BRITAIN: No Royal Treatment For Trump’s Visit

The London Evening Standard reports:

Donald Trump is set to visit Britain early in 2018 – but for a stripped-down trip that will not include staying with the Queen. Diplomats are discussing plans for a “working visit” by the US president that will be shorn of the pomp and flummery of a full-blown State Visit. And instead of a red carpet event to showcase the special relationship, it is likely to form part of a tour of several countries by Mr Trump.

The downgrading of Mr Trump’s first trip as President to the UK follows the huge controversy when Theresa May tried to steal a march on other world leaders by offering a State Visit as guest of the Queen that was intended to take place this summer, breaching a convention that the honour is usually reserved for a president’s second term. There were threats of boycotts and mass protests when the VIP treatment was announced – with Commons Speaker John Bercow declaring that the President would not be allowed to address the House of Commons.

More from Newsweek:

Trump will miss out on a perk enjoyed by so many other world leaders, including two prior U.S. presidents and, notably, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin arrived on the first state visit to Britain by a Russian leader since 1874, and all the bells were rung and all the whistles blown. He even got to ride in a horse-drawn carriage with the queen.

Surely you recall this headline from April.