REPORT: Terrorist Groups Are Using Stolen Airport Screening Machines To Test Undetectable Bombs

CNN reports:

US intelligence and law enforcement agencies believe that ISIS and other terrorist organizations have developed innovative ways to plant explosives in electronic devices that FBI testing shows can evade some commonly used airport security screening methods, CNN has learned.

Heightening the concern is US intelligence suggesting that terrorists have obtained sophisticated airport security equipment to test how to effectively conceal explosives in laptops and other electronic devices.

The intelligence, gathered in the last several months, played a significant role in the Trump administration’s decision to prohibit travelers flying out of 10 airports in eight countries in the Middle East and Africa from carrying laptops and other large electronic devices aboard planes.

  • I really miss slow news weekends.

    • AtticusP

      I miss the days when I didn’t wake up in the morning thinking “What the fuck did he do now?”

      I miss President Obama.

      • Christopher

        I swear, every morning I think “Oh what fresh hell?”

        And then I have a Bloody Mary and check it out.

        • Bad Tom

          If you wake up, it’s a good start to the day.

        • KCMC

          believe it was Tallulah Bankhead who would answer her phone, “What fresh hell is this?”

          • TuuxKabin

            Tallulah or Dorothy Parker. Gon’ check, just for FAIR.

            Was Dorothy Parker. We can discuss both over a bowl of chipachole and drinks. Blue or regular corn tortillas with that?

            According to Wikiquote, the humorist Dorothy Parker would say “What fresh hell can this be?” whenever she answered her doorbell. “What fresh hell is this?” is a variation of the quote that first appeared in the title of a 1989 biography written by Marion Meade, Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell Is This?

          • KCMC

            curious. Haven’t read much Dorothy. Ripped through a Tallulah bio the min I finished grad school. But mind was regrouping from 2 years of social welfare research, stats, and policy theory reading. I bow to your intell (and still bent over dishwasher. waiting). sigh

          • TuuxKabin

            Not so much intell, guapo, memory, what’s left of it. We’re slow loaders, but have your back as you bend over, loading the machine. You such a debil.

          • Adopting that.

          • Aprilvhurst

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        • TuuxKabin

          Bloody Mary, as good as a multi vitamin.

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        • (((GC)))

          Matt Kiser is helping us keep track, at “What the Fuck Just Happened Today?”:

      • Captain Jack

        I miss 1972 the first year I moves to SF from Boston…

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  • JWC

    If they lost the battle you lost the war you A**hole

    • another_steve

      Spell it out! Loud and proud! Asshole asshole asshole asshole.

      I’m aware of only two “forbidden” words here on JMG: cûnt and nĭgger.

      (But see how, with the use of diacritics, you can get past the software’s attempt at thought and speech control.)

      • Steverino

        Born a critic, diacritic.

        • another_steve

          ^^ LMAO!!!

          The cleverness on this fuckin’ blog never ceases to amaze.

          • Steverino

            I told you I am on my third glass of chardonnay!
            ; )

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    They stole one of those? How does somebody just walk out of an airport or a factory with one of those machines? That right there would the most collosal security breach I can think of.

    • Bad Tom

      They figured out a way to purchase one and have it shipped to their door.

      You can have lots of fun with nested shell holding companies. Digital Equipment was once fined millions of dollars for inadvertently selling VAX computers to Iran. Of course the fines didn’t get the computers back.

      • Mark

        I actually worked for DEC when that happened. Yes, old as dirt….

        • Bad Tom

          Wasn’t that a shock?
          WHAT?!? But, but, but, we’re not like IBM! We’re not evil!

          No, but we can be tricked.
          Say, do you remember the weird DEC focused underground comic called Digital Dog? Somewhere I have copies of the complete original drawings. The plot was that IBM staged a hostile takeover of DEC. With uzi wielding stormtroopers. There was a talking dog with glasses. And a VAX that achieved consciousness. It was a hoot.

    • ISIS took over airports?

  • S1AMER

    Jeez, they’ve gotten so professional, they apparently even have well set up and run QA-QC departments!

    (Meanwhile, the good ol’ USofA has Donald Trump in charge of defending us from all enemies foreign and domestic. That about THAT tonight as you’re trying to fall asleep.)

  • abqdan

    Not entirely buying it. Yes, terrorists probably have figured out ways around screening. After all, there are plenty of ways to create a bomb just by mixing together a bunch of liquids in your quart bag of ‘toiletries’. But that’s not why Trump band laptops ONLY on certain carriers, and ONLY out of certain airports. If terrorists can make bombs that are undetectable, they’d simply assemble them in France or Italy, and fly to the states from there. The Middle East ban on laptops, and only on middle east airlines, was a slap in the face for those airlines and countries, and had more to do with encouraging business for American airlines than travel safety.

