TRAILER: Something Like Summer

From the film’s website:

Blue Seraph Productions’ third feature film is also our first adaptation. “Something Like Summer,” the novel by Jay Bell, is itself something of a phenomenon. Independently published, the book resonated with readers all over the world, who spread the word to others, turning it into a full-fledged social media sensation. The book garnered widespread praise from readers on (rated 4.6 stars out of 5), Apple’s iBookstore (4.5 stars) and the online literary community of Goodreads (4.2 stars). Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr — all have proven themselves as platforms for readers of all ages to share their heartbreak, joy, nostalgia and inspiration from Jay Bell’s story of true love discovered, sundered, rediscovered, torn and delicately re-knit.

From a recap of the plot:

Benjamin is the only guy at his high school with the courage to come out of the closet. Putting up with the bullies and his classmates’ whispered condemnations keeps him from pursuing his dream of being a singer. Instead, Ben spends his summer vacation stalking Tim, the handsome athlete who just moved to town. Something Like Summer follows the course of true love over the span of a dozen years, from awkward adolescence through challenging adulthood, featuring seven original musical numbers and the artwork of a talented young artist.

The film plays later this month at the Miami LGBT Film Festival. Further screenings will be announced on the film’s Facebook page.

  • Cousin Bleh

    Was this a paid post? Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    • JoeMyGod

      Nope. Just a movie from an indie book that got a lot of notice a few years ago….

      • Cousin Bleh

        Alright! I would have never guessed you to be a fan of syrupy teen romances.

        We watch a lot of gay movies on Amazon, and this just looks like hundreds of other teen coming-out dramas we scroll past. I don’t see anything special about it that hasn’t already been told.

        • JoeMyGod

          We’ve only down two sponsored posts in the history of JMG and they were well-marked as such. Both came at the request of the Centers for Disease Control.

          • Cousin Bleh

            I’m surprised you don’t do more of them. I actually prefer them over ad banners, and you deserve to get paid of course.

          • Silver Badger

            Thank you. Keeping the sponsored posts rare makes them more effective.

          • the CDC?

            that’s depressing.

        • easygoingmister

          We watch these so they ‘get the clicks’. I’ve even been known to walk away if it is exceptionally, well, unwatchable, and let it run-out just to make sure the film gets the support of a full watch.

      • Dave604

        Thanks, I haven’t heard of it and will go read the book now.

    • Southeast PDXer

      Honestly I think the bigger story here isn’t just about the movie, but “gay guy goes from obscurity to somewhat big time.” I know Jay, and he’s an excellent writer. He wrote this whole series and self published them, and inspired other people to write. And when his book was optioned to be a movie – even a small budget one – it was an amazing moment to see.

      • Cousin Bleh

        That’s awesome. I really can’t begrudge a struggling writer finding success.

        It probably just isn’t for me. It looks like if John Green tackled a gay storyline and appears to be aimed at his audience.

  • mondays are a hard day for me. escapisms such as this are welcomed, even if i know it’s just fiction…a distraction for a moment in time.
    looks like a good movie, i’ll definitely watch it.

  • johncAtl

    I’ve read all of the “Something Like…” books. Jay Bell is an excellent author.

  • I remember liking the book. Jay Bell is a good writer. He wrote another book called Cat in the Cradle that was a lot of fun, too. This trailer looks so cheesy though! hehe. But uh..when does it come out again?

  • Rolf

    Somehow that made me feel glad I’m older.

  • Mordred LeFey

    As a sophomore in college, I think I’m getting tired of these “gay coming of age” stories. Maybe because I just lived through it and it was nowhere near as interesting as the stories say it should be.

    • Cousin Bleh

      Haha, just wait until you’re 44! The coming-out movie is so overdone.

      I’m always on the lookout for movies about adult gays because there are so few of them. I recently watched a movie called “Lazy Eye” that I enjoyed.

