Bill O’Reilly: Fox Founder Roger Ailes Died Of “Hatred”

The Daily Dot reports:

Fox News founder Roger Ailes officially died of complications from “a subdural hematoma” after falling and hitting his head in his home. But according to Bill O’Reilly that is incorrect. His former boss died because of “hatred.”

“We are living in a rough age, with technological advances changing behavior and perspective,” O’Reilly said in his obituary for Ailes in USA Today. “The downside of that is turning us into a nation where hatred is almost celebrated in some quarters. Roger Ailes experienced that hatred and it killed him. That is the truth.”

Many on the internet, also known as that evil brand of technology O’Reilly is referring to, aren’t buying his take on Ailes’s death. They argue that the Fox News executive deliberately built his network off hatred by targeting marginalized Americans. To say Ailes died because of hate is hypocritical; he made a living off of it.

  • penpal

    Uh, Ailes THRIVED off of hatred. It gave him life.


    If hatred could kill you’d have been dead a long, long time ago.

    • DoctorDJ

      (…you beat me to it…)

      • Marionbwoody

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      • Marilynrkennedy

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    • willward

      Couldn’t agree more . Murdoch would be in the adjacent grave.

  • Rambie

    “To say Ailes died because of hate is hypocritical; he made a living off of it.”

    And so has O’Reilly

    • Ranger One

      That there are these scary liberals out there! Frightful minorities! fuck off. They are an industry of hate. Tony, perky, Maggie. Fuck them all. Bullshit peddlers.

    • dr tod

      Hannity!!! Dead man walking?

  • kiprian

    He who lives by the hate, dies by the hate. (Sorry, it was the obvious comment.)

  • HZ81

    Fuck you, Bill O’Cosby. Fox News has been a hate crime on America since 1996.

    • ccc

      Bill O’Cosby – Is that a mix between Bill Cosby and Bill O’Reilly? Ewwww

      • Daveed_WOW

        They’ve been raping since before Obama was born.

    • Daveed_WOW

      Fox News goes back further than that. So does O’Reilly and Cosby. All have been raping since the Sixties. (That we know of.)

      • HZ81

        No, Fox launched in 1996. The rapey Bills? I don’t kwow their rapey rapist bdays. 😉

  • Rocco Gibraltar

    He died because he was a big fat fuck, and he spewed hatred.

    • Ranger One

      I’m superior! No, you are dead.

  • MikeBx2

    Self hatred perhaps, but I doubt he had the conscience required for that.

  • MrRobotoLA
  • Michael White

    He did die of hatred. It finally killed his life apirit after he was lost law suits for the way he treated people his whole life

  • bkmn

    Molesters of a feather, stick together.

  • Lars Littlefield

    If Bill believes this it a true thing, then why is Bill still alive? And now,some cartoon funn.

    • TheManicMechanic

      The sign on the door made me giggle profusely.

  • shellback

    It makes us feel as though our hard work ain’t been in vain for nothin’.

  • Statistics Palin

    Another fake hate crime from the right.

  • crewman

    Isn’t using the death of someone as an opportunity to blame others for hating him to death, kind of, you know… hateful?

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Sending tons of hate your way Bill, honey.

  • jmax

    “That is the truth”. No, it’s not the truth, it’s your stupid opinion and no one believes it. If you think the subdural hematoma didn’t kill him, let someone hit you upside your melon with a bat and see what happens. I’ll happily volunteer to take a swing.

    • Michael R

      Training these people to understand the difference between
      an opinion and the truth would be a real trick .

  • Tawreos

    I have been trying to hate people to death for years and it has just never worked. I have to figure out the secret to it.

  • We obviously didn’t hate him with nearly enough intensity or fervor.

    • alguien

      so he could be dead sooner?

  • geoffalnutt

    The very wonderful thing is – he’s still dead!!!!

    • Ranger One

      Rest in maggots.

      • DoctorDJ

        I hear he’s qualified for this year’s Cadaver Diving.

        • Silver Badger

          Don’t forget the race in Nederlands, CO.

          • Robincho

            It’s plural now?…

          • Silver Badger


    • nocadrummer

      “He’s still valiantly clinging onto death.”

    • kiprian

      Generalissimo Ailes is still…

      (was that a SNL routine?)

      • KCMC

        yes, Original cast, Bill Murray?

        • JCF

          Chevy Chase, IIRC.

          • KCMC

            of course. my vague jr high memories.