    • That_Looks_Delicious


    • Randy503

      Considering the fact that they miss many actual knives, guns and other lethal items, it isn’t really all that difficult to board a plane with something that will kill people.

      • bkmn

        All you have to do is send enough people through security and before long you could have an armed force inside the screening area.

        • Randy503

          It’s been proven that you can assemble lethal weapons from ordinary objects you can buy at the airport stores.

          • KCMC

            and that’s just some of the food offerings…

    • Statistics Palin

      ” After all, there are plenty of ways to create a bomb just by mixing together a bunch of liquids in your quart bag of ‘toiletries’.”

      Not really. Synthesis of explosive compounds is usually highly exothermic. This requires a slow, careful process with a cooling bath.

      • Bad Tom

        Yes indeed!

        Also, don’t mistake the 98% hydrogen peroxide you had to make for this reaction (very hard on the kitchen paint,) with your bottled water. They will taste very different.

        • Sissy Spacedout

          It’s a big eyedropper, what do I need to read for?

      • abqdan

        You don’t think a highly exothermic reaction would be a problem on a plane? Duh. Combine a few liquids, start a fire.

        • Statistics Palin

          you claimed it was possible to create explosives on the plane, moron.

  • another_steve

    Very nice.

    Third Beefeater Martini of the afternoon, comin’ up!

    • Sake here.

    • Steverino

      Third glass of chardonnay here in wine country.

      • another_steve

        Can’t do chardonnay.

        Acid reflux.

        • Steverino

          I hear ya, hon. I’ve never been much of a cocktail person, and I don’t do too much red wine as it gives me headaches (and terrible hangovers).

          • another_steve

            Can’t explain it, but gin doesn’t upset my reflux.

            It’s killed my liver but left my reflux untouched.

    • Mike_in_the_Tundra

      I just got the Jameson’s out of the cupboard, but I’ll wait for the hubby to get home.

  • Sam_Handwich

    next thing ya know they’ll steal one of Obama’s peekaboo microwave ovens

  • Cuberly

    OT: After McCaskill’s previous statements I thought she’d be a shoe-in for confirmation. Nope.

    Has some rather appropriate words for Gorsuch and his corp backers.

    “I cannot support Judge Gorsuch because a study of his opinions reveal a rigid ideology that always puts the little guy under the boot of corporations,” she said in the post. “He is evasive, but his body of work isn’t. Whether it is a freezing truck driver or an autistic child, he has shown a stunning lack of humanity.”

    • bkmn

      I was wondering if Gorsuch refusing to meet Cortez-Masto or Duckworth might change a few on the fence votes like McCaskill.

      • Certainly didn’t help. Senators hate being treated as if they don’t matter.

      • Cuberly

        Could be a factor. But his hearings weren’t particularly reassuring. Just my opinion.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    Ooooooobwahahaha ROFLMAO. I think the National Review gets the award this week for Maximum Shade Thrown.

    • Elliott

      Geez, I thought the tiny hands thing was a joke but they look pretty nubby in this photo.

      • Acronym Jim

        Yes, the original quote was “stubby-fingered vulgarian.”

    • Cuberly

      They weren’t really Donnie boosters to begin with but this is going to get the alt-right fuming, bigly.

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        I just thought the implication that this already needs a “beginner’s guide” was hilarious.

        We could turn this into a cottage industry, with books like ‘Are Your Children Old Enough to Know About Russiagate?’, ‘#TrumpRussia For Dummies’, ‘Treason Made Simple’, etc., etc.

    • Christopher

      I assume there was one guide made in the form of a colouring book for Cheetolini.

      He’s still working on staying inside the lines. Failing miserably, mind you. But trying nonetheless.

  • bkmn

    Coming soon to an airport near you – the ersatz Pussy-grabber-in-Chief!

  • Randy503

    Well, now, isn’t this interesting. The government is now telling me something to make me fearful. How special is that!
    I’m going to take my cue from my fellow “mericuns” and say I DO NOT TRUST THE GOVERNMENT. It’s all fake news and lies. CNN is specifically one of the networks our dear leader has told us is fake news.
    And now we have fake news that conveniently explains why our dear leader needs all these laws limiting our freedoms. Oh, yeah, sure, I’ll buy that…..

  • Ninja0980

    Why are we worried about ISIS and other groups?
    Weren’t they supposed to run away in fear when Trump got elected?

