Donald Trump Jr: My Father Can’t Release His Tax Records Because Then Everybody Would See Them

CNN reports:

Donald Trump’s son argued his father can’t release his tax returns because that would allow voters to scrutinize them in a way that would detract from the candidate’s main message. That’s contrary to what the Republican presidential nominee has said about not releasing them because they are being audited.

Donald Trump, Jr. was asked by the Tribune-Review in Pennsylvania why his father won’t publicly disclose his tax returns as candidates in both parties — including rival Hillary Clinton — have traditionally done.

“Because he’s got a 12,000-page tax return that would create … financial auditors out of every person in the country asking questions that would detract from (his father’s) main message,” Donald Trump, Jr. told the newspaper in a piece published Wednesday.

The Republican nominee has said he is not releasing his tax returns because he is being audited by the Internal Revenue Service, although under law there is nothing that prevents a person under audit from disclosing their returns should they chose to do so.

  • Mikey

    to quote the creators of Southpark: derpa derpa derpa derp!

  • Bill Post

    … and see his NAMBLA investments? I heard it from some good people.

    • DumbHairyApe

      That’s what a lot of good people are saying.

    • June Gordon

      I’m hearing this BIGLY! I’m not saying it’s true, but A LOT of people are talking about it . . .

    • Uncle Mark

      Didn’t he recently invest in a NAMBLA-run daycare center next to a Catholic Church? I think I just heard about it this morning…something about Trump Tykes or was it Tykes FOR Trump?

  • Oikos
  • Michael Smith

    I see he inherited his father’s brain.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok


    • GayOldLady

      “he inherited his father’s brain.”

      Is that what that is? I thought it was a couple of cells linked together by a gold plated thread.

      • Alex Klebenow

        Well if he now has his father’s brain, it would explain a LOT about the The Verminous Orange Scum King of The Deplorables! A WHOLE lot!!

  • Smokey

    “would allow voters to scrutinize them”
    Isn’t that the point?

    • MichaelJ

      That point is not obvious to people who have superiority complexes coupled with fascist fantasies.

      • Gustav2

        Well, it is a private company and his health is private, too.

      • Alex Klebenow

        It is called the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Look it up, it will explain a LOT!

    • Uncle Mark

      And yet “Crooked” Hillary has released hers for all to see and scrutinize. For some reason they haven’t served as a distraction from her campaign…probably because there is nothing horrible in there for her to have to explain or fabricate excuses for.

      • IamM

        Decades worth. As opposed to nothing from Trump.

      • Bill W. Smith, Jr.

        Trump has to hide his donations to NAMBLA.

        • Suzanne Smith

          LOL, And the American Nazi Party, KKK, and more!

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    • NancyP

      well, yes…. but no-one ever said that Donnie Jr. was all that bright..

      • Chicago joe

        He’s a fucking stooge.

    • zhera

      12 000 pages works to Donnie’s favor. How do you find a needle in a haystack?

      • Chucktech

        I think The Donald Jr. is full of shit. 12,000 pages? I’m sure his return might be voluminous, but 12,000 pages? Bullshit.

        • That’s actually possible.

          As part of a temp job, I helped mail tax returns for some wealthy people and they were several banker boxes full of documents. Note: I’m not sure anyone cares about 99% of that. He could just release the 1040, Schedule A and a few other attachments. I don’t think people care about the complete list of which stocks made how much money in that year.

          Also while scanning that many pages into pdf form is a pain in the ass, he’s had a year to get that done. An intern could have done that in a couple of weeks tops.

          • Grumpy Old Man

            Yeah! there would no be a need for us to see all the 1099s.

        • Alex Klebenow

          I worked in Family Law and often had to go through Tax Returns, and they CAN be voluminous! BOXES of papers for a single return… so, yes, 12k pages is not unheard of.

      • teeveedub

        I’m guessing there are more needles than hay. More needles than in a sewing machine factory. More needles than in a heroin den. Should I keep going?

    • ericxdc
  • bkmn
  • lymis

    So, junior just called his dad out on the audit lie.

