Sean Hannity: When Hillary Laughs, Her Out Of Control Movements Are Almost Seizure-Esque [VIDEO]

Last night Fox News host Sean Hannity interviewed two doctors about Hillary Clinton’s supposedly poor health, which thanks to homocons Matt Drudge and Jim Hoft has become the latest insane meme to sweep Teabagistan. According to Hannity, when Hillary laughs, her “out of control” movements are “almost seizure-esque.” Seriously. Watch below. The “Hillary has seizures” claim started on Hoft’s Gateway Pundit site.

  • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)

    Desperado. I can’t wait to feed on thie copious salty tears. Yum. Mama’s getting thirsty

  • GreenEyedLilo

    Hannity’s problem is he’s not used to hearing a loud, hearty laugh from a woman outside of the bedroom.

    • j.martindale

      These are paid sex workers who see Hannity in his altogether for the first time.

      • Mariarohara3

        <<hp. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!ir87m:….,….

    • Todd20036

      I’ve gotten used to laughter in the bedroom. Usually at my expense.

    • Michael Rush

      Someone tweet that to him

    • crewman

      This is the stupid mean-girl lie they are trying to spread, that Hillary has early-stage Parkinsons.

    • Uncle Mark

      That’s only ONE of Hannity’s problems. His biggest problem is his vacuous head and the air that goes whooshing out of it. (It’s a weird scientific anomaly.). On the other hand, it’s very generous of FOX to give work to the mentally handicapped.

      • Herald

        They seem to do that a lot. I have to admit I never thought of Faux in that positive of a manner.

      • Kruhn

        And today’s Kaiser Wilhelm II Award for Making an Ass of Himself goes to… Sean Hannity!

    • Uncle Mark

      Please…Hannity pretending to be an expert on female physiology; the only American women Hannity has had any intimate experiences with…are referred to as “Inflatable Americans.”

      • cleos_mom

        Or, to employ a grossly overused reference, the “inflatable community.”

        • Uncle Mark

          Yes, the “inflatable community” deserves more airtime !!

  • thom

    I know he’s always been crazy, but was he this unhinged in 08 and 12?

  • Todd20036

    Seriously? That’s what he is reduced to? We shouldn’t elect her because of the way she laughs?

    • TampaDink

      Makes perfect sense in a world where people believe that they should vote for don the con because of the way he talks.

    • Dramphooey

      This is what they’re reduced to. His pathetic audience is flailing and panicking with the current polls numbers and they need a new meme.

      • Jerry

        And they’re dying off…last time I saw stats, Faux News viewers had an average age of 69 and it’s continued to climb.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      His listeners reject science, math, history, facts, and logic. Is it that far a stretch to get them to embrace this nonsense.

      • Paula

        ‘Ceptin that part about how The War of Northern Aggression robbed the South of heritage and rights. They was just tryin’ to defend theys way of living.

    • RGG

      That’s all they got.

      • clay

        It’s a campaign of undesirables on both sides this time.

    • sonoitabear

      ” That’s what he is reduced to?”

      InsHannity’s entire “career” is based on “reductio ad absurdam”…

  • Mr. M

    Unfortunately for all of us, when Hillary becomes President, it will be another 4 years of Faux News and the bats*t crazy radical reich wing trashing the Democrats..

    • TampaDink

      Well then, we should all support don the con….and in fact, never elect another Democratic president, just to keep Faux Noise happy.

    • lymis

      That could never happen. Remember how adamant FOX was during the Bush years that any criticism of the President is treasonous.

  • Todd20036

    There’s a WaPo article about some of the emails from the Clinton Foundation, but I’m having trouble understanding the ramifications of it. Anyone else want to give it a try?

    • Mr. M

      If you remember “Travelgate”, it just puts the Clintons in this light that when they are in power, they bring in THEIR people. With Trump in the mix, it’s hardly the biggest controversy for this election…

      • Ninja0980

        His entire economic team are his donors, and not a peep from the Washington Post or anyone else about that.

        • Mr. M

          I totally agree – and Trump should be eviscerated for it but the media is scared they will be blacklisted. Clinton Foundation donors though in contact with the State Department doesn’t look that great either. It’s why both Clinton and Trump are the least likable candidates for Prez in our countries history.

          • lymis

            “In contact” is one thing. Prove to me that they got favors or special treatment, not just that their emails went through, and we can talk. And while you’re doing that, even if donors who asked for things got them, prove that they got better treatment than people who weren’t donors.

