


    Note to Ivanka: And this is how he looks at someone he can’t stand (you), not how he looks at someone he’s porking. Keep that thought in mind next time that love child of Karen Walker and Jack McFarland is giving you a low five.

    Note to Americans: now that the NDP and Conservatives have chosen their new (younger) leaders we can officially call Justin the old man of Canadian politics.

  • gaycuckhubby

    Pete Buttigieg on National Coming Out Day…


  • worstcultever

    Gah – sorry to be OT again, but I really liked this

    • greenmanTN

      Hair hoppers!


    • Phil2u

      Bobby Banas !

    • nocadrummer

      Wait… is that… Amber von Tussle?!?

  • gaycuckhubby
  • Ninja0980

    Is it bad I don’t feel sorry for the greedy owners that the monster they helped put into office is coming back to bite them?

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci
    • Beagle

      Who’s to say we don’t?

  • JWC

    To Donny’s way of thinking negotiations end in two camps Winners and Loosers The concept of amicble or a “win win” is total foreign to him He views the opposing side as ‘not loyal’ and thereby must be punished. Oh bless childhood psychology

    • Tor

      You bring up very disturbing trend: that of calling the opposition the enemy.

      • JWC

        ah ha but i dint

        • Tor

          It was inferred. Am I wrong?

          • JWC

            Reread my initial did not see the word ‘enemy’ at all ,so I would assume its your inference

          • Tor

            Absolutely. You did not say it. It is my inference. And it is a trend I’ve been noticing, esp. from the Right. We are the enemy.

          • JWC

            I do not see that nor did I intone that If you are a Trumpian then so be it I really do not care

          • Tor

            wow. do you not see my regular posts on this site?

          • Tor

            Also, sorry you took offense. None was intended.

          • JWC

            I took no offence You are entitled to think what you want as i am

          • Tor

            I don’t think you understand that we are on the same side. I made an observation, expanding on what I thought your were saying. The RW calls us the enemy, not the opposition party (“not loyal”), and that is disturbing to me. I clearly missed the mark.

          • JWC

            Tomorrow is another day we shall start again

          • Tor

            Thank you. And your hair is lavender.

  • Phil2u

    ….from the guy with the yuuuuuuge IQ. He can’t read and correctly interpret clear English. I guess his high score comes from the math test.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      Just put dollar signs in front of the numbers, and he might pay attention.

  • Bluto
  • Taylor Bixler

    Uh, this violates the US flag code. Where are all those murica loving patriots howling about this disrespect?

  • netxtown

    Mathematically – I can’t figure out the output when two-faced fucking moron is added to two-faced spineless bastard.

  • George Atkinson

    Obligatory salute?
    Can’t help but think of that swiss folk hero who refused to salute Geßler’s hat.

  • M Jackson

    Not accurate < lying 24/7

  • Gianni

    That coming from the man whose immigrant wife had to nudge him to put his hand over his heart when the National Anthem was played.

  • Richard

    A draft dodger (#45),who demands American citizens give up

    their Constitutional 1st amendment right to free speech. How unbelievably pathetic can it get ? Suggesting punishing a citizen or the media for
    exercising their Constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of the press comes right out of the Fascists play book. Wake up folks, before it’s too late!….

  • DenCo

    What else would one expect from the fake “hair”, fake skin tone, and fake attempt at not looking like the back end of a jackASS? My sincerest apologies to all the jackasses.

  • ‘Til Tuesday

    It’s not just Trump, but all these twits sitting at home in their easy chair, beer in hand, yelling at the TV because the players aren’t standing for the National Anthem. Get off your ass and stand up yourself for the National Anthem!