    • MBear

      we already know they can lie, get caught in a lie, and it means nothing to their supporters nor the “news” agencies

      • Phil2u

        It actually means nothing to the Trumps either. They seem to believe that anyone will believe them no matter what delusional nonsense they attempt to communicate. When caught, they just laugh it off and keep on going. It is one of the most bizarre spectacles I have ever seen.

      • DesertSun59

        The ‘news agencies’ already know this is a HUUUUUUGE joke. But if they were to expose it for what it truly is they’d lose tens of millions in ad revenue. Their being complicit in this sham is all about money.

    • DesertSun59

      That’s the irony. I say have his kids keep opening their big mouths.

      Oh, and Ivanka is also in trouble:

  • safari

    Please. Run with this MSM. You won’t because his campaign will probably drop kick a baby or something two or three times today, but… a boy can dream.

  • Oh, well that makes perfect sense. Pneumoniaghazi!!!!!

  • safari

  • lymis

    you know, at this point, Clinton should simply re-release her tax returns weekly.

    • Smokey

      The MSM would still focus on the Orange Fluffer-Nutter’s latest antics instead of calling him out on his tax returns, his medical records, his actual policies, and his deplorable remarks, because, you know, the faux scandals of email, benghazi, foundation, pneumonia, etc. are easier to peddle.

      • They aren’t going to call him out on ANYTHING. I’ve given up on the MSM. They are already in his pocket out of fear of losing access to the latest bit of spittle he throws out. It’s all about the revenue. For the most part (I won’t lump them all together because I know there are still real journalists out there), there are no journalists left in the MSM; they are entertainers.

  • SoCalGal20

    *praying to every non-existent diety that SOMEBODY leaks Trump’s returns*

    • I keep asking why Wikileaks doesn’t have access to them, but then I remember how much they hate Hillary and realize they probably do but aren’t letting go.

  • David F.

    Once again…

  • safari

    Time to walk it back

  • TexasBoy

    Obvioulsy, the Trump clan are not mental giants.

    • pj

      giant mentals

  • edrex

    Over-privileged inbred chinless prick.

    • Philly Mike

      The sons are so putty like and Ivanka is very pretty how is that possible?

      • Sk3ptic


        • ggg

          More likely the boys take after dad and the girls after their model moms.

      • pj

        different mothers

        • clay

          That’s not the difference between Ivanka/Yael and the two older boys.

        • Philly Mike

          I hear some people say it might be Donald’s own Mother so his Sons are his own Brothers, that is what I hear.

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            It’s not just you. I’ve heard that too Mike.

          • Grumpy Old Man

            I am sure I just heard that, too.

      • olandp

        Lots of make-up. If you take the time to really look at Ivanka she really is rather plain.

  • jaybird100

    We’d all see exactly what he wants to hide… how little tax he paid, how much less he’s actually worth than he wants us to think, etc.

  • greenmanTN

    The apple didn’t fall far away from the tree, but it seems to have hit several branches on the way down.

    • safari

      It was all that gold plating on donald’s sperm.

      • Uncle Mark

        Must have been fool’s gold

    • Raybob

      The apple didn’t fall far from the outhouse, either.

  • MBear

    what a horrid little toadie

  • Blake J Butler

    Heads are spinning.The same standards that have applied to candidates prior don’t to trump. Fucking sleaze balls all of them.

    • Philly Mike

      the creepy part of this movie to me were the medical tests

  • Rebecca Gardner

    “Because he’s got a 12,000-page tax return that would create … financial auditors out of every person in the country asking questions that would detract from (his father’s) main message,”

    That’s the whole fucking point needledick! Jesus-Fucking-Christ I can’t take this stupidity any more.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      The constant insanity really is hard to take isn’t it?. My blood alcohol level hasn’t been to zero for weeks now.

      • Alex Klebenow


    • Larry in Oklahoma

      I can safely say that I would not become a financial auditor and pour through some 12,000 pages. Trump Jr. is on an ego trip thinking that his FATHER’S tax returns are all that interesting.

  • Michael Rush

    Mommy what is oozing out of the Trump children ?

    • PeterC

      Just the normal Trumpisms. And they too are deplorable.