            The GOP can hardly start claiming that lobbyists are some sort of blight on the American Way at this point.

          • Piet

            The GOP can hardly start claiming that big donors don’t get favors or special treatment at this point, considering what they’ve done over the years.

      • lymis

        The hypocrisy is always stunning. Like Bush didn’t boot out Clinton’s people and bring in his own. (Or. well, Cheney’s own.)

        When Bush signs a historically staggering number of signing statements eviscerating laws, it’s pragmatic patriotism. When Obama adds a signing statement clarifying one, it’s a crisis! Embassy bombings and deaths left and right under Bush, well, it’s a rough world and the US is facing incredible odds for being so wonderful. One under Hillary and we need 7 Congressional investigations, all of which ignore the fact that the funding got cut drastically below the funding that didn’t even protect the others.

        You know damn well that if Hillary gets elected and the Senate goes blue, any five minute delay in passing a law or any obstruction by Democrats will be A Betrayal of Our American Values.

    • lymis

      The real-world sane ramifications, or the political spin ramifications?

      The issue is that of the concern that as Secretary of State, Hillary’s staffers were having email conversations with donors to the Clinton Foundation apparently discussing requests for political considerations because of the charitable money they donated. I’ve seen nothing even hinting at offering, much less taking, bribes, but that’s the “concern.” Did Hillary use her position as Secretary of State to trade favors for donations to her Foundation. Of course, the mere fact that someone sent such an email doesn’t automatically mean that the response wasn’t, “No thanks, we don’t do that.” And I notice that that part is completely left out of the discussion. If it’s true, that’s what needs to be said, but they’re clearly trying to damn her by association. It’s potentially like claiming that I’m complicit in the fraudulent business dealings of the people who send me flyers in the mail.

      The political spin is that this is just one more accusation of corrupt business dealings on the part of the Clintons (even though none have ever been proven, there’s a type of mind who equates the mere accusation with guilt.) And, no doubt, since Trump’s clear and extensive history of business fraud, corruption, shady deals, influence peddling, and stiffing people who did the job they were contracted for is (or at least should be) one of the biggest negatives about his qualifications, they’re doing their best to come up with any accusations of shady business practices or fraudulent financial dealings so that they can say, “Why complain about Trump? Clinton does it, too!” – even if there’s absolutely no parallel even if the accusations were true, but especially if they’re unproven.

      The GOP is gifted at figuring out what the most damning thing about their candidate is, and then trying to start a whispering campaign that the other candidate is just as guilty. Our candidate is a serial adulterer? Find a photo that appears to show their candidate checking out someone’s ass. Our party has a horrific record with regards civil rights? Trot out a Ben Carson. Our party policies actively discriminate against women? Well, Ann Coulter doesn’t like Hillary. And so on.

      • clay

        The FBI already looked at that and decided there was no need or evidence for even a formal investigation, let alone prosecution.

        It reminds me of damning Geraldine Ferraro for her husband’s work. They’ll all start calling her “Mrs. Bill Clinton” shortly.

  • JT

    Hannity has very small hands.

    • And you know what they say:
      Warm hands, warm heart;
      Small hands, small ‘nads.

      • Todd20036

        My hands are so small, I’ve fisted up to my bicep.
        My nads are so large, I can penetrate a hole with them.
        Admittedly, I’m weird.

        • Christopher Smith

          I so want to say ‘pics or it didn’t happen….’ 🙂

  • Rex

    When I laugh it’s because people like Hannity are such desperate dumbasses.

  • Buford

    I’ll state the obvious… it blows my mind that this stuff gets traction with conservatives. They will actually declare someone unfit to serve in public office because of their laugh (Hillary) or a celebratory yell (Howard Dean)… yet when Trump (or Dubya) spout all varieties of dangerous nonsense, they are quick to defend them as mere jokes or bluster that their opponents are politicizing unfairly.

    • Mark

      I think they mean that Trump and W are the joke….

    • Frostbite

      What else can they criticize on? It’s not like they can compare Trump’s policies and plans to hers. “I’ve got the best people on it” doesn’t really give you much to show off now, does it?

      • Buford

        Yes… BUT, this is not new. They successfully decried John Kerry’s war record such that he was beaten by a privileged idiot who never served. Howard Dean’s yell… Al Gore invented the internet… all examples of how gullible and shallow-minded the Republican voters can be.

