On Why Gay Men Love Musicals [VIDEOS]

Here’s an entertaining pair of videos in which the narrator explores the famed passion that many gay men have for musical theater. Watch below as he examines the careers of Cole Porter, Noel Coward, Lorenz Hart, and other famed gay composers. More from the San Diego Gay & Lesbian News:

Mr. Musical Theatre Mash, or as he likes to be called “Mr. Mash,” has done some digging into the history of the musical and found that lyricists often masked their love of the same sex buy writing songs filled with innuendo, only to have woman sing them.

In one blaring example Mr. Mash uses 1953’s “Kiss Me Kate” in which Ann Miller’s character sings about her cravings for a man – any man: “I’m a maid mad to marry, and will take double-quick; any Tom, Dick or Harry…any Tom, Harry or Dick! A dicka-dick, a dicka-dick, a dicka-dick…”

The term “dick,” as innuendo for the male reproductive organ, has been used as slang since the times of Shakespeare.

Perhaps the above song is only a referencing a popular phrase which has ironically come to mean “unspecified person,” but take into consideration the man who wrote it, Cole Porter.