    • TexasBoy

      They were supposed to run away in fear and the locals were supposed to welcome us with palm branches when W first went after them. The GOP has been delusional about the Middle East for 16 years.

      • William

        Daddy Bush told the people of Iraq to rise up, we would support them in overthrowing Saddam Hussein. The did rise up and Bush daddy looked the other way while Saddam massacred his own people.
        That was in 1990.

    • Tomcat

      No that was anyone intelligent.

  • Cuberly

    OT: This made my day. Donnie be maaaaaaad.

    • Sam_Handwich

      people on Twitter have been spinning the story to say Trump took off because of the Flynn question . but he was headed for the door even before that. he’s just incompetent

      • Lars Littlefield

        Or maybe he’s actually incontinent?

        • Mark

          I wish he was OFF continent…

          • Sissy Spacedout

            Better still; under it.

          • Tomcat

            He is in my prayers, if you know what I mean.

          • (((GC)))

            Psalm 109:8. Also for Pence and Ryan and the entire Republican “Party of Evil and Death”! (But not the following verses.)

          • boatboy_srq


        • Tomcat

          I know from reliable secret sources in the Whitehouse that he is ACTUALLY FULL OF SHIT. I will not reveal my sources no matter what however.

        • JDS

          pish pish pish. 🙂 It’s the rains of Ronjapoor

          • 2guysnamedjoe

            And the winds of Krakatoa. Accompanied by the snows of Kilimanjaro.

          • JDS

            I got dressed and ran out the door, by boyfriend Ernie called “Soph, where are you going” I said Ernie I can’t **** in this weather!”

      • Cuberly

        To me it seemed like he was pissed-off from go.

    • boobert

      He’s clearly distracted ! And he always holds them up like he just made doodie! Don’t you love it ? lol

      • Cuberly

        “Look, look, I hit the toilet this time! Am I a good Donnie?”

      • BobSF_94117

        If Obama had behaved that way, we’d have gone to Defcon 4 and the stock market would have crashed.

    • Natty Enquirer

      “very, very” … “very, very” … double shot!

    • Stogiebear

      Trump to Pence: “Fetch me the paperwork, boy.”

  • Blake J Butler
    • LesbianTippingHabits

      Worse, Trump paid so little to get something worth (to him) so much.

      ‘Sort of like another form of parsimonious (cheap) tipping habits.

  • Dana Stinson

    If I have to check my camera gear on my next flight I’m gonna be one pissed woman.

    • Mark

      I used to have to travel with a huge chest filled with electronics. You can take your luggage to TSA – unlock it, have it checked, and then put the lock back on.

  • Mark

    That’s it. I’m done with it.
    From this day forward…take the train.

    • That’s being defunded because rich people never take passenger trains.

      • stevenj

        I (not rich) took Amtrak (Coast Starlight) from Oakland to Santa Barbara in late Feb. The price was right and was very scenic with everything emerald green from all the rains but 9hrs each way – if – it’s running on time which it wasn’t in either direction. Normally a 5 hr drive. One of the conductors told me they rarely get help from Washington. On the way back we had to stop 4 times south of San Luis Obispo so a crew member could get off the train and manually operate the crossing guards at grade level street crossings due to storm damage that had occurred months before.

        • 2guysnamedjoe

          We’re taking AmTrak, 3 days out, 3 days back, NYC-Portland, Oregon, overnight south to east bay/SF returning on a more southern route. If AmTrak runs late, stalls, wha’ ev’ we’ll still get our meals and service, and with nothing else to do but ‘be there.’ With an upper and lower we’ll fare well.

          • Trains are not safe. Tracks anywhere can be blown up. Nancy crossing a bridge perched in the sky and plummeting to earth because of a bomb.

        • William

          Taking Amtrak from Los Angeles to San Francisco includes time on a bus to Bakersfield.

    • I love trains. Trying to find the cost of a train tunnel from Canada to Australia where I love to visit friends.

      • Mark

        Dang. You’re right. If I ever want to get back to my sanctuary island…I will have to take the Big Red Boat from the east coast to Madeira…and then (hopefully) a Little Red Boat to Terceira. Row, boys, Row! (or is it Pull, boys! PULL!)

  • From now on, everyone has to check everything and fly naked. You can get your clothes back at th destination baggage carousel. Hope your luggage wasn’t lost, Mr. Efron.

    • sadoldguy

      “everyone has to check everything and fly naked “

      Might be a bit chilly, but guaranteed to make new friends.

    • boatboy_srq

      Ugly hospital gowns for everyone. And waivers in case you come down with crabs/bedbugs/rashes/spouses/children.