  • safari
  • Natty Enquirer
  • Lazycrockett

    Get ready Bill.

  • Taylor

    If it wasn’t for hatred, O’Reilly would have been unemployed years ago.

    • Jukesgrrl

      That’s a good point. The only O’Reilly fans I know are people who perceive themselves as being wronged because they haven’t inherited the birthright they feel entitled to. They carry around a lot of anger and he bastes it for them.

  • netxtown

    Bill. You’re irrelevant. Piss off.

  • Paula
  • alguien

    i’m sure the fact that he was consumed with hate had something to do with it.

  • Says the man who spews hatred on his show. wow

  • metrored

    He’s confusing hatred with disgrace.

  • JT

    O’Reilly reproaching someone else for hatred? Give me a break.

  • Ninja0980

    Too bad it didn’t happen 30 years ago before he had a chance to inflict massive damage on this country.

  • Prost Seattle

    In your mind you have capacities you know
    To telepath messages through the vast unknown
    Please close your eyes and concertrate
    With every thought you think
    Upon the reciation we’re about to sing
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  • “… according to Bill O’Reilly… His former boss died because of ‘hatred.'”

    I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell. I hate Mitch McConnell…

    Is it working? Is he even feeling a little queasy yet?

  • Hue-Man

    Some liberal (or his wife?) left a bar of soap on the floor!

    • clay

      Two wooden legs in the middle of the floor.
      He tripped over them on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
      He died for want of a light.

  • Christopher Street

    Hatred, it ate him from the inside out, and there was a lot to eat.

  • ultragreen

    Yay! It worked! It worked!

  • txstevo

    The hatred was all his

    • RoFaWh

      Like some chemicals, hate is very corrosive and destroys most containers.

  • JT


    Estate of Edward Albee Yanks Rights to Production Over Casting of Black Actor

    News coming out of Oregon is a bit disturbing this morning. According
    to sources, the estate of the late playwright, Edward Albee, demanded
    that a theatre company in Oregon, The Complete Works Project, who was
    producing Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, fire the black actor
    playing the role of “Nick” and be replaced by a white actor or they
    would rescind the rights to the show. The director, Michael Streeter, refused so the estate has yanked the rights to do the show.


    • Natty Enquirer

      The Estate responds:

      Mr. Albee wrote Nick as a Caucasian character, whose blonde hair and blue eyes are remarked on frequently in the play, even alluding to Nick’s likeness as that of an Aryan of Nazi racial ideology. Furthermore, Mr. Albee himself said on numerous occasions when approached with requests for non-traditional casting in productions of VIRGINIA WOOLF? that a mixed-race marriage between a Caucasian and an African-American would not have gone unacknowledged in conversations in that time and place and under the circumstances in which the play is expressly set by textual references in the 1960’s.

      • If Romeo & Juliette can be rebooted in the form of West Side Story…basically artists need to let go of work that’s been around for over 50 years. Accept the homage already…and don’t come across as racist bigots.

      • David Milley

        Depressing but not surprising. Albee himself often had to be dragged kicking and screaming into progressive positions. Because of his antediluvian opinions, I approach his work with skepticism.

    • Adam King

      There are other plays out there that are just as good or better, ones not everybody has already seen.

  • I found this paragraph from the Politico article illustrative:

    Trump, several people close to him say, sometimes appears to question decisions even after they’ve been made. He told New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie that he could still be labor secretary even after he’d publicly named Alexander Acosta to the role. He privately told former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani he could potentially still name him as attorney general after he’d offered Jeff Sessions to the job.
    Why? Because it shows just how fucking insecure the preening narcissistic dipshit is, how he’s desperate to be liked (and forgiven) even after he’s just fucked over the person standing in front of him.

    • Cuberly

      I’m anxious to read the Comey memos documenting his interactions with him. They are making those public right?

      • I don’t know.

      • safari

        If the investigation warrants a trial.

        • safari

          Or Congress decides to hold a public hearing which they might not.

    • Natty Enquirer

      Agreed that he’s insecure, but that clip suggests more about his need to constantly manipulate and keep people guessing.

    • safari

      He had the two SCOTUS nominees report to the white house, had two sets of packets drawn up for the senate, and then told one guy to go home as he was driving in.

      • Note that it happened *before* the second guy got to meet personally with Donald. He’s a coward.