  • David Walker

    Wow. Smarts run deep in that family.

  • BearEyes

    Given the various financial entanglements (see Newsweek) and who knows how many more unknown entanglements, it’s more important that ever we scrutinise those returns for conflicts of interest and potential national security issues. He’ll try to run out the clock, but we can’t let him.

    • Bj Lincoln


    • Uncle Mark

      Only now is the NY AG investigating the Trump Foundation for “improprieties”…with less than 60 days ’til election.

      • clay

        (no, only now are they announcing the investigation– it was already happening)

        • Uncle Mark

          Thank you, Clay. I’m feeling quite a bit happier already. (I should have known better.)

      • popebuck1

        I wish they had started way sooner. Now they’ve left themselves wide open for him to call it a political hit job.

      • BearEyes

        should have started a long time ago

  • EddieRight

    Because he’s got a 12,000-page tax return that would create … financial auditors out of every person in the country asking questions that would detract from (his father’s) main message…

    … “and that’s why all American’s need to see Hillary Clinton’s medical records.”

  • chris james

    I see that the rotten acorn didn’t fall too far from the Trump tree.

  • tcinsf

    Stay tuned for all the Trump supporters who will automatically say “well, yes, that’s right, and EMAILS!”

  • JT

    Drumpf and son: We can’t release the tax returns because they might reveal bad things about us.

  • Treant

    You’re shitting my white ass, right? Right? Anybody? Please?

    • David L. Caster

      Sorry, no. He really is that clueless.

  • amandagirl15701

    Good thing he went to the Trib-Review with this story…. the Post Gazette would have eaten him alive!

  • JustSayin’

    Junior just fucked up

    • clay

      but don’t worry, he’ll be running Daddy’s “blind” trust.

  • TrollopeReader

    Ummm… Donnie Jr ? That *is* the point. Dip.

  • Robert Pierce

    It seems there’s an accute case of a massive clearance sale in the cranial department of the entire Trump tribe.

  • SunsetGay

    America, meet your future Uday Hussein!

  • barrixines


    I feel better for that. Please continue.

  • meh. i doubt seeing them would change any minds. we already know he’s a lying, cheating asshole with a long record of fucking over other people and lying about it. why should honest taxpayers be any different? he probably paid hardly anything in taxes for the last 10 years. i just assume that. imho all intelligent people at least suspect that is true.

    • David L. Caster

      Well, it would distract a whole bunch of “journalists” while they poured over them looking for something titillating or tawdry to go on about endlessly in the hopes of eking out a few more ratings points.

  • delk

    …Because he’s got a 12,000-page tax return that would create … financial auditors out of every person in the country …

    Nope, they are too busy practicing medicine without a license on Hillary.

  • RGG

    So that settles it; Ivanka is the smart one.

    • Gigi

      My dog is smarter than that turd.

  • JIM W

    A chip of the ole block-head.

  • Gigi

    The Deplorables condemn Hilary Clinton for not being fully transparent but when Trump reveals he’s even less transparent than Clinton they’re all, “No biggie. We’re totally fine with that.” And then they blame reporters for asking him questions.

    • zhera

      Butbutbut – Lunghazi!


    I never want to hear anything about Trump and vile family after 11/9. What a repulsive family.

    • RoFaWh

      Well said.

    • jimbo65

      Amen. But heaven forbid he should be elected. It’ll be like watching Dynasty without the charm of Joan Collins. It’s what the rubes want to see.

  • Jeffrey

    I have a degree in economics and I don’t need all 12,000 pages to know what he’s afraid of. When The Deplorables see that their leader doesn’t have half of what he says he has they may point and laugh at his small dick…I mean net worth.

    • popebuck1

      I liked the suggestion that Hillary should start referring to him as the “millionaire” Donald Trump until he turns over the tax returns.

      • zhera

        He won’t ever release them, but maybe he’ll lose the final screw in his head and go nuts. Correct taunting is the key, here.

        • RoFaWh

          Be patient. One of these days someone will produce those returns after a little hacking of Drumpf’s computers.

    • Chucktech

      Frankly, all we need to get started is his 1040. Any glaring crap that jumps out from that can then be scrutinized by the appropriate schedule.