      • Children are one of the most expensive STDs.

        • boatboy_srq

          And it’s execrable and/or felonious to cure oneself of them, at that.

  • boatboy_srq

    Will Da’esh have any more luck with this than AQ had with explosives in shoes and underwear?

    ETA: there’s a small part of my me that thinks this is some obscure handout to the big electronics manufacturers. With cloud storage so popular, on-premise devices become more disposable: done with your project? Well then upload the data and trash the equipment so you can travel without impediment. It’s all replaceable anyway. I can see Dell and Lenovo getting behind this, and possibly HPE, LG, Samsung, Acer and a handful of others.

  • Michael R

    It’s OK , Trump is putting an end to all crime and violence on his first day in office .

  • Tomcat

    What, they are stealing our explosive sniffing dogs? That is what we should be using, they should be all over our airports and sniffing every bag, person pocket book etc,etc.

    • McSwagg

      The only security dog I’ve ever encountered was with the Department of Agriculture.

      • JCF

        NYPD has them at the Port Authority.

  • Tomcat

    Well trump can now declare, mission accomplished. He has made ISIS Great Again.

  • kanehau

    I heard Trump will solve the ISIS problem in his first 30 days.

    • William

      He did kill a bunch of women and children, along with a Navy Seal, in the first week or so.

      • McSwagg

        That was AQAP (Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula), not ISIS.

        • Friday

          Details, details.

  • Edmund Allin

    IF this is true, then – since the machines in use in the States are no different to those used in Dubai or wherever – then, presumably, the danger is great everywhere.

    Or, just perhaps, as the head of IATA suggested a few days ago, they’ve been put in place for economic reasons.

    “Last week’s ban on large electronics for flights to the US and the UK from some airports is worth reflecting on. The industry came together quickly to implement the new requirements. That was a challenge because there was no consultation and little coordination by governments.

    Now, along with our customers we are asking some questions that underpin confidence in our security measures:

    Why don’t the US and the UK have a common list of airports?

    How can laptops be secure in the cabin on some flights and not others….. especially on flights originating at a common airport?

    And surely there must be a way to screen electronic equipment effectively at airport checkpoints?

    The current measures are not an acceptable long-term solution to whatever threat they are trying to mitigate. Even in the short term it is difficult to understand their effectiveness. And the commercial distortions they create are severe.”

    • William

      Middle East based airlines are using the Open Skies agreement to begin flights from the US to overseas destinations, in direct competition with US airlines.

      • BobSF_94117

        Not just Middle Eastern airlines. And some of the prices are astoundingly cheap.

  • this is for the sci fi people here tonite

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  • j.martindale

    I have no idea why the terrorists feel the need to destroy America. Trump and the Republicans are doing a great job of that on their own.

  • JCF

    What a cheery thought. Good thing we have treated Muslims, all around the world, with respect—they’re sure to help us out.

    Oh wait—

    • And Muslim are on the front of reporting suspicion activities of other Muslims. They know that bombs in shopping centres and possibly airplanes will kill Muslims, Christians, Jews and other religions. Many Muslims hold top notch jobs: surgeons, dentists, doctors, etc. They are law-abiding citizens.

  • greenmanTN

    Maybe this is odd, but I’m far worried about the “Christian” Right than I am about radical Muslims.

    My chances of being blown up by a Muslim are about the same as me winning the lottery. But Religious Right assholes are here every goddamn day trying to take away my rights.

    I’m no fan of any religion, but there are practical considerations here.

  • SDG

    So, how do you steal an airport screening machine?

    • Friday

      It, ah, fell off a truck.

  • Aprilvhurst

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  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Not re tipping, but perhaps North Carolina can purchase some of those airport screening machines and install them in front of bathrooms throughout the state.

    That’s where Republican priorities seem to lie now. Until something happens.

    [And we know it will. Every new Administration faces a crisis for which America must be prepared. And that’s what’s so sad about the current one. Thank you.]

  • DesertSun59

    I’m surprised plastic guns haven’t been manufactured by the tens of thousands yet.

  • BobSF_94117

    The intelligence, gathered in the last several months, played a
    significant role in the Trump administration’s decision to prohibit
    travelers flying out of 10 airports in eight countries in the Middle
    East and Africa from carrying laptops and other large electronic devices
    aboard planes.

    And who exactly told CNN that?

  • Friday

    I hate it when my security system gets stolen.

  • Gregory In Seattle

    A genuinely fake bit of news, intended to justify the US’ increasingly rapid slid into fascism.