        • j.martindale

          Unfortunately, it isn’t merely Republicans. The American public as a whole is uninformed and horribly susceptible to blathering nitwits. They go whichever way the wind blows. It is somehow important to about a quarter of the electorate not that the candidate espouses what is in the voter’s best interest, but that they follow the crowd and vote with the majority.

          • DN

            Reminds me of my favorite Clickhole headline:

            My Doctor Told Me I Should Vaccinate My Children, But Then Someone Much Louder Than My Doctor Told Me I Shouldn’t


          • Todd20036

            Is that site sort of like The Onion?

          • robindaybird

            It’s an Onion spinoff

          • cleos_mom

            Last night I actually heard someone on National Pablum Radio talk about not having a candidate “that you’d like to go to a cookout with” this year.

          • j.martindale

            NPR used to do real news. I am totally over public radio and TV broadcasting since the W years. The Republicans broke it.

    • vorpal

      Wasn’t there an issue back in the last Benghazi joke of a trial where Hillary coughed a few times, and they started shrieking about how she was clearly dying and thus should not be considered for president?

      She could get an ingrown hair (not Cheeto-orange) and Trump would say that it was time to put her down.

      • Joe in PA

        Hmmm, I think he said that on Tuesday. 🙁

      • Oikos

        The latest one is IceGate, a photo of her being assisted up some stairs in February. She is unfit because of ice and winter.

        • vorpal

          Yeah, after some Breitbartian gleefully mentioned to me that there was lots of time for Hillary to have a stroke before November, I looked this one up.

          It’s amazing how excited they get when they imagine people they dislike getting hurt or dying… their beady little eyes light up like children at Christmas.

          • Oikos

            It’s a conspiracy by the National Weather Service, Hillary and the Rose Law Firm.

          • vorpal

            Sshhhhh! We don’t want to give away the membership roster of the NWO!

          • OdieDenCO

            I have to admit imagining trump doing a Ford down a flight of steps does bring a gleam to my eyes

          • Steverino

            Wingnuts find mayhem and death to be hilarious.

          • vorpal

            I find only when it’s actually plausible mayhem and death, though, in which case, they begin to salivate like starving dogs.

            When I recently made an “eat more babies” joke in response to a science show video about the explosion in human population and overpopulation, a few fundamentalist Christians literally had a SHIT FIT and posted dozens and dozens of comments about just how un-funny eating babies is, despite that I clearly only meant it in a silly hypothetical sense.

            Because I am a total bastard, I decided to up the ante and say, “Okay, we’ll just have to agree to disagree about the comedic value of eating babies, but I’m sure we can ALL at least acknowledge that eating Zika babies is fucking hilarious!”

            The apoplexy explosion was a beautiful thing.

          • Librarykid

            You would think that they had not heard of Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal from 1729 which includes the line, ”I have been assured by a very knowing American of my
            acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a
            year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether
            stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled …”.

          • NancyP

            Admittedly, we all thought that way concerning the late Justice Scalia, though retirement would have been fine.

          • Librarykid

            But he wouldn’t retire so he was retired for all time.

          • Librarykid

            I am going to have to admit to having fantasies about horrible things happening to horrible people so it’s not just a right wing thing. They generally involve pain, paralysis and eternity, or as my father, alav ha shalom, used to say, lying in hell with a broken back.

      • Uncle Mark

        There was of course the concussion that Hillary suffered in 2014 at the time of the Benghazi trials, and the Right Wing talking heads were claiming with sick delight that Hillary had a stroke and/or was left neurologically damaged. After seeing her performance at the last Benghazi witch hunt, I think we all saw who the brain-damaged really were.

    • Skokieguy [Larry]

      And booing gay soliders, mothers of soldier at town halls, parents of dead soliders, the constitution…. Cheering for violence, the suppression of dissent, murdering Hillary, the suppression of the press….

      The tea party patriots certainly are not patriots.

      • Uncle Mark

        I’ve been wishing that the tea party would go brew a hearty pot of hemlock for themselves.

      • Todd20036

        And I doubt they’ve ever tea bagged anyone.

    • Richard Rush

      Actually, it would blow my mind if this stuff did NOT get traction with conservatives . . . because conservatives tend to be very religious, which means they are predisposed to being delusional, which then means that if they have to choose between reality and delusion on almost any issue, they will choose delusion if it is what they want to believe.