      • -M-

        Also second guessing Pence’s VP nom and wondering if he could still pick Christie right after it was made.

    • clay

      It’s the job of the executive to make decisions, often with incomplete data, and then make those decisions work. Trump only seems competent at the “incomplete data” part.

  • AtticusP

    I’m sure that the dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts Roger Ailes gobbled down every morning had absolutely nothing to do with his death.

  • kelven
    • Prost Seattle

      Ironically, DJT DID capture white women’s vote.

      • Todd20036

        I’ll never understand that. Though I think women are less educated than men are , which would explain it.

        I could be wrong tho

        • thatotherjean

          Some women may be less educated, especially those Evangelicals who voted for Trump because their (male) pastors told them to, since they believe that women aren’t supposed to have authority over men. That meant they couldn’t vote for Hillary, no matter what they thought of Trump. It was because they were Fundamentalist, though, not because they were stupid.

  • Sam_Handwich
    • Goddammit, I was in the middle of my daily blink!

    • Prost Seattle

      How many could have first hand knowledge of it? It’s not like this is a common occurrence.

  • Cuberly

    Bill’O’s right, all that’s good and white with the world is now wrong. What, it’s getting to be where a husband can’t batter their wife and drag her down the stairs in front of their kids anymore. What are things coming to????!!!!!1!!!1

  • Jukesgrrl

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!! If there is ANYBODY on the face of the earth who ramped up hatred in America, fomented controversy, and lied with impunity to rile up the electorate unfairly it was Roger Ailes. Don’t blame technology. Someone has to USE the technology. These are the same people who would tell us, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” By the same token, television doesn’t lie. It’s the people on it who lie. And Bill-O and his boss Roger are first among them.

  • Elsewhere1010

    Read a great quote this morning. Ailes didn’t have a soul of his own to sell, so he sold ours.

    • Jukesgrrl

      That should be engraved on his headstone.

  • Silver Badger

    What utter nonsense. The pissant is still alive.

  • Way O/T, but depressing beyond measure so I thought I’d spread the misery around. TL;DR of this Twitter thread is Louisiana has institutionalized slavery, putting prisoners to work in the state legislature and in the governor’s mansion.

    • clay

      and Sessions has okayed private prisons’ use of slave labor by people being held for deportation.

  • saucetin

    Dang, I’d mis-read that as self-reflexive insight. Never mind, I’ll take it that way.

    Subdural hate-o-toma.

  • Boreal
  • JaniceInToronto

    My heart bleeds…

  • Leo

    Does EVERY SINGLE fucking news outlet in D.C. have their own exclusive breaking Russia story tonight? What are we on now, 10? CNN wants in. This is SURREAL. Hail to the deep state I guess.

    • “Guys, guys, hang on, wait until the second Air Force One goes wheels up, then we release EVERYTHING we’ve got. First NYT, then WaPo, then it’s a free-for-all.”

    • clay

      This is why I’m okay with multiple investigations going on in the legislative committees and in the executive agencies.

      • thatotherjean

        Indeed. The more people looking, the more they are likely to find.

  • Blake J Butler

    I’m out of Sangria, otherwise i would celebrate his passing with alcohol. I was burning firewood and putting chlorine in the pool early this morning so my alcohol supply has been fully depleted right now.

  • Boreal
  • j.martindale

    Tell me how much he loved anyone who was the least little bit different than he. Tell me how he loved the poor and the sick and the needy. Tell me how he embraced the outcasts of society and the objects of racism and bigotry. The prick loved himself and money and power and women he could victimize. If he is hated, it is because he engendered hate in everything he did. He is dead? Good. O’Reilly is just like him–a prick.

    • zhera

      Abusers will always identify with other abusers.

      • j.martindale

        The world is better off without him.

  • zhera

    A hateful fuck whines about another hateful fuck. Meh.

    Fuck thou, O’Reilly. With cactii.

    • violamateo

      Cacti inserted sideways!

      • JCF

        Cacti made of rusty metal!

  • Reality.Bites

    I feel like Dorothy after she discovered she always had the power to return home. We never needed the Wizard/secret Obama death ray.

  • Thorn Spike

    Yeah, carrying around 300 lbs. of hate will kill you sooner or later.

    • RoFaWh

      Jowls like Ailes’ are a sign he’s far above mere 300#.

      • grada3784

        Depends on the person. I tip the scales at about 400 and I don’t have jowls like Ailes did.