      But, seriously, do you really think his entire return for one year would be 12,000 pages long? Even you included every possible worksheet or declaratory form, 12,000 seems impossibly high.

      • Smokey

        Yes, wouldn’t his personal return be rather brief? I imagine the one for Trump Enterprises or whatever he calls it is huuuge.

  • camel54

    From my distant observation point, 40 years of conservative government, dishonest and complicit media and vacuous celebrity worship have produced an electorate so mired in idiocy and ignorance that you have a very strong chance of being governed by this moron. And his fucked-up family. Must be disappointing even for Trump to realise that his kids are as useless as a chocolate teapot.

    • William

      I could eat a chocolate teapot. And, in an echo to long ago chocolate Easter rabbits, my sister would break off the spout.

    • David L. Caster

      Afraid so. That part of Trump supporters that aren’t outright deplorable are just plain ignorant and stupid. On second thought, I agree with Olberman: the whole lot is deplorable. Ugh.

  • shellback

    He makes it sound as though comrade Trump has something to hide. да?

  • Ross

    There are three LIES about Donnie’s tax returns:

    1) The IRS has stated that being audited does NOT mean one cannot release a tax return.

    2) Even if Donny holds to this false excuse, WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER YEARS?

    3) His returns will likely show that he is WAY less rich than he says he is.

    Author Timothy O’Brien wrote: “TrumpNation: The Art of Being The Donald.”

    The book asserted that Trump’s net worth was pegged at $150 million to $250 million.

    Trump sued. Of course.

    And lost. Why? Because he could not prove O’Brien wrong.

    O’Brien stated that Trump had “verbal billions”.

    • RoFaWh

      4. His returns will also reveal his indebtedness to Russian oligarchs and Chinese mandarins.

    • boatboy_srq

      “Verbal billions”. Brilliant.

      • Ross

        I agree! That is great. And so very apt.

  • Mike D

    I’m curious what the “main message” is that this would detract from.

    • Friday

      Anything but what a crook and ripoff artist Trump is?

  • Ernest Endevor

    The children are worse than their father. And also, what does this have to do with Trump’s donations to NAMBLA? Many people on the internets are saying he’s donated millions. Sad.

    • Boy Elvis

      I heard about that. Some very good people, the best, are saying Trump donated millions to NAMBLA.

      • Ernest Endevor

        Some very brilliant people are posting that on the internets.

        • Gil

          I hear that on the streets of small towns all over the place..So it must be true if someone in Smithville, Wisconsin has heard about it…

          • Ernest Endevor

            Because real people in Smithville know more about what’s going on than the elites in New York (Jews) or Washington (fags, and also muslins). This is well-known by many people who think well.

    • TampaDink

      “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”
      “If Don & Eric weren’t my sons, perhaps I’d stop fucking them.”

      • Ernest Endevor

        I could get behind that if Paddy O’Brien plays Jr.

        • TampaDink

          I wouldn’t wish these roles on anyone.

  • LiberalDeacon

    In other words, I wear pants otherwise everyone could see my junk.

    • Ernest Endevor

      You’re not wearing the right pants.

      • Bluto

        I am so dibsing Mr Caber before any of you bitches do.

        • Ernest Endevor

          I’m merely making a fashion statement to help a fellow gay.

        • TampaDink

          I think that there is enough of Dirk to go around.
          Or at least I HOPE there is.

      • William

        What were we talking about?

        • Ernest Endevor

          Pants. I dress to the left .

      • RoFaWh

        That’s not the easiest look to put together. My guess is that underneath he’s wearing undies with the little loop in the front to lift and thrust.

        UIndies that lift and thrust:

  • Boy Elvis

    These two idiots sons need to be stopped. They’re clearly going to follow in their father’s inane footsteps and be public eyesores for decades.

    • TampaDink

      I’d rather that they follow the examples of Uday &Qusay…who preceded their father.

  • RainbowPhoenix

    That’s the fucking point, you spoiled imbecile!