      • Corsair Tact

        So MLK and Gandhi were delusional?

        • ceeenbee

          No, they had the good sense to see god, or whatever sky faerie you choose to insert, as guiding light towards social justice, peace and the betterment of mankind. These fake christians, and other pseudo-religious fools, see god as a vengeful love little prick, who uncannily happens to share their exact bigotries, who is just itching to return from the sky faerie clouds to smite everyone on an epic apocalypse. They are certainly delusional.

    • NancyP

      It is really hard to compete for the Stupid Faux-watching demographic, they believe what they want to hear, and want to be told what to think.

    • clay

      That’s because they don’t give a shit about laughter (Santorum’s, Lindseybelle’s) or yells (Santorum’s, McCain’s), just as Trump (maybe) doesn’t give a shit about disability. It’s just an visible, easy, juvenile attack.

  • Captain Obvious

    Fun Fact: Sean Hannity used to have two eyebrows, but he shaved off the top one.

    • Mr. M

      Sean Hannity looks terrible.

      • TampaDink


      • Treant

        Don’t you think he looks tired?

        • Mr. M

          He does – and he looks gaunt. Probably the stress of having to defend Trump day in and day out…

          • Mark

            Naaa – that is definitely “the rent boy wore me out” look….

          • Mr. M

            Shots fired!

        • Oikos

          Tired of lying incessantly.

        • Robincho

          An angry mob should have him tired and furthered…

  • Michael

    This is all the right can come up with? They actually are wasting TV and print time on this?!?

    • lymis

      Because their time would be so much better spent praising the merits of their own candidate….

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Sean Hannity has lost his mind. His comments of the past few weeks are that of a man who is not well.

    • Cuberly

      I’m wondering if Ailes departure was the last straw & lumpy just can’t handle it.

      • lattebud

        Guess with Ailes arranged his “dates” and now he is all alone..

        • Cuberly

          He probably spends his nights alone, in Ailes’ empty office, half empty whiskey bottle in one hand. Licking Ailes old office chair, sniffing Ailes computer keyboard…sobbing.

          • ceeenbee

            Good imagery.

    • Traxley Launderette

      People are saying this. It’s terrible.

    • greenmanTN

      No, they aren’t. But unless he stokes out during this election I’m afraid we’ll have to put up with him for his whole bitter life, shaking his cane at the camera and spewing his bitter bile.

    • Librarykid

      He’s worried that his name is going to come up in the sexual harassment suit at FOX and he’s lost his champion Ailes.

  • Ninja0980

    Almost time to get out the nets for him.

  • billbear1961

    Jesus, what a useless asshole this man is!

    • TampaDink

      Sad. Assholes, so often have many uses.

      • billbear1961

        Not THAT one!

        • TampaDink

          Agreed. Although fertilizers often come in handy to keep a forest lawn nice & green.

          • billbear1961

            If there were any real journalists left in this country, they’d go after propagandists like this LIAR and expose him for what he is, instead of treating the POS like a colleague.

            It’s people like this fascist who are very largely responsible for the DANGER this republic finds itself in today.

            The danger would not be what it is in a nation with a truly free press dedicated to discovering and disseminating the TRUTH, heaping scorn on false equivalencies, and protecting genuine democracy from those out to undermine and DESTROY it.

            No matter how much PROOF they have, the press is afraid–AFRAID–to call a liar a LIAR. They’re AFRAID to laugh in the face of someone whose arguments are pure BULLSHIT and to point out the likely dreadful consequences of extremist policies.

            Their self-righteous, two-faced, dishonest, DISGRACEFUL game of false equivalencies undermines this republic.

            They INSULT those they are duty-bound to INFORM!!

    • David F.

      He’s a prolapsed one – what you don’t normally see is now on the outside for the world to see.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Sean Hannity Descends Into Utter Denial Over Trump’s Polling

    • Ray Taylor

      Social media trumps the election every time.

  • Mark

    Based on the endless repetition of mundane phrases, I am certain – beyond any doubt – Trump has dementia. The best people are saying it.

    • TampaDink

      SOMETHING is going on, people. Sad.

  • dafs

    Oh, is this the part where Sean Hannity pretends he’d give a shit if Hillary dropped dead tomorrow?

  • stuckinthewoods

    Hannity’s speculation is ridiculous but I have to say I don’t think Clinton is a good orator. I wish she would project more of the measured confidence of Obama.