      • TK

        Out in the Dark, Big Eden, Free Fall, Holding the Man, Gayby, All Over the Guy, Brokeback, Beauty, Hawaii, Yossi & Jagger, Another Country, Bear Cub, Maurice, COG, A Single Man, The Weekend, Milk, Priest, Bent, Jeffery, My Beautiful Launderette, Another County, Ciao are all gay-themed non-teen flicks…to name a few

        • Cousin Bleh

          I’m pretty certain I’ve seen all of those!

          You just listed about 25 movies from the past 30 years. Not exactly a compelling argument. There were at least that many coming-out movies in 2016.

          • Todd N. Law

            You forgot Joni loves Chachi.

        • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

          Good selections!

          But keep in mind that a few are period pieces — they show how far we’ve progressed as a society, but as far as relevance… not so much.

        • ultragreen

          Some of these, like Maurice, are ‘coming out’ stories too, it just involves somewhat older men who are attempting to accept their sexuality in their first homosexual relationship.

          • Cousin Bleh

            And Brokeback and Yossi & Jagger, both of which I love.

        • Since it’s so rare to see other Natives/First Nations people in a gay romance, it was great to see Eric Schweig playing Pike in Big Eden 🙂

          • pepón

            I think Big Eden is my favorite gay movie.

          • Southeast PDXer

            Big tossup between Big Eden and Shelter. I love them both so much…

    • here’s the thing, kid. you can say that. heh. back when i was your age? shit, we were getting shot and beaten just for walking down the street. so enjoy being tired! of too much acceptance, and being made into something as consumerist as anything str8 people are. it’s a good thing, a good space to live in. to be accepted in this way is what some of us worked so very hard to achieve, as awful as that sounds.

      • Mordred LeFey

        I don’t have the chance to interact with the men that led the charge for acceptance that often, if at all. I didn’t mean to sound entitled. I’m grateful that we’re in a place now where we can be who we are.

        • John

          Everyone’s life journey is different Mordred LeFey. You are so very fortunate to be living in a time when the horrors associated with being Gay are gone, i.e. beatings, shootings, pre-frontal lobotomies, incarceration just for ‘being’, castration, psycho analytic guilt, and a hell of a lot more. Revel in what you have been handed from those who fought for and, yes, died for ‘the cause’. Also, do yourself a big favor and read up on it all. To know nothing of the past, is to understand little of the present, and have no conception of the future. If possible and reasonable for you, leave where ever you are and move to a ‘mecca’ so you can talk with the warriors who won what made it so easy for you. I’ll step off my soap box now.

          • i am an atheist. for some of us, it literally was Hell. that’s the short list of what they did to us.

          • wow. i thought i’d put that behind me. it’s funny how quickly it all comes back, donnit? damn.

        • easygoingmister

          Hey Mordred, A quick comment > for me*, I’m glad to hear of your boredom with the story line, and hope it means folks in your age group will tell different stories. There are so many stories to tell. I want to read/hear/watch them all!

          *an about to be 50-something gay man that went off to college at the exact time HIV & AIDS exploded on the scene.

        • wineflask

          “interact with the people that led the charge” [fixed it for you]

      • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

        I completely agree with you.

        I’m all for the promotion and inclusion of LGBT entertainment in all forms of media. It’s a testament to all the shit we endured and survived to get to where we are, and I make sure my younger friends know it.

        My only issue is with the products themselves. A weak movie or TV show is just that, no matter who the characters are. I think this one seems to miss the mark.

    • Acronym Jim

      Towleroad featured a selection of short films from BFO Flare (a U.K. LGBT film festival).

      I found the film “Heavy Weight” to be particularly well done and moving. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere online anymore.

  • TK

    I loved the book, but seeing it being played out it seems like an overload of cliche gay lit trope. But I’ll watch the hell out of it.

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      • Schlukitz

        Flagged and reported

        • BlueberriesForMe

          “Even a little child can do this job”. Well, there’s your answer “Andy41”. You’re going to be “replaced” VERY soon.

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    Does it have the sassy and wise black friend?

    • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

      Yes! How did you know?