    • Daveed_WOW

      But very slowly over 70-some years. Yeah, that’s some real murder there. LOL.

      Reminds me of a woman at work who thinks that vaccinations in childhood cause people to get cancer when they are in their 70s. I tried to tell her that’s a really inefficient method of genocide since most people are decades past their fertile years by their 70s. It would make more sense to kill people WITH THE VACCINE when they are children before they reproduce. I presented her with too many ideas strung together at once I guess. I actually heard crickets chirping.

      • marshlc

        Well, no, it totally makes sense, because before there were vaccinations, people in their 70s never got cancer.*

        Of course, that’s because they died of things like smallpox and polio and tetanus before they got to 70, but, well, details, details….

        *Actually, they did.

    • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

      It made Breitbart blow up real good…

  • Gigi

    If one could die from being hated, Obama would have died before his inauguration.

  • Christ, new thread time already. I CAN’T KEEP UP!

  • John Clerkin-Whitcomb

    “Hatred”, eh? Makes sense… Those who live by the sword, die by the sword, or so they say.

  • barrixines

    Astonishing how so many right wing elderly fat fucks are killed by libruls.

    • Boreal

      We are skilled assassins.

      • Karl Dubhe

        I’ve got the hash pipe. 🙂

      • clay

        I’m hearing that in Cartman’s voice, but picturing Grumpy Cat.

    • Uncle Mark

      It MUST be a liberal thing !! One of those Right Wing sites suggests Hillary has secretly killed so many, she’s practically a ninja. It’s a shame she didn’t take out Agent Orange before Nov 8th. I wonder how she missed that.

      • Ben in Oakland

        She was counting her emails.

  • TuuxKabin

    Then what’s keeping the hell beast and company from keeling over? Fake news.

  • Ben in Oakland

    “Roger Ailes experienced that hatred and it killed him.”

    Thanks, Billo, for making that very very definite statement that is still so very, very ambiguous, as to mean almost nothing.

    Do you mean Ailes exploited the hatred, was on the receiving end of that hatred, trafficked in that hatred, ran it through his system like toxic chemotherapy?

    You could mean Any number of things.

    And probably do.

  • teeveedub

    Forget the “No-Spin Zone.” Oh’Really belongs in the “Irony-Free Zone.”

  • BearEyes

    Ailes manufactured his own hatred.

  • Richard B

    Ailes found an angry marketing niche and for the love of money and power, change the country I once knew for the worst.
    I say good riddance to Ailes and to the world, “this is what you should not do”..

  • Adam King

    If my hatred of Ailes contributed anything to his demise, I feel comforted by the thought.

    • Karl Dubhe

      I’ll agree, and say that if the hatred felt towards people like O’Teilly contributes to their early demise – I too will receive some comfort.

  • another_steve

    Boy died of sexual frustration.

    (It can kill, ya know.)

  • HomerTh

    Falwell. Scalia. Ailes. Three men who I am glad are dead.

    • Stogiebear

      May their tribe increase!

    • Ben in Oakland

      They aren’t only merely dead. They’re really, most sincerely dead!

      • RidingTheLine

        😀 LOL.

      • Robincho

        Dirt naps tend to be on the lengthy side…

        • Ben in Oakland

          Sincerely lengthy.

    • JCF

      Don’t be sexist: add Phyllis Schlafly!

  • -M-
    • -M-

      As if Roger, Billo, and Faux News weren’t some of the foremost promoters and celebrants of hatred.

      • RoFaWh

        Never forget who owns Fox: Rupert Murdoch.

  • Jude Newton

    If this were true, there’d be no bully pulpits left. Religion would be obsolete.

  • bambinoitaliano

    By his definition, he and the likes of Breitbart and Alex Jones should be long dead!

  • 2patricius2

    “according to Bill O’Reilly … his former boss died because of ‘hatred.’” So Bill is saying that the hatred that Ailes peddled killed him?

    • clay

      No; that would make sense.

  • OdieDenCO

    i’ll give him that. gorging on hate and spew webs of lies will take it’s toll on you.

  • leastyebejudged

    I love how this is a forum for O’Reilly.

  • billbear1961

    Exactly–the evil old beast and sexual predator was a MONSTER of hate!

    Matt Taibbi: “Ailes was the Christopher Columbus of hate. When the former daytime TV executive and political strategist looked across the American continent, he saw money laying around in giant piles. He knew all that was needed to pick it up was a) the total abandonment of any sense of decency or civic duty in the news business, and b) the factory-like production of news stories that spoke to Americans’ worst fantasies about each other.”