    • lymis

      Obama set that bar extremely high. He’s a brilliant orator. We really can’t expect everyone else to measure up, especially not on a daily, soundbite and media intensive campaign stump speech basis. When we see her giving prepared speeches AS president will be the time to judge. She won’t measure up to Obama, but few people could.

      • stuckinthewoods

        Once she is president I think it immaterial whether she’s a good orator. First I want her to get to that position.

        • ohbear1957

          Obama is beyond gifted in terms of US presidential oratory but who can we compare to Hillary? Georgina Washington? Abrahamette Lincoln? Ronalda Reagan?
          We have to keep in mind that Hillary’s working above the broken glass-ceiling.
          Speaking of beyond gifted and broken glass . . .. . .

          • clay

            Edith Wilson, Eleanor Roosevelt, wait, do we have voice recordings of Wilson?

  • TSS

    Please, if this is what Hannity thinks, he doesn’t know what a seizure is.

    Besides, there are plenty of accomplished people with seizure disorders – the Chief Justice being one of them.

  • Joe in PA

    I’m not gonna watch it…but if these “Doctors” are really “Doctors”…I wonder if they would like their credentials call in to question. Hmmm doc?

    • ohbear1957

      We know what their diplomas will look like.

  • Oikos

    Proof of their extreme desperation at having nominated a shitgibbon as their candidate.

  • WebSlinger


    Sean Patrick Hannity grew up in Franklin Square, New York and attended Sacred Heart Seminary in Hempstead, New York, during his middle school years and St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary high school in Uniondale, New York.

    Hannity dropped out of New York University and Adelphi University.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    People are saying that Sean Hannity, makes shit up in a little room and then eats his own poop. I have heard it a lot, theres talk about it…

    • Boy Elvis

      People are also saying he was complicit in the widespread sexual harassment of female staff at Fox News.

  • Boy Elvis

    I’m pretty sure this whole “Hillary is sick” thing is the dumbest attempt to smear I have heard from the Trumptards.

    • Corsair Tact

      And that’s saying a lot!

    • HandyAndy

      They’re going with the Dr Who, “Don’t you think she looks tired?” school of political strategy.

    • clay

      considering the quality of his own medical report . . .

  • Blake Jordan

    Trump is suffering from syphilitic dementia!!!

  • TuuxKabin

    There’s no description for drumpf laughing, because he never laughs. I’d rather have and vote for a candidate, apart from having experience and a thinking mind with a sense of humor who can have a good laugh then one who can only lie, accuse, mock and alienate.

  • HZ81

    I wonder if Shemp is out at Fox News. He’s always been a desperate, stupid, lying, ignorant, racist, homophobic, sexist. ugly, nasty bag of shit, but he seems to be on a tear ala Glenn Beck before his canning.

    Who knows.

    • Oikos

      He’ll have to find a new john to blow now that Ailes is gone.

    • I think they’re all on the way out with Ailes. There might be a purge of gropers and bullies coming. O’Reilly is definitely a harasser and I imagine someone will accuse this idiot soon too.

      Lachlan Murdoch is going to take FOX in a more centrist direction.

      • HZ81

        That’s what I was thinking. They’ll return to classic ’90s Fox—barely hiding their contempt for the left instead of pouring it on thick.

  • Sam_Handwich

    almost seems seizure-esque!

    • Boy Elvis

      So presidential!

    • Todd20036

      I prefer the gif where he’s being zapped by lightning.

      • Paula

        Me, too!

    • clay

      and, frankly, I don’t care if we put that up against a gif of Elaine dancing with a Hillary mask on– we’ve had presidents with physical disabilities before and it has NOT been disastrous. Let’s elect the one who can do what a president is supposed to do.

  • Mike C

    This is about as low as you can go.

    • David F.

      Don’t challenge them to go lower – you know that they can and will.

  • Hannity is just developmentally handicapped enough to realize that he is stupid, and it has caused immense emotional issues including rage, resentment and deep feelings of inadequacy.

    But I’m not a doctor.

