The Mooch Has Canceled His Live-Stream Event

Vanity Fair reports:

Before he (temporarily) disappears from public view, however, Scaramucci had a few things to get off his chest. Which is why he promised to tell the American people what really went down during his week and a half on the job, in an “online event” Friday that could be the biggest spectacle in Washington since James Comey’s Senate testimony. Or at least, that was the plan. Unfortunately, less than 24 hours after announcing his web special, in a whiplash move reminiscent of his whirlwind White House tenure, the Mooch had a change of heart.

In a short preview of the (now-cancelled) air-clearing exercise, Scaramucci had told CNN that he was brought into the West Wing as a “special purpose vehicle” to disrupt the infighting and leaks and that, in truth, he expected to only be in the position six to nine months. He told Chris Cuomo and Sophie Tatum that he considers his 10 days in the White House to have been a success—highlights include Sean Spicer resigning in protest and Reince Priebus getting the boot—despite the fact that his story has been “misconstrued.”