  • Uncle Mark

    So….Trump’s challenge to Hillary that he would release his tax returns if she produced her missing emails…was a ruse the whole time, as he would never release those returns?!! I am not just SHOCKED…I’m….I don’t even know how to describe it. Given Trump’s history, it’s actually more of an ennui.

    Perhaps if the public and the media engaged in the same bullying taunts that Trump engages in to get him to release his taxes, maybe he will just cry, have a tantrum, and take his ball and go home…because you know we will NEVER see those tax returns.

  • abqdan

    The frustration here is that NOTHING is making a difference to the Trump campaign – nothing.Given that hard line voters on both sides won’t budge, the mounting possibility of a Trump presidency is being driven by a whirlwind of negative messages put out by the Trump campaign that independent voters are buying in to. The tax return would not make a scrap of difference to any of those voters – policy statements might. The tax return is not the issue we need to be fighting about or worrying over. We should be worried that Hillary’s side is failing to convince the undecideds that she is trustworthy and capable.

    • Uncle Mark

      Although I would be inclined to agree with you on the intractability of the typical Trump voter, and the need to show Hillary’s trustworthiness…unfortunately, it is far easier to cast aspersions on someone’s character than to prove them pure & honest. It’s hard to dispel doubt, once it’s been cast…and the Republicans have been engaged in besmirching her character for DECADES. She could take polygraphs and allow reporters free-access to all of her files, and there will always be that doubt in so many minds. For example, just look at all the Benghazi hearings and show trials. Hillary has been proven innocent in every one, but that still hasn’t stopped stupid people from screaming “BENGHAZI !!” Look at Whitewater; the only thing they could find is Bill’s dalliance with an intern…no financial shenanigans, no murders, but that still hasn’t exonerated the Clintons in too many minds.

      The first problem is trying to fix the MSM from making this Presidential race a horse race of “equals.” Unfortunately, they gain too much in the short term with Trump’s insanity grabbing headlines. What they need to realize is they also risk being censored and losing their profits in the long run should Trump win.

      Once the media become more responsible to the American people (that’s a BIG if), the best way to take Trump down is to hit him where he lives. He practically starts every sentence with “I’m very very rich and successful…,” implying that he will somehow do the same for everyone else…just like those fly-by-night “get rich like me” seminars perpetually advertised Let’s see Trump’s tax returns prove otherwise. We’ll see if he’s even a billionaire….or even how deep in the red he is.

      Speaking of red, almost all large Americans banks refuse to loan money to Trump, so let’s see where he gets his money, and to whom he is beholden. Conservative pundit George Will was the first to suggest Russian money being involved with Trump. The Russian hackings in Trump’s favor, and his love-affair with Putin, coupled with his disasterous foreign policy that would cripple NATO, and endanger the Ukraine and Baltic States seem to suggest some real collusion there…perhaps a quid pro quo.

      The New York AG announced recently that the Trump Foundation is under investigation. It was known that Trump Foundation was used to pay off a couple AGs in Texas and Florida to look the other way, instead of investigating the TrumpU fraud. We also know how testy Trump got when he chickened out of a debate to allegedly raise money for veterans, but hadn’t given them a dime many months later and was questioned for that…and still hasn’t given them the amount of money he claims to have raised. We know of cases where he had taken credit for charities that he has not contributed a dime to. His tax returns would certainly show not only how little he’s paying in taxes, but how little he gives to charities…if he gives anything at all. Coupled with the information from the Trump Foundation investigation, we’ll probably find that he makes it a regular habit to raid his charities. Robbing from the till of the poor and of verterans & heroes will be hard to ignore or forgive, except for the most willfully blinded…but it would be enough for those still somewhere in the middle…still open to persuasion.

      • abqdan

        Can’t fault your argument, but the fact is that the two ends of the spectrum are fixed, and only a very small portion in the middle is open to persuasion. And that’s where the GOPs misinformation campaign is working. Something has to disrupt that, or we WILL have a President Trump.

  • LovesIrony

    ask the wizard for a brain

  • Gaymurcan

    Exile their entire ridiculous, ghoulish family to Slovenia. Bring the plane around now, have them all off this continent by Noon today.

  • Slippy_World

    Notice .sonny boy is second row and center in the basket ….