  • Larry in Oklahoma

    It must be true about her. I mean, after all, we KNOW Donald J. Trump has Alzheimer’s because he forgets a lot of things. Then, there’s Rush Limbaugh who forgot to leave the country if President Obama was reelected. (Alzheimer’s if I ever saw it.) And that psychotic use-ta be singer Ted Nugent that predicted his own death if Obama was reelected. (We still don’t know whether he meant that as suicide or murder.) And let’s not forget deal old Caribou Barbie and her dysfunctional family. Oh, and before I forget it, let’s throw in Tony Perkins and his sidekick Josh “I molested girls” Duggar. Yeah, Sean conveniently forgot about all these other wackos. Even if it were true about Hillary, and it’s not, she pales in comparison to those in the Rethiglicunt party.

  • Oikos

    Perhaps Bill Frist could tell us whether Hannity’s brain is damaged or not.

  • lymis

    Please, Trump has the weirdest facial mannerisms and hand gestures of any politician in recent memory. That kabuki hand jive thing he does is truly bizarre.

    And Hannity is worried about Clinton’s laugh?

    • TSS

      “Kabuki hand jive thing”! Lol!

  • Corsair Tact

    Still using the Goebbels playback I see.

  • bambinoitaliano

    It’s typical schoolyard bully. When you tell someone off they don’t have a good come back, they started to parrot what you call them. Fox News is a frat house for a bunch of low grade bullies who has no interest in news reporting nor do they have the necessary training to be one.

  • OdieDenCO

    hannity: Maybe if you were familiar with human joy, you’d understand laughter is out of control.

  • When Hannity speaks, it is almost diarrhea-esque. Pass it on.

  • Jay Silversmith

    I’ve said it before: Shammity is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. He doesn’t really have to keep sucking Ailes’s dick now that he’s gone. He just chooses that “lifestyle.”

  • delk

    …interviewed two doctors about Hillary Clinton’s supposedly poor health.

    Same ‘magically diagnosing’ doctors like the ones that knew what Terri Schiavo’s condition was?

  • Sam_Handwich

    August 22 Time cover

  • greenmanTN

    There is plenty of evidence that Trump has, at least, a personality disorder, narcissistic, sociopathic, or whatever. So in their mind, to counteract that, Hillary must have a physical disorder…

    I have to say I wasn’t expecting this exact tactic, but still it looks like desperation to me.

  • Cosmo Tupper

    Well, if that’s all you have as a journalist, Hannity, it is time to go home! That’s the argument of someone with no viable talking points and you have to insult demeanor to show as a way to “bully” your protagonist! Particularly since YOUR demeanor has much left to be desired!

  • olandp

    You don’t get to be the stupidest and second stupidest men on the internet easily, there is a lot of competition…

  • bkmn

    Is that all you have Sean? I know you don’t want to go to the policy area since your boy Trump has none, along with real ideas.

  • Brian

    I’m really starting to hate this d-bag. He appears to have become unhinged since Ailes was removed. Perhaps he knows he’s next out the door and has nothing to lose? I can only hope. Asshole.

    • Bruno

      Since Ailes only?

      • Brian

        I don’t pay attention to Fox. I figure they are spouting bullshit 24/7/365 so for me to have an opinion/notice beyond that indicates extremes somewhere in the pipe 🙂

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Apparently the APA has higher standards for its members than the AMA. I mean, they are fucking diagnosing Clinton from a video.

    • Friday

      You mean making stuff up cause they got nothing. 🙂

  • ceeenbee

    Lumpy has collapsed into a heap seeing our next POTUS, Hillary Clinton, surging in the polls and his sleazeball former boss slithering away. I hear he just holes himself up at a dive bar near his office. I’ve not actually seen it but, that’s what I hear from good people on the ground. He just sits and sings to himself.

  • what’s sad is that sometimes i really do feel less than excited about the prospect of a old leader. obviously Bernie is just as old, and i love him. but i just think that sometimes the leadership we have is really out of touch with the concerns of people under 40. HRC isn’t sick or infirm and it’s ridiculous to pretend she is. but i’d really like to see more younger people at the highest levels of govt.

    • Ross

      Age is not related to empathy.

      A person can be young and have no empathy for other young people.

      A person can be old and have a great deal of empathy for young people.

      I think Hillary is in the latter group. She has spent a lifetime traveling the globe and listening to people. Young. Old. In the middle. Children.

      People who know Hillary report that she has high levels of empathy.

      THIS is what I want in a president. I don’t care about their age.

