Harrison Ford’s Private Plane In Near Miss With 737

NBC News reports:

Actor Harrison Ford was involved in a potentially serious incident on Monday as he was piloting his private plane, a single engine Husky, NBC News has learned. Ford, an experienced pilot who collects vintage planes, had been instructed to land on runway 20-L at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California but mistakenly aimed for a taxiway instead. His plane passed over the top of an American Airlines 737 loaded with 110 passengers and a six-person crew.

The passenger plane, AA flight 1546, managed to depart safely for Dallas just minutes after the incident. Ford, 74, was captured on air traffic control recordings asking, “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?” Air traffic controllers then informed Ford that he had landed on a taxiway rather than the runway. Landing on a taxiway is a violation of Federal Aviation Administration safety rules.

Ford has twice before crashed personal aircraft he was piloting.

  • David L. Caster

    Ok, that’s enough. He was nearly killed in Santa Monica now this.

  • Mike C

    Ok there Han Solo. Time to hang up the wings.

  • Do Something Nice

    If you’ve had two crashes and now this, maybe it’s time to let the younger pilots fly.

    • Miji

      Hey, no need to be ageist! Maybe he’s secretly a woman or Asia? /s

      (Have we missed anyone?) But I agree – for whatever reason he sucks as a pilot, he seems to be a hazard to himself and others and should quit flying before someone is hurt or worse. (And I’ll add, I really like him.)
      Actually, he’s wealthy enough that if he really must fly, maybe he could hire a copilot for an extra set of eyes.

      • Do Something Nice

        Mandatory retirement age for commercial pilots is 65. Harrison is 74. While he isn’t a commercial pilot, in many of us age does impair our abilities, hence the mandatory retirement age. He really should consider giving up piloting.

        • Miji

          I agree. My snark tag was meant for my whole first line. There are certainly some things for which age can be detrimental whether due to declining visual, mental, or auditory acuity. While we can’t be certain that his accidents have been due to age, it’s a likely possibility and regardless, seems like maybe he should be giving it up or taking additional precautions as I mentioned above.

    • teeveedub

      Hey, he may have put a 737 with 100+ passengers at risk, but at least he didn’t interfere with anyone’s golf game this time.

    • EdmondWherever

      He’s the world’s most loveable public menace!

    • ColdCountry

      I’ve always thought flying was like riding a motorcycle. Do it long enough, you go down.

    • Steverino

      Or let Chewey take over.

  • margaretpoa

    Maybe it’s time to stop flying, Mr. Ford. After all, mandatory retirement from flying professionally is 14 years younger than you are now.

  • Pollos Hermanos

    That airport is 2 minutes from my house. Han Solo just flew over my house! Squeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    • PickyPecker
    • Rebecca Gardner

      Oh wow! I used to live/work by you. I lived in Dana Point and worked in Newport Beach right across from that airport.

      • Pollos Hermanos

        I used to work across from John Wayne at MacArthur Court. Many moons ago.

      • MBear

        My uncles used to live in Newport Beach.

        I think at least one of my cousins still does.

        We lived in Manhattan Beach until i was 5

      • wwallst

        I work for an investment company on Fashion Island in Newport. I’m flying out of John Wayne next Monday myself.

        • Daveed_WOW

          I work for a janitorial company on Fantasy Island. I’m flying out of a monkey’s ass next Monday.

    • Tomcat

      So you live in a potential death zone, think about that.

    • Paula

      Harrison’s dirty little secret: He never could hit those womp rats back home, in Beggar’s Canyon.

    • ColdCountry

      At least he didn’t land on it.

    • Oh’behr

      Next time ask for signed blue ice. /s

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    My dad doesn’t even drive anymore unless for short local trips to the grocery store, just because he doesn’t feel confident in his own vision and response/reaction time anymore. And he’s never had an accident. Just sayin’.

  • Sam_Handwich
    • Megrim Twist

      LOL perfect.

      • Tonyagbarks

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  • TuuxKabin

    Drive it to the hangar and leave it there from now on.

  • Carl

    Doctor Jones may need to chill the fuck out for a while.

  • Daveed_WOW

    He wouldn’t be the first old person to lose his license. I heard that Cloris Leachman had her driver’s license revoked due to batshit insanity.

    • Tomcat

      In her defense, she had the sidewalk first.

  • Kelly Lape

    Time to take the keys away from grandpa.

