SWAMP THING: Trump Considers Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn For Senior Administration Position

Via Politico:

President-elect Donald Trump is considering Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn for a senior administration job, possibly as director of the Office of Management and Budget, several sources close to the situation said on Wednesday.

People familiar with the matter say Cohn’s meeting with Trump on Tuesday included talks about a potential job in the new administration, possibly to run OMB, a sprawling office that will handle much of Trump’s budget policy after he takes office in January.

Cohn, who is friendly with both Republicans and Democrats in Washington, is a longtime commodities trader who became Goldman’s president and co-chief operating officer in 2006. He has long been the heir apparent to Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein. But with Blankfein showing no inclination to leave after battling cancer, Cohn may be looking to take on a new challenge. He is friendly with Trump’s powerful son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Cohn would add yet another Goldman name to a roster already filled with former executives from the influential bank, including Treasury pick Steven Mnuchin and incoming top White House adviser Steve Bannon.

  • Butch

    And when, not if, things go south under the Trump administration his base voters won’t learn a thing – they’ll just cast around looking for someone to blame. Draining the swamp again and refilling it with more sewage.

    • Blake Mason

      It will be Obama’s fault.

      • Diogenes Onionpants

        Ryan is pressing his scheme to turn Medicare into a coupon booklet to help a nearly-uninsurable demographic (“elderly” is a pre-existing condition to an insurance company) buy private insurance. And he’s doing it with straightforward lies about the effects of Obamacare.

        And because his claim fits the narrative that so many people have swallowed, he may well succeed in privatizing Medicare while blaming the democrats.

      • JCF

        Obama’s approval rating is already the highest since his first year in office. I hope (and trust) that by *one minute* after he leaves office, he’ll be Absolutely Beyond Blame (and fondly remembered, even by the “bone-in-his-nose Kenyan Muslim” crowd).

        All the shit Drumpf does, Drumpf will OWN!

    • This will be interesting to see long it takes to place the blame of failure securely upon the shoulders of the dems.

    • Duh-David

      It would have been worse with HER.

      • Silver Badger

        You mean Melanoma? Or perhaps Karen Sue?

      • Earl

        I really don’t see how it could be worse with “HER”.

        I didn’t like Hillary, but would have voted for her; were I an American.

      • cleos_mom

        What an appropriate screen name you have, DD.

      • Gerry Fisher

        Anyone seen Wayne lately? Is he OK?

  • Bill Post

    Don the con… where are the jobs mofo!

  • bkmn

    Which means everyone’s 401k will be crap.

    • Jerry

      Whether there’s a meltdown quickly, because of stupid shit Trump says, or within a year or so, because of further Republican deregulation, it will not be a good time for most people to be invested in the stock market. If you invest in specific stocks like defense industries, energy companies, private prisons or schools, you may do well. But being diversified across the markets will not be a good strategy for the next few years.

      • Earl

        Prisons and defence industry, yes.

        Energy, risky risky risky. πŸ™‚

        • Jerry

          On energy, it depends…I expect HUGE new tax credits to companies that drill or mine. Wind, solar or hydro will be on their own.

          • Earl

            I agree. CONG is still stuck with the problem of stranded assets. They can’t sell everything they have found, and they know it.

            They’ll be trying to sell that stock to the small investor soon.

          • Snarkaholic

            Or outlawed…because they’re a threat to oil/coal profits.

      • BobSF_94117

        I expect they’ll do everything they can to pump the stock market so that when they present the privatization of SS, dim folks will jump at the chance to get in on the investment. The 1%, who own nearly 40% of the stock market will gladly sell at a premium, extricating themselves from the market, leaving it in the hands of SS investors and the retirement funds that already own the bulk of stocks*, and then watch it all come tumbling down.

        * Privatizing SS pits retirees against themselves, competing for stocks against their own retirement funds.

      • Dagoril

        Perhaps we should all get together and form an internment camp company.

        (That’s snark.)

  • PickyPecker

    Ya gotta watch what you’re doing when draining the swamp….

    • Todd20036

      Thanks, but I’m gong to say no to the blow job offer….

  • Joe in PA

    I’m sure glad the trumpeters weren’t screaming about a speech a certain some gave to Goldman Sachs a few months ago. /s

    Ya just can’t make this stuff up. ;(

    • Chuck in NYC

      Let’s just hope that whichever Dems are running in 2020 have the guts to remind people how their GOP leadership conned them. Warren certainly would, if she runs.

      • Chucktech

        And would deplorable Vox Populi listen? If they didn’t see what Trump was for the past year and a half, what makes you think they’ll be receptive to the truth in 2020?

      • Bared Bear

        Oh, God… Please Ms. Warren, stay away from small airplanes.

        • Gerry Fisher


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  • Robincho

    Because Roy, the last Cohn in government, worked out SO well…

  • SoCalGal20
    • Lazycrockett

      It seems disq is having twitter issues again.

