VIRAL VIDEO: Canadian Sikh Politician Responds With Grace When Woman Screams At Him About Islam

Vice reports:

A woman showed up at a meet and greet with NDP leadership candidate Jagmeet Singh to demand that the Sikh politician stop implementing Sharia law. To be completely clear, just so we all know for the rest of this article, Sikhism and Islam are two different religions.

The event took place at the Professor’s Lake Community Centre in Brampton, Ontario, on Wednesday night. Singh, one of the frontrunners in the NDP leadership race, walked in front of the crowd and asks them if they would prefer him to use a microphone or just project his voice when the woman stepped directly in front of him and began an extended tirade directed at Singh.

“We know you’re about Sharia Law. We know you’re about the Muslim Brotherhood. We know about your vote,” she yelled in Singh’s face. The woman went on to say that Singh wouldn’t take any of her calls so she decided to show up to his event directly, and spent a large portion of the video telling nobody to touch her or she will call the police. “When is your Sharia going to end?” the woman asked the Sikh politician in regards to, again, Islamic Law. “At what point, when we’re throwing gays off rooftops?”

According to the above-linked article, the incident is emblematic of Canada’s small but growing far-right movement.

If you don’t care to hear this nutbag’s full screaming tirade, which goes on for about five minutes, the second clip below provides excerpts and captions.