  • zhera

    He can be damn glad he didn’t kill anyone. Take his pilot licence and burn it!

  • Jeffrey

    I love Harrison Ford, he was certainly the star of many filthy teenage Indiana Jones fantasies, but endangering the lives of hundreds of people for your rich man’s hobby is unacceptable.

  • Bill

    Maybe Calista should invest in some Ambien and a flight simulator?

  • Rebecca Gardner

    I saw this earlier. That is not good and he could get his cert yanked. I hope it works out for him. Flying is too fun to not be allowed to do it anymore.

    I had two incidents where I almost lost my cert, but that’s because I was fucking around. I owned an Extra 300 and had a habit of doing a SnapRoll on take off. I learned the hard way that an FAA official lived at that end of the runway. OOPS!

    Another time I was landing my Extra at East Hampton to pick up a friend. This is a very fast, high performance, aerobatic plane that comes in very hot. East Hampton is uncontrolled and a regional puddle jumper took the active right in front of me. I announced, “East Hampton Traffic, Extra 49Mike going around 10 East Hampton.” Instead of just pulling out I flew right past the regional plane on knife edge and gave the passengers and pilot the finger.

    • Treant

      This is why I prefer to walk.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      Wrong video – This is what a snap roll on takeoff looks like.


      • Remind me never to hitch a ride with *you*, either. *barf-faint*

        • Oh’behr

          I couldn’t do it now, yet I would have loved it when I was a kid or teen. I got more sick-faint when I was in my late 30s. Even state fair rides lost their appeal.

    • Paula

      Looks like fun! OTOH, I don’t need all the implants in my left eye shaking loose.

  • Earl

    I’m glad everyone’s ok, but maybe it’s time to hang up the wings?

  • Love Mr. Ford, but I’m thinking that after this and his crash not that long ago, maybe he should think about giving up flying.

  • olandp

    I think someone should take the keys away from him. Airline pilots face mandatory retirement at 60.

  • BearEyes


    • Oh’behr

      Major oops. Like when I used to read of of a minor technicality at the nearby nuclear power plants. Wut? How close did they come to something worse with their high school educated employees back in the 1970s and 1980s. This isn’t the Simpsons !

  • Remind me never to hitch a ride with Indy…

  • Marti386

    Time to hand the controls of the Falcon over to Chewbacca, big guy.

    • Lazycrockett

      It did piss me off that Chewie just gave Rey the pilot seat.

  • Mark Née Fuzz

    Time to surrender that pilots license.

  • MBear

    Go suck orson scott cards dick, han

  • Cuberly

    Um, Harrison, this was a movie. ok? We don’t need any other SWs cast members leaving us. Be careful damnit!


    • Kruhn

      Technically, he’s a former Star Wars cast member. Han Solo was killed off in The Force Awakens.

  • Tomcat

    Time to leave the flying to others old man.

  • Pollos Hermanos

    He knows a few maneuvers. He’ll be okay.

  • TuuxKabin

    Maybe Air Force One could use a new pilot.

  • Todd
  • Rebecca Gardner

    Harrison Ford got me thinking about Star Wars which got me thinking about Mark Hamill.

    He was really good as a disturbing psychopath in Sushi Girl. Really good movie.

    • Lars Littlefield

      Loved the 1965 Chrylser Imperial sedan in the clip. You don’t see those toodling about on the roads these days. 🙂

    • Oh’behr

      I believe that film would give me nightmares, yet it looks quite good.

  • Lars Littlefield

    It’s time to take the car keys away. It’s for his own good. It happens eventually to all of us. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    • canoebum

      Mr. Ford, you can still collect all the vintage planes you like. Just hire someone to fly them for you. You can afford it.

      • Oh’behr

        Yes, he can sit and enjoy the view and the other pilots flying skills.

  • coram nobis

    In other California mishaps, Sacramento Bee now reports the evacuees can return home.


    Nowhere else to go; Sac Bee also reports US 50 (Sacto-Lake Tahoe) still closed due to mudslides, and WB I-80 (Reno-Sacto) partially closed.

    • Bj Lincoln

      I’m sure they are all very happy to get back home.

  • T-Batwoman

    He is damn handsome….

  • danolgb

    As it is my home airport, I would like to point out that there are a whopping two runways to choose from at John Wayne.