    • Dom Saunders

      This is truth in television though. We just tend to be the wiser friend among our groups because we know our shit, lol.

  • Will Parkinson

    A friend to me not to read this book, because she knows I can’t handle certain things in this book.

  • Natty Enquirer

    Suddenly something like last summer?

    • Daveed_WOW

      Suddenly something like salad

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen

        Suddenly Seymour is standing beside you….

    • tomfromthenews

      I Saw What You Suddenly Did Last Summer

  • Cousin Bleh

    Ok, thought I was being too harsh, so I googled a sample. LOL. Sorry, but this is terrible. Vapid characterization, amateurish use of adverbs, passive voice.

    His blond hair was due for a cut but was still passable, he
    decided as he tried to smooth it into shape. His chestnut brown
    eyes regarded themselves momentarily, making him wish that his
    parents had bought him the colored contacts he had asked for last
    Christmas. Green, blue, purple, anything but brown. At least the
    braces were off now. He smiled wickedly, scanning for any sign of
    the spinach soufflé his mother had served for dinner. If there were
    more time he would have brushed his teeth. Just in case life
    played out like one of those porn stories. If only.

    • Natty Enquirer

      “Jace!” his mother called as she pulled the Maserati into the driveway …

    • Robincho

      Dorothy Parker would pulverize this. Because she was our friend…

    • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

      No. Way. OMFG

  • Lakeview Bob

    I must admit I am not very fond of gay romance novels. So many of them are written by women for women. The point of view being that women know all about what gay men feel and what it is like for young gay men. I picked up a few freebies from Amazon and read them on my Kindle. They were so annoying. Does a gay man do a better job? Women written gay romance novels have scenarios like where the guy getting the BJ wonders as he is getting blown where they will go to dinner that night, Yep, happens all the time.

    • cough, cough…well, I’m a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author under my pen name, Skye Eagleday, and I have over 35 gay romance titles (most under “gay paranormal romance”–I used to joke that “Gay werewolves pay my rent.” Werewolves are steady sellers, so when I started, I put my own spin on it and did the first Werebear (Tales of the Werebear) series before Werebears also became a thing. Under my “real” name of Ty Nolan, I publish my science fiction and the “Native American stuff.” On April 12, a new publsiher I’m working with will launch my pen name, Paul Walkingsky. I chose the name to honor one of my favorite aunts, from the Osage tribe in Oklahoma. She shared she was at an event and had on a name tag. A white guy looked at it and said, “Pearl Walinsky–that’s Polish, right?” Dreamspinner Press was started a few years ago when a female friend was attending a gay wedding and afterwards, saw one of the grooms by the pool, reading a Harlequin Romance. When she asked, “Why?” he replied there weren’t gay romances for people like him to find. Thus was a press called into being, specializing in–gay romance, under many different Genres. My initial offering is part of the “States of Love” series, where each state gets its own title, and they’re all “Contemporary Gay Romance. And trust me, the main character is not thinking about what dinner they’ll have after getting jiggy together. Just so: “Mild to Wild in Massachusetts ”

      • Lakeview Bob

        I’ll have to check you out. I hope I didn’t offend you. I am just not crazy about reading a woman’s perspective on how gay men feel and think. It would be just as silly for a man to write about lesbian relationships and love. But I expect female gay romance writers are targeting female readers.


        • DenKen

          Lakeview Bob…I share your view. Glad to hear I’m not the only one. If I want to read a about a gay romance I prefer it to be written by a gay man. I notice many of the female writers in this genre try to hide their gender by using initials instead of a first name, or a name that could be used by either gender.

          • Cousin Bleh

            That doesn’t just happen in romance, and it’s rather unfortunate that female authors have to disguise their gender. JK Rowling used her initials so fantasy readers wouldn’t know she’s a woman.

            The Frontrunner, which is a gay classic, was written by a woman, and though it’s not a well-written book, the romance and sex scenes feel genuine.

            I recently read A Little Life, which is about the relationships between four men, and it was written by a woman.

