Obama Vows To “Take Action” Against Russia [VIDEO]

Politico reports:

President Barack Obama vowed to take retaliatory action against Russia for trying “to impact the integrity” of the 2016 presidential elections, in an interview broadcast Thursday.

“I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action,” the president told NPR. “And we will at a time and place of our own choosing.”

Without providing further specifics, the president said some U.S. actions may be “explicit and publicized” while others “may not be.”

The Obama administration has repeatedly condemned Russian hacks of American computer systems during the election, but Obama’s comments Thursday serve as the harshest public rebuke yet. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday that the U.S. would deliver a β€œproportional” response to any Russian hacking.

  • The Sentinel

    Can you do it before January 20th when Trump takes his throne and begins his plan of destruction?

    • Jeffrey

      Or maybe before the 19th of December when we officially vote him in?

  • joe ho

    too little too late. obama whitehouse dithered over how to deal with this during the election. decided to soft-pedal so he wouldn’t look like he was using foreign policy to influence the election. meanwhile media buried the story in favor of emails and comey.

    one of obama’s many moments of weakness.

    • MichaelJ


      • Tiger Quinn

        And you can piss off, too.

    • Tiger Quinn

      Many? Oh bitch. I think that Brietbart was where you meant to go.

      • Chucktech

        “Many” is debatable, but this, IMO, is one of them.

        • paganguy

          This and the SCOTUS appointment.

    • BrianQTD

      I wouldn’t call it weakness, but we do have the expression “too smart for your own good” for a reason. He overthinks things. He should have come in like gangbusters and cleaned house when he came into office the first time. Instead he was asking thousands of “what if” questions.

  • bkmn

    Arresting Trump and buddies for treason would be a real good start.

    • crewman

      Seriously. I don’t see us coming anywhere near what needs to happen to address this. The FBI needs to be turned inside out to identify Russian sympathizers and those who think subverting/stealing an American election is acceptable.

      • And that is never going to happen.

      • KarenAtFOH

        Obama could order the Marshals to round them up before sundown.

  • Mrs. Councillor Nugent

    Martial law and invalidate the election.

    • John T


      • Tiger Quinn

        Nope. That’s an actual, legitimate, viable option now. When the generals are more restrained than the chief, it’s time to act.

        • David Walker

          “The Rise and Fall of the United States of America.”

        • John T

          I can’t believe you’re for real. You’re actually wishing for a military coup in the USA? And a bunch of people are upvoting you for it?

          I’m so done with this blog. The election brought out the worst in everybody. I’m gonna go hang out with people who aren’t insane. Bye.

          • i’m sort of the opposite. don’t take this personally; everyone is having their own reaction. it’s vexing. i don’t know what else would make people open minded to the need for an extreme, extra-democratic action. i’m saying right now, it’s like out of some spy fantasy novel.

            Our long-time arch rivals, only recently “better” b/c the fall of communism, have been proven to have had a say in our most recent elections. it just so happens the guy that won, is also the guy who helped them. this *is* the definition of treason. we’re about to let a traitor and his henchmen take over our govt and give it to another as a client state.

            the fact that they wouldn’t do a real recount (where the votes are actually recounted) was telling. the fact that drumpf has refused security briefings, against all logic. the fact that he’s already messing around with getting various heavy hitters in the war industry to take him seriously or suffer some consequences.

            no, go on and pretend you still live under a participatory government. you really don’t. since exactly when is a question for junkies and eggheads. how you function in a post-drumpf world? you’re about to find out just how different it really is. hint: voting? isn’t gonna help you, now.

          • KarenAtFOH

            Extreme, extra-democratic action seems reasonable to counter the extreme, extra-democratic action that ruined our election. See “Generous Tit for Tat” Any other response to the Prisoner’s Dilemma results in destruction for altruists, and agressive tit for tat destroys everyone. Time to call their bluff.

          • BobSF_94117

            In a world in which we have sitting members of the House and Senate saying, “the Russians manipulated the election, oh well, water under the bridge… move along, move along”, a comment on a news thread with a whole 5 up-votes seems pretty inconsequential.

          • vorpal

            All of JMG is CUCKOO BANANAZZZZ!

            Dramatic, much?

          • John T

            People are openly wishing for the overthrow of the US government by the military, but you’re calling ME the drama queen? Yup, people here have gone nuts.

          • vorpal

            Clearly, you’re not just a drama queen, but an idiot, too.