    • Every generation has to take out the trash. This is ours.

  • Halou

    So basically, there is something scandalous in the tax returns the Trump Klan doesn’t want the public to know until it is too late.

    NAMBLA donations or Russian loans?

  • And it would also verify that it isn’t just his hands that are small.

  • Galvestonian

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Halou

    Perhaps we can overlook the tax returns if the Trump sons allow any and all members of the public to punch their inviting faces.

  • HKDaniel

    “..would allow voters to scrutinize them in a way that would detract from the candidate’s main message.”

    Doesn’t that statement say plainly that there’s stuff in there he wants to hide?

    Not that that surprises anyone. But really – Good Fair tax returns would not detract from his message, so it’s going to be bad and Donnie Jr. just said so.

  • Larry in Oklahoma

    So this little boy is just as big of a liar as his dad is. Junior is not helping things by making idiotic comments.

    • RoFaWh

      His surname is “Drumpf”. Nothing more need be said.

  • zhera

    “We’d love to release the tax returns, it’s just that we don’t want to do it.”

  • BobSF_94117

    It sounds like his tax return is yuuge!!

  • The_Wretched

    Trump’s plan to win the election is to give thinking people, minority populations, and women brain aneurysms. No shit, Jr, That’s the point! We have a right to know who is being elected to the office of the president.

  • Halou

    This is what affluenza does to people.

  • RoFaWh


    When Drumpf Sr dies and the kids get ready to burn off all that money by spending it on frivolities, it will be laughable when they discover there is no Drumpf money, only a bunch of IOUs to one V. Putin.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    So the mini-me is no less a lying douche than his father….je suis surpris, vraiment, je suis serieux……

  • Tom Ato

    Oops! Accidentally told the truth.

    Wish he had finished the story…Dad doesn’t pay any taxes and gives no money to charity.

  • Mark Neé Fuzz

    He’s a real brain surgeon this one. As in a dolt just like Ben Carson. But if everyone can be Hillary’s doctor and diagnose her ailments, why can’t everyone be Trump’s financial auditor?

  • jsmukg

    People are talking about how *deplorable* it would be for Trump to have to release his tax returns. Many people are saying it. Bigly deplorable!

  • DesertSun59

    Eric knows that each and every one of you is STUPID. He is really, really smart tho. In fact, he’s so smart that he can take down an endangered animal. He’s THAT smart. You’re not so smart tho.

    And you can’t see his tax return because you’re a plebe. Plebes are waaaaaay too stupid to understand taxes.

  • lymis

    I still say that the media should be treating this the way they did the Iran hostages, starting every newcast with “Trump Tax Evasion, Day 294” and see what happens.

  • Ninja0980

    Being able to judge your father’s record for himself based on his taxes is kind of the whole point of wanting to see them asshole.

  • Gustav2

    “The media has been her number one surrogate in this. Without the media, this wouldn’t even be a contest, but the media has built her up. They’ve let her slide on every indiscrepancy, on every lie, on every DNC game trying to get Bernie Sanders out of this thing. If Republicans were doing that, they’d be warming up the gas chamber right now.”

    — Donald Trump Jr., in an interview on WPHT radio, saying the media treats Hillary Clinton far different than they treat his father.

  • ExGayTherapyKills

    What is he hiding?

    • William

      Loans from Russian banks.

      • NO MORE GOP!

        And a net worth well below billionaire status: this is the part that chews and claws at the pendulous, distended underbelly of his ego.

  • Hal

    All of them are total BS artists. Every time they open their mouths BS spews forth.

  • DaveMiller135

    I think that tax return would fight a bit against his “man of the people” schtick.

    • boatboy_srq

      Indeed. 12,000 pages != 1040EZ

  • olandp

    a 12,000 page tax return? I don’t think so.

    • ohh myy

      72 font size???

      • Halou

        Which is funny considering his hand size.

  • He knew a year ago that he’d have to do this. Of course, I don’t think he planned on getting this far. But as things are going he and his team will probably bluster their way to election day without releasing anything or answering serious questions about rape accusations, criminal activities and other serious concerns because the press is a bunch of wusses.