          • JCF

            …or maybe they just prefer, for completely non-literary reasons, to use their initials? Or have been given a name (you perceive as being) used by either gender? [Geez, not everything is a fecking conspiracy!]

            —said “J.C.”

        • oh, I’m not offended, although when I hit the NYTimes list, a friend at GLAAD told me they’d mention me on their blog. After a couple of days he wrote back they had discovered I had also written gay erotica, and for that reason, GLAAD wouldn’t be mentioning my accomplishment: “For a gay organization, we’re pretty prudish.” As you pointed out, it seems clear that the majority of readers of gay romance are straight middle-aged women. As long as I keep getting royalty check,s I’m just grateful for all readers 🙂

    • “so many.”

      so it should be easy for you to make a list of them, right now.

      • and for those who don’t get the point: would you like a list of straight men who’ve felt perfectly comfortable, received awards, otherwise been rewarded and respected, for writing about young women? women of a different race and/or orientation, even? no one says anything when that happens. but gawd forbid a woman writes about what it is like to be a man. what could she possibly know about that??

    • pepón

      How many whodunit writers have really killed someone? How many writers of detective novels have solved crime or were detectives? How could you even write science fiction? There’s everything in the genre, good and bad, man and woman writing mm romance. There are autolubricating anuses and men that behave like princesses in distress, but then you also have really good stories, with profound messages. I recommend you read the Whyborne & Griffin series from Jordan L. Hawk. It’s really good.

  • TJay229

    I’d rather grind my teeth down by chewing railway nails than watch another gay movie with “white gay men” as the center.

  • ElenorRigby

    Oh good. More “gays are incapable of maintaining a relationship because a hotter guy comes along” stereotypes.

  • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson


    Sorry, but I really find the “awkward gay dude pining after hot ‘straight’ dude and then meeting obviously gay dude and having to make a choice with the advice of strong black woman best friend while suffering through a ham-handed soundtrack” thing contrived and manipulative. I thought we got past that with “Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss” years ago. That film made me want to punch something.

    Also. In-line skating? Who does that anymore?

    Why are the characters ALWAYS geeky, artistic, or jocks? Why is there always one set of parents incredibly supportive and the other set to the right of Ghengis Khan? Sure, it’s entertainment, but I’m having trouble believing any of my LGBT friends under 25 could watch this without laughing their asses off.

    Yeah… I woke up crabby today. Sorry.

    • Lantor

      I was first introduced to those tropes back in 96 with Beautiful Thing. But they were done to perfection when I watched Torch Song Trilogy.

  • jaydee5000

    This looks like the story could be told in an hour on GLEE.

  • ultragreen

    Just have a 3-way, boys, and forget about imitating straight couples.

  • Chris Gardner

    Mehh.. it looks like bad screenwriting and bad acting. Full of cliches and ripoffs from other coming of age gay romance movies. Gay singer falls in love with closeted/bi athlete? How about someone make a movie about an out and proud football player who pursues a closeted theatre major or maybe they both be out and proud and they have other issues to deal with like their straight counterparts?

    • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

      Or… how about a young guy who works at his dad’s hardware store, drives a pickup, and is going to community college to transfer to a large public university to study climate science. One day he’s talking with a regular customer, a guy his age who owns a lanscaping business — and the guy invites him to join him for a weekend camping and fishing…

  • easygoingmister

    I’m okay with this. Repetition is key in cultural transmission, so the more gay stuff people are watching the better in my mind – however recycled or sickeningly sweet the story might be.

  • Lars Littlefield

    So, a stalker film. OK.

    • Cousin Bleh

      It worked for Twilight!

  • Rene Salinas

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks the movie looks like meh.

  • No thanks. Hopefully I won’t get arrested for watching a trailer about gay pre-teens.

  • CJason

    Schmaltzy as it was I enjoyed the book, but I’m sorry to say it looks like it didn’t translate to the screen well at all. Judging only by the preview it looks like the level of screen writing, directing and acting all combine to make it look more worthy of a Lifetime TV movie or an afternoon special.