            1. There are hundreds and hundreds of posters here.
            2. One person suggested martial law in response to the election in light of the evidence of fraud.
            3. Five people upvoted.
            4. You lost your shit in response to that.

            Go take a couple fucking Xanax and stop with the histrionic bullshit.

            Or better yet, follow through on your original display of unfettered theatrics and just fuck off.

          • Bad Tom

            Good luck finding people saner than here.

          • The_Wretched

            He could try breitbart *ahahahahahahhahha*)

          • TrollopeReader

            TQ is “odd” … .ignore those you don’t like …follow the others …

      • Mrs. Councillor Nugent

        I though a “/snark” was implicit, guess not.

        • TrollopeReader

          Richard provides the subtle snark!


  • Andrew Iverson

    I find it funny the reports keep being “tried to help get Trump elected”, when he did get elected, probably due to the hacks. I get we will probably never learn what goes on in spyland, but this feels like way too little too late.

    • canoebum

      Don’t forget that felon, Comey. He needs to be charged and tried for violating the Hatch Act or any other applicable statute.

  • Rebecca Gardner
  • Mark

    Let’s start with scrapping the election.
    Then we can talk.

  • PickyPecker
  • PickyPecker
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  • Lazycrockett

    Wish he would vow to take action against Drumpf.

  • Dirty Harry

    How to prevent hacking.

    It was December 23, 2014. An isolated Indian tribe takes action in Peru. Extremely rare video. Yine tribe is filming video for about 2 minutes. Then realizes it’s an ambush involving 200 Mashco warriors. Taking care of business in the Amazon jungle.


    • Dazzer

      There is an amazing documentary about this situation – unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of it.

  • ByronK

    Every time I listen to Obama now, I can’t help but think that this fine wine is about to be replaced with a jug of backwoods hooch.

  • If Russia used covert ops and technology to sway public opinion before the election, can we honestly say that isn’t the sort of thing the US has done?

    If they attempted to actually skew election results through technology, that’s a different thing altogether. It could conceivably be deemed an act of war, I think.

    • David Walker

      The US may very well have done this, but at times we seem to be far better at assassinating leaders we don’t like.

    • TK

      I’m sure we are guilty of similar acts. The US and CIA are no angels in the world. Pre-internet and cyber-war, the Shah of Iran is a classic example of our interventions in other countries politics. Because of oil. And here come’s Trump with Tillerson/Exxon at the helm. And cozy with Putin. Big oil is soon to become YUUUUGE oil with more global power than they’ve ever had. Lock your wigs and fasten your belts. It’s gonna be a rough ride.

      • stevenj

        See above list.

    • stevenj

      The CIA’s history of covert involvement/assassinations/coups makes for a very long list:


    • The_Wretched

      Of course the CIA does that sort of thing. No, that doesn’t make it ok to do to US. At the very least, we should protect ourselves by booting T/P.

  • worstcultever



    /absolutely beside myself with all dems

    • TK

      I’m a dem and have to agree. Too little, too late. Yes, Comey should be gone. If not in jail. And this “threat” from Obama today didn’t sound very tough. A lot of bark… let’s see the bite! How about taking down Putin and Russia’s entire internet infrastructure. Russia’s hacking is a covert act of war. And Trump is just going to royally kiss Putins ass.

      • Kiss? His lips have already been surgically stitched to Putin’s sphincter, a la Human Centipede. That’s why he tweets so much. He can’t actually speak any longer.

  • mikeinrkfd

    Now you are going to take action? After the election? Please.

  • Chuck

    Russia has officially won the Cold War.

  • hdtex
  • Galvestonian

    I hope that it’s real action and not just some senseless gesture. Close down all the bank accounts, screw with their oil companies computers, close down ever computer in Russia, totally change all of their passwords, mess around with any Secret Service and spyware so that it’s impossible to understand what viruses were placed on them and have new programs detonate & bring them down every couple of months and even years.

  • BobSF_94117

    to impact the integrity of our elections

    What odd phrasing. The Russians have, without a doubt, impacted our election. Whether they have also compromised them is another question.

  • J Ascher

    What I would do is cut Russian communication capabilities in Crimea, eastern Ukraine, and Syria for starters.

  • KarenAtFOH

    Tit for Tat. Deport Russian ambassadors. Declare the Nov 8 election invalid. Call for another vote. If Trump resists, arrest him. If riots break out, declare Marshal Law. Enough spineless bullshit!