    “Like many con artists, he reflexively targeted the elderly – ‘I created a TV network for people from 55 to dead,’ he told Joan Walsh – where he saw billions could be made mining terrifying storylines about the collapse of the simpler America such viewers remembered, correctly or (more often) incorrectly, from their childhoods.”

  • Michael R

    Fox Founder Roger Ailes Died Of “Hatred” Soaking in His Own Hatred

  • royinhell

    Hey, Bill: If it’s possible to die of being hated, then why are you still alive, you racist, sexist, homophobic, sexual-predator piece of shit?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • Ben in Oakland

    So, Billo.
    What you are really saying is that your buddy Roger is what Ailes the world?
    Please don’t say the Eulogy at funeral. I want people to miss me.

  • Henry Auvil

    The minute I heard of Ailes passing, I was reminded of the late, great Christopher Hitchens. On learning of Jerry Falwell’s death, he said, “If they’d give him an enema, they could bury him in a matchbox.”

  • greenmanTN

    His being a toxic, festering ingrown asshole was of course merely coincidental.

  • theonlyseven

    Bill O’Reilly only recently learned the tides are caused by the moon, so forgive me if I am skeptical of his medical diagnostic skills.

  • Mike

    Even the most intense hatred probably can’t kill someone. After all, O’Reilly’s still around.

  • Larry in Oklahoma

    Bill O’Reilly is this month’s Scott Baio. Two washed up has been Chachi’s. Neither one respects the dead.

  • TuuxKabin

    I’m happy to have done my share in causing this. I always thought it was a healthy hatred I had for him.

  • Gianni

    O’Reilly has become a complete non-sequitur. The newsroom pervs and the President stick together.

  • mark99k

    Bill O’Fuckly is technically correct. Ailes “experienced” the hatred mentioned. He just omits to say which perspective that experience was from. Nobody in their right mind accepts the BS notion that those nasty wibwuls killed him by hating him too much. He was dead long before his heart stopped.

  • Robert Adams

    So Bill finally recognized the hatred for Liberals and Democrats Ailes carried in his heart killed him?

  • Pollos Hermanos

    Pretty sure he died of ham. Yep. It was ham.

  • MusicBear88

    In my own personal experience, hate is actually more effective as a preservative.

    I had a step-grandmother who had survived WWII by essentially turning in her own family while running the other way. She lived to be 100.

  • geru

    Now that the internet has given everyone an equal platform to voice their opinions, apparently the Conservatives are suddenly shocked when they are faced with the consequences of all the hate they have been producing over the decades.

  • Paul David

    Young Ailes was hot, it’s amazing that someone could look good at one point, only to turn into a ball or lard covered in pasty flesh later in life.

    I imagine his crotch smell was epically nauseating.

  • shrumpi

    Roger Ailes died of hatred…of green vegetables and exercise.

  • Winky

    Nobody cares what sexual predator bill oreally has to say. Birds of a feather… maybe his god will take him next!!!!!!

  • JCF

    Climb down off the cross, Billo—we can use it for Aisles’ casket!

    • Boy Elvis

      Or at least as a stake to put through his chest.

  • lymis

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. Not really a new idea.

    Some people, even in the internet age, manage to have a great deal of influence and success and end up loved and respected (and some of them even end up rich.)

    If Ailes was widely hated – enough that it “killed” him – then it’s not really out of line looking at how he lived his life and why he was hated by so many. There’s really very little indication that he ever went out of his way to be loving.

  • jefe5084

    well, it was his choice to be such a hateful person. And it’s your choice too. Some look forward to your demise, too.

  • SFHarry

    I’m not sure why people fear speaking ill of the dead. The headline in the NYT is “Roger Ailes: Polarizing Media Mastermind.” It almost sounds like they respect him for it. Here is a man who took the common person and through deceptive reporting made them hate a large portion of the population, causing political and society strife the likes of which we hadn’t seen in many years which continues today. He did this for money and the availability of a large pool of blond haired women to sexually harass.

  • Friday

    Thus, unlamented.

  • StSean

    well, live by the sword…

  • Bj Lincoln

    I laughed out loud when I got the news of his death. Hopefully Bill O will pass just as quickly.

  • Ailes experienced that hatred, mostly on the giving end