  • UrsusArctos

    BFD. 1200 pages in nothing. My paltry return runs to a couple of hundred pages. Most of them are blank, or near blank and are there for reporting purposes or worksheets to find if further filing is required only.

  • RLK2

    And the polls are tightening. That is the most frightening aspect of all of this.

    • Ross

      In Obama’s two elections he was running but 1- to 2-percentage points ahead.

    • Nah, it reflects the public’s boredom with politics overload. We have to wait another two weeks until the first debate occurs (or does not) and the public weighs in. What we are seeing is inertia now — both parties tend to to move towards 45% each in the polls until the first debate. The voting public has a short memory — and more important things are the vast majority of people’s mind such as the opening of college and NFL football, baseball playoffs, the beginning of school (and college), and the onset of the autumn season. Happens every Presidential election.

  • RLK2

    And yet the mainstream media won’t call out this hypocrisy.

  • Niblet58

    In other words, every speculation that has been uttered about Trump’s taxes are true… he doesn’t donate to charity, he doesn’t make as much money as he said he did, and he doesn’t pay one dime of tax.

  • Ross

    “Donald Trump Jr: My Father Can’t Release His Tax Records Because Then Everybody Would See Them”

    Then your father should not have decided to run for president.

    A private citizen can have expectations of privacy.

    Not a presidential candidate.

  • TheManicMechanic

    More lies would be exposed, that’s why he won’t release them. It’s all excuses at this point.

  • How is that different from Hillary Clinton who has released 38 years of tax returns, more than any candidate in history?

  • Well finally someone in the Trump campaign makes sense. Let’s applaud Donald junior for his honesty.

  • Paul Michael

    So are his tax returns from the last 20 or so years all being audited ? I would be happy to see his from just 3 years ago, surly that can’t still be waiting for an IRS audit. Why doesn’t any ask for tax returns prior to last years ?

  • IamM

    I’m thinking someone who was serious & didn’t have anything to hide would’ve released their tax returns long ago so they wouldn’t distract from their message especially if they were unusually complicated.

  • SilasMarner

    Oh bullshit. Trump just doesn’t want the public to see the taxes he’s NOT paying. You know, like his fair share. “I don’t pay taxes, only the little people pay taxes”- Leona Helmsley

    • CatCope

      One would wonder why a “SMART Feller” like Dumph, would not hire a ‘Dirty’ accountant to “FIX” stuff?? Whether it be NOT paying his fair share, “charity” donations, $ to our enemies, so on………

      • david fairfield

        He might be buying time to do just that…stay tuned.

  • JerryRich

    The Children of the Trump have decided to take a bigger public role in HO’s campaign. Like Dad, they simply cannot hide their inner dickishness for any length of time. First Ivanka with her absurd “child care proposal, then Jr. with this nonsensical excuse. I’m sure Eric will try to top his siblings and win this episode of Who wants to be an Asshole.

  • CatCope

    It would detract from his father’s MAIN Message??!! EXACTLTY, Lil’ Dumph!!

    • david fairfield

      I’m still wondering what that is!

  • MonochromeMouse

    He won’t release them because then people will see he wrote off his donations to ISIS, NAMBLA, and Putin #LockHimUp

  • JCF

    “A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth.” – Michael Kinsley

  • Marides48


  • Suzanne Smith

    Oh Please! LOL Just think for a minute, how many of you had to jump through freaking hoops to buy your home and show every tiny pieces of documentation before getting a loan or the keys, But we aren’t allowed to ask for total disclosure from a person who wants to be our president?REALLY!!! Go Home Trump Jr and your Dad, your drunk!

  • Juanitatscheffel1

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  • Alex Klebenow

    umm hey Junior… THAT is the EXACT idea of why he needs to release them!
    Simply because you are a family of privileged vermin, does not mean that your Verminous SCUM of a father does not follow the precedent set forth for DECADES of Presidential candidates.
    We already DESPISE his message, so that excuse is no good any longer… NOW try an excuse which is credible!!
    That entire family is just a bunch of privileged, rich, verminous scum who are exactly like their loser of a dad!!!