    • Bared Bear

      LOL… “godspeed, scampering man.”

    • Treant

      “Scamper” always reminds me of the Langoliers. It wasn’t exactly a classic, but it was momentarily amusing.

    • BobSF_94117

      I’m not one to encourage larceny, but part of me wishes he hadn’t been caught on camera. Sometimes you want to reward impulse…

      • SoCalGal20

        I admire the initiative! And I can’t stop laughing at the people just standing around.

        Also, what armored truck personnel just leaves the back of the truck open and unattended?

        • BobSF_94117

          Soon to be unemployed armored truck personnel, I would think.

      • Todd20036

        You know, he’ll get caught and go to jail, but DAMN will he have a story to tell.

        And I blame the guards as much as I blame him.

    • Diogenes Onionpants

      That’s basically a representation of my best-case retirement plan: dig up a casket of Spanish doubloons.

      • SoCalGal20

        Maybe you can now add staking out Loomis trucks in NYC to your plan. πŸ˜‰

    • Ore Carmi

      That’s awesome!

  • Lazycrockett
    • Bared Bear

      I suspect Melanoma will be paid for everything that Michelle did for free.

  • Treant

    They’re draining a perfectly nice, water-retaining and biologically diverse swamp. And they’re filling it with toxic and radioactive waste.

    • Silver Badger

      Good wetland environments are becoming so rare too!

  • Gigi

    Remember that time when Trump attacked Heidi Cruz for having worked at Goldman Sachs? Me neither.

    • Bared Bear

      I hope that we as a nation will finally find closure as Cruz, Sr. is imprisoned for assassinating JFK.

  • Trump is draining that swamp in order to make room for his even bigger swamp.

  • Jack

    Every monarch needs his Hofjuden.

  • Blake J Butler

    O/T: need to get your mind away from these thing like I do, watch this. I always am a sucker for half naked men, especially if one of them is ginger.


    • Bared Bear

      Well, that was pleasant diversion from being crapped on by Trump.

    • Earl

      TYVM. πŸ™‚

      You’ve nearly brought the dead back to life.

    • Todd20036

      Beautiful men! Sweet house, too.

  • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

    This is along the line of Roosevelt picking Joe Kennedy to run the SEC. He knows how the games are played.

    • The_Wretched

      I don’t believe that any of Trump’s picks will serve as a limit on the financial sector in any way. I do expect that they will collude with the financial sector to create the next massive bailout at tax payer expense.

      • pch1013

        Yes, they know exactly *which* regulations need to be scrapped so that they can steal as much as they possibly can in advance of the next crash.

  • Lazycrockett

    Pelosi Won .

  • Lazycrockett

    The NC cop who shot Keith Lamont will NOT be facing charges. duh.

  • Todd20036

    Think the Trumpanzees are paying attention?

    • Gerry Fisher

      Not yet. It’s got to be “Katrina” big to get their attention.

  • wmforr

    Well, if you drain the swamp, you have to put all the alligators somewhere. Just store them in a Cabinet, maybe.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Hillary spoke to Goldman Sach! Where’s the speech transcript! She’s owned by Wall Street! Unfit for office! Lock Her Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trump is now draining Goldman Sachs and filling the Swamp with their employees.


    Are the stupid, ignorant fucks that voted for him finally starting to get buyers remorse?

    • Gerry Fisher

      We’re political junkies. We read/watch reliable, reasonably objective news. They don’t.

  • Robert Conner

    We’re going to have the best swamp, a quality gold-plated swamp, it’s going to be yuge. It’s going to make that 2008 swamp look like a puddle, so get ready to be impressed!

  • coram nobis

    So, where was that picture taken? Some gold-plated conference in what, Davos? Jackson Hole? Aspen?

  • basedonfact

    Wall Street Problem: You get rich by buying low and selling high. You can only buy low if some schmuck sells low and you can only sell high if some schmuck buys high.

    Solution part 1: Convince congress help companies raid their pension plans so that 401(k)s become a “less risky” option. Now people blindly depositing every paycheck will create a source of constant buyers allowing active investors to sell high and people forced to liquidate during hard times will provide a steady stream of sellers when prices are low.

    Result: Inflated stock prices and false confidence in 401(k)s that can drop in value tomorrow

    Problem: not enough people selling.

    Solution: Privatise SS so that seniors selling to meet living expenses will create a steady stream of available stock for purchase.

    It’s all a big con.

  • Ore Carmi

    I’m sure the antisemites who voted for Trump are happy with his appointing Jewish Wall Street execs to top administration posts.

  • Gianni

    Funny how Hillary should be in prison for having associations with Wall Street and Goldman Sachs. Is it possible that this has something to do with why Donald has decided to be generous and let Hill off the hook? It’s seems apparent that Donald is not really draining the swamp, but merely repopulating it.

  • JCF

    I’m SO glad we’re respecting, honoring, and being controlled by those w/ Gold Man-Sacks… /s