    • Lars Littlefield

      Well, that’s just one too many. No wonder Harrison was confused.

  • ursine1

    Do they not drug test pilots? 😉

  • Nic Peterson

    Will anyone ask what the Wookie was doing during all of this?

  • Reasonoverhate

    Time to give it up Harrison!

  • what is it about rich people and planes? they all seem to want to pilot one, and i just don’t get that.

    74? dood, we take drivers off the roads at that age, bc they can’t pass a sight test. do you really need to be flying a fucking plane? what do you have to prove? is your partner turned on by the fact that you get to say “oops, i landed on a taxiway today, hee.”

    planes are dangerous in lots of ways. it’s time to stop letting rich people fly just bc they are rich.

    • Schlukitz

      You’re painting with a rather broad brush.

      Many people aged 70 and beyond (myself included) are still driving. At 80, I continue to receive a discount on my auto insurance as a safe driver.

      And glasses take care of the sight problems if required.

  • Blobby

    …..and he wants to be my intergalactic smuggler? I don’t think so.

  • Bj Lincoln

    We had to take the car keys from the Father-in-law at age 70. He had been in 3 accidents, all minor and no one was hurt. When he took the neighbors mirror off, left it over night then lied about it the next morning, we had to take the keys. His reflexes are bad from laying around all the time not doing anything for years. Now he sleeps 12 hours every night, sits and watches TV all day with a 3-4 hour nap every afternoon. His body has turned to mush.

    • Mike_in_the_Tundra

      Taking away his keys will not keep his body from turning to mush. Public transportation may be too difficult for him. Adult day care can keep him busy, and the daycare usually supplies transportation. Age 70 is very young to be having these problems. Have you had him evaluated?

  • Michael R
    • Rick

      Maybel Maybel set the table!

  • TK

    I think maybe it’s time for Han Solo to retire his wings. Mistaking a taxiway for a runway shows a very serious decline in Ford’s pilot skills. Driving is one thing, flying aircraft is quite another. I hope American files a formal complaint with the FAA. Thankfully nothing serious happened. The scary thing is that there LOTS of private pilots out there who probably shouldn’t be flying. And the skies are getting more crowded each year.

  • patrick

    I can predict the headlines now, “Ford Crashes – Died Doing What He Loved”. And they call our “lifestyle” weird & dangerous. Lol.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Han, it’s time to give up the Falcon and retire to Colorado.

  • Natty Enquirer

    That’s worth a suspension, at least.

  • BobSF_94117


  • Grounded

    Somebody take Grandpa’s keys.

  • Millstone

    Meanwhile, 81 year-old Senator James Inhofe, a private pilot and total asshole who’s had a quad bypass, attempts to eliminate FAA rule that requires pilots obtain medical clearance.


    • Oh’behr

      I really dislike that dickhead. Couldn’t 2017 take him (Inhofe). Nah, like most of the right, they’ve sold their souls to Satan.

  • 3-Star

    Time to clip his wings.

  • rusty57


  • Cherry

    Grandpa needs to have his pilot’s license yanked.

    • Robert Conner

      Driver’s license too from the sound of it.

  • greenmanTN

    Harrison Schmarrison, I’ve been thinking about this a bit and I want to be Ambassador to Chris Pratt.

    I called it first! Shotgun! 😉


  • Robert Conner

    Looks like Han Solo needs to stick to flying stuff in movies before the geriatric fool gets a bunch of people killed.

  • Kruhn

    Cut it out Han Solo! You’ve already done the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. Plus you’re already dead! Stop it already!

  • Max_1

    For a “experienced pilot”…
    … You would think he would know where to land the plane.

  • DaveW

    Get the amateurs off our airports! This is ridiculous and it happens a lot. My father flew commercially for decades after an Air Force career and knows what he is doing. He’s been hijacked twice. Once they went to Havana. He never uses a large commercial airport with his single engine teeny little low power plane just for this reason. And he is a pro-he knows it’s dangerous to mess with those big jets loaded with innocent bystanders who don’t deserve to be involved in the level of risk amateurs voluntarily take

    That Kennedy kid murdered his family due to hubris. Get the celebs off our tarmac!

  • Schlukitz

    Two crashed personal aircraft…and he still holds a valid pilot’s license?


  • JCF

    Yo, Harrison! Time to RETIRE from flying, OK?

    Just stick to flying in the MOVIES.