      • i think you’re right about her. i was just speaking generally. i was watching a documentary recently about the people who took us to war in Vietnam. one thing really stood out, in addition to the fact that they were almost all white (and probably xtian) was that they were old guys. guys so far away from service days, if they ever served, that i’m sure those were fond memories confused in that way that happens as we age. we tend to forget the hard parts of things we did in the past, and only remember the glory. but as we all know, there was no glory to be found in Vietnam.

        again, HRC is hale, intelligent, and hopefully empathetic. but there’s an urgency to some problems facing younger people today, and i sincerely hope she “groks that.” and will act accordingly.

      • Ish

        She has a lot of empathy for all the Iraqi women and children she caused to have killed.

    • Xuuths

      It’s just so difficult to get younger people who have enough experience working with politicians, who have enough experience fundraising, who have enough experience internationally, and the kind of education to have an adequate skillset for the job.

      Not egomaniacs who think their military-themed high school is equal to actual military experience, or that going bankrupt gives them business experience, or running a beauty pageant with foreign women counts as international comprehension.)

      It really is hard to have the necessary kind of experience and skill and mental toughness without also a lot of years of life. When I see someone who I think has a bunch of it, I say “in 10 or 20 years, they may be a real contender.” Of course, I’m always on the lookout. I say “if they were vice president for a term or two, that would get them ready.”

      It’s one thing to say an outsider is necessary, but when any 30 year old (minimum age for Senator) can filibuster any legislation, or a 25 year old Representative can not bring your legislation up for a vote, you have to work with people. That takes some insider kind of experience to be effective. 68% of Hillary’s legislation had Republican co-sponsors. Bernie, for all his ideas that I completely agree with, did not have that kind of record of getting bipartisan support. Fortunately, he was able to push Hillary to the left — and I hope he will continue to do so during her presidency.

      Write down the specific skills, training/education, and experiences you think would make an ideal president — then see how long it would realistically take to acquire them under the best circumstances. My guess is that the candidate will end up in their late 40’s at the very least, probably the mid-50’s.

    • Friday

      There’s probably going to have to be eventually, but there’s liable to be something of a generation gap. ‘Young Republican’ asses who are now still little better than stuffed shirts (cause any idiot can read bumpersticker slogans, repeat talk radio propaganda, and get in the way and do what corporations tell them to, ) but statesmanship does take skill and we may have something of a generation gap among a lot of gen-xers, politics were for one, too dirty and basically being anyone interesting at all would tend to disqualify you, still. And for another, the older generations just were living longer and just not likely to get out of the way, so there wasn’t perceived to be a lot of *room* there for a lot of people my age.

  • Ross

    When Sean Opens His Mouth, His Inanity Is Imbecile-Esque

    • Hue-Man

      Is Hannanity a recognized affliction?

  • sherman

    “Before becoming a prominent Fox News personality, Sean Hannity was fired from a local radio show for peddling a number of extremely disparaging smears about gay people, including the myth that gay men are prone to disease because they consume each other’s feces during sex.”

    • Uncle Mark

      ….And yet, Hannity’s viewers seem to eagerly swallow his bullshit. One shudders at the mental diseases that’s causing. Republicans are certainly the masters of projection.

      • Xuuths

        They’re definitely fecalphiliacs.

      • Ray Butlers

        I think he’s just validating what they already believe. That’s his job.

        • Uncle Mark

          Part of his job is to reinforce the perceptions of his addle-minded viewers…and then to plant more horribleness to ratchet up his viewers’ hatreds.

  • Just waiting for Hannity to accuse Clinton of having cooties.

    Better! He might start quoting the Von Tussles from “Hairspray”: “For all we know, she might be high yellow!”

    • Uncle Mark

      Or he might be reporting that Hillary is hemoraging out her wherever

  • Todd

    Ha. HILLARY should release her medical records ??

    As soon as Trump rare Leases his tax returns !!!!

    • clay

      BTW (and not in the way Trump uses that term), Hillary HAS released her medical records AND her tax returns.

  • John Calendo

    The only seizures up ahead are the ones on November 8 when all the morons soil their diapers over Trump’s catastrophic loss. Then Drudge and the Gateway Pundit and Sarah and Sean and Ann Coulter will have only one way out.

    • Octavio

      Gotta love that she’s sticking her head into an electric oven. Love the retro mink coat.

  • Cosmo Tupper

    Well, his mentor Trump makes fun of (and bullies) anyone who is substandard to him so he’s just trying to keep up with his “hero”.
    Substandard to Trump? Muslims, Mexicans, LGBTs, WOMEN and the handicapped. What peaches they are!

  • Bill Post

    Vaguely remember a generation ago was it Hillary?… Who’s wife baked the best apple pie.. progress but not much really.

    • clay

      (cookies. Hillary’s response was two-fold: “I don’t really bake, spending my time on children’s rights;” and coming up with a much better product.)

  • Gerry Fisher

    Yes, Sean, your attempts at “journalism” send her into fits of laughter.

  • Hue-Man

    I’m shocked!

    NYT this morning: “The ouster of Roger Ailes and an internal inquiry have done little to
    halt a drumbeat of new accusations of misogyny at Fox News.”

  • AdamTh

    Should we remark that Hannity/Faux seem almost news-esque?

  • drtrmiller

    Seizures, Parkinson’s, are recognized disabilities. If the accusations were true, Trump, Hannity, et all would be mocking a disabled person. As if that hasn’t happened before.

    • Friday

      Of course they’re out of their minds, just trying to make people ‘think they saw it’ like certain airplanes. 🙂

  • Tigernan Quinn

    Seriously. They are so clear about losing that now all they have is “let’s kill her” and “she’s sick anyway.” Good Lord.

  • Robert Conner

    HAH! When I laugh at you, Sean O’Fuckwit, the sound is almost Satanesque.

  • DesertSun59

    Hannity is a college dropout.

    That’s all you need to know.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    WOW! I didn’t think it was possible, I honestly thought we had scraped the bottom of the barrel with Trump and his fabricated lunacy, but this? Doctors on a talk show offering pseudo-diagnosis’ and discussing a person’s heath based on how they laugh? Seriously? This is where the American electoral cycle has now gone? The word disgusting doesn’t even come close to describing my feelings about this .

    • clay

      Oh, no, we’re still very far from the bottom of the barrel. They haven’t really gone after her on abortion, yet.

  • FelineMama

    “Insannity” not til some teabagger loon comes up with this nonsense do you jump on the teabagger bandwagon. You are a World Class POS !!!

  • coram nobis

    Of course. And if Hillary doesn’t laugh in public, it might go like this:
    – – –
    HANNITY: Does Hillary’s failure to laugh in public show she’s out of touch? Or something worse? Here is our panel of experts.
    Dr. SIGISMUNDUS PAVLOV, Ossining State Univ.: Ve zee here an uncommunicative, withdrawn perzonality, bordering on catatonia.
    HANNITY: Catatonia, that’s next to Syria, isn’t it?
    PAVLOV: Nein.
    Dr. CONRAD LINGUS, Univ. of Eastern South Dakota: It could be that Hillary is frigid.
    Prof. PHALLO CENTRICK, Regent Univ.: Or it could be that she has a psychogenic syndrome and delusions of power.
    HANNITY: And now this word for Cialis.

  • James

    Talk about violating professional ethics.

  • Highmoremotel

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sean genuinely laugh. I don’t think I’ve seen him laugh intentionally either. Might help if he could empathize laughter.

    Sean should be focused on finding a new gig anyway. He got all brave with his “I’m leaving if Ailes leaves”. Ailes left, Sean shat. Life is good.

  • FrancisMcGlitterbomb

    Rachel Maddow pointed out that Fox News has no real journalists. No true journalist would work there. Every “reporter” is given talking points and outlines.

  • andrew

    Scum like the right wing propagandist Hannity will do and say anything in an attempt to destroy those they disagree with.

  • JCF
  • Gianni

    I watched the video and I see an enthusiastic woman laughing and agreeing with whatever was said. Sean is really pumping his guests to agree with him and they won’t say so because they can’t diagnose such bullshit from afar. He is a scumbag and is just trying to turn the tables by making up a ‘medical’ issue because Trump’s mental state and uncontrollable character have become questionable. Fux News, right.
    By the way, Ailes is gone. When is Sean going to make good on his word to leave, too?

  • Lane

    People are talking a lot these days about Trump’s cancer diagnosis, and how that’s one of the reasons he’s not releasing his tax returns.

  • B Snow

    And her dancing is even worse, especially when she wears a dark wig!

  • Mariarohara3

    <<hp. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!ir87m:….,…..

  • Tammy Rainey

    lol, he’s basically begging them to confirm his BS and they won’t do it! Fun!

  • MassageBear

    Reeks of desperation.