SiriusXM Suspends Glenn Beck After Guest Wonders When A “Patriot” Will Assassinate Donald Trump

Via Talking Points Memo:

SiriusXM radio suspended conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck this week after a recent guest on his show warned Donald Trump poses an “extinction-level” threat to the country and suggested a “patriot” might need to remove him from office by any means necessary, Politico reported.

During Wednesday’s “Glenn Beck Radio Program,” fiction writer Brad Thor said he “guarantees” Trump would temporarily suspend the Constitution during his possible presidency and is a “danger to America.”

“With the feckless, spineless Congress we have, who will stand in the way of Donald Trump overstepping his constitutional authority as President?” Thor said. “If Congress won’t remove him from office, what patriot will step up and do that if he oversteps his mandate as President, his constitutional-granted authority, I should say, as President.”

Politico has a statement from SiriusXM:

SiriusXM encourages a diversity of discourse and opinion on our talk programs. However, comments recently made by a guest on the independently produced Glenn Beck Program, in our judgement, may be reasonably construed by some to have been advocating harm against an individual currently running for office, which we cannot and will not condone. For that reason, we have suspended The Glenn Beck Program from our Patriot channel for the coming week and are evaluating its place in our lineup going forward. SiriusXM is committed to a spirited, robust, yet responsible political conversation and believes this action reflects those values.

Breitbart is celebrating. Of course.

  • anne marie in philly

    GOOD! now can we get that fat white limbaugh asswipe off the air also?

  • bkmn

    But why did Sirius give the very insane Beck a platform in the first place? His history is full of this kind of hatred.

  • Michael Rush
  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    If only it had been a Republican campaign event…

  • Michael Smith

    Beck is just as responsible for Trump as anybody for peddling the same narrative for a decade.

    • Cuberly


    • David L. Caster

      Of course he and those of his ilk don’t see it that way. They are the victims of the Trumpanzees.

    • oikos


      • MB


  • ryan charisma

    THAT is the reason? THAT? NOW?

  • ceeenbee

    I think this was orchestrated by George Soros and his henchpeople.

    • Paula

      Who cares? He’s off! 😀

    • james_from_cambridge
      • Michael Rush

        This place has everything: Split kicks, pachucos, pile after pile of expired lunchables, and a Hawaiian cleaning lady who looks like Smokey Robinson

    • Acronym Jim

      His little, yellow, bristly-headed, swimming-mask-wearing henchpeople.

    • bkmn

      It sure sounds like something Bill Ayers would think up. /s

  • Dramphooey

    He’ll probably be back because Sirius needs fools willing to shell out money for their junk and Beck’s idiot listeners need to get their media from a source that will parrot everything they want to hear.

  • GayOldLady

    Next up Rush Limbaugh!!! The network that airs Limbaugh is near bankruptcy. The Sandra Fluke episode caused advertisers to leave Limbaugh in droves and contrary to Limbaugh’s predictions they HAVE NOT returned. Another one bites the dust very soon.

    • Dramphooey

      My guess is they noticed no change in income. The people listening to Limbaugh have no money or waste it on stupid scams.

      • GayOldLady

        From what I’ve read the problem is income. They lost all of their high dollar advertisers and are trying to replace them with “buy gold” or “buy flowers” type of advertising. It’s not the audience size it’s the income to the broadcasters and it’s forced Limbaugh from high watt broadcasters to low watt broadcasters. The I-Heart network is taking a big hit because Limbaugh has been unable to sign the big hitters back into the advertising lineup.

        • Dramphooey

          And that is the risk one takes with “you’ll be back!” If they find they do quite well without you they won’t be back.

          The advertising on conservative programs is pathetic. “Silver is at an all time low!” “It’s not just a cane–it’s Miracle Cane!” Bad news, Rush: they’ve figured out your listener demographic is worthless.

        • oikos

          Our boycotts have results, theirs usually fail.

      • Which is why on those shows you hear ads for things like Beck telling people to buy gold (in the worst way to buy metals possible but a profitable one for the scam artists selling them).

    • Cuberly

      How many times have they predicted his demise and it’s never happened. Not to be a jerk but I’ll believe it when I see it.

      • Dramphooey

        From what I’ve read he’s sure to stay on the air but he’ll take an income drop. Radio is an old medium and he appeals to outdated old fossils. He can be on the air until he dies taking thirty minutes to say what anyone else can say in two–but that, for whatever reason, is good radio.

        • GayOldLady

          I think you’re right, but he’ll be relegated to the boonies of the low watt market. We have one of those in my small Southern city. You can only pick it up in about a 30 mile radius.

          • AtticusP

            IMO, when it comes to somebody like Rush Limbaugh, a 30 mile radius is about 29 miles and 1759 yards too long…

          • djcoastermark

            Unfortunately, In those small southern merkits, there’s ‘nother small station broadcasting the same garbage just another 30 miles away. The south is so full of that garbage. I know, in our travels throughout the south it is very difficult to find a radio station that plays anything remotely pop oriented. Lots of yak radio, country and bible talk stations. We’ve learned, pack lots of our own music to listen to.

          • GayOldLady

            We do the same!

          • Marides48

            I have Sirius satellite radio in the car. great for traveling, same stations everywhere.

        • That’s more of a problem than anything else. The radio audience is old and dying off. The same with television.

          • NancyP

            Well, I hope Sirius XM keeps going, since I am tuned to ch.74 Met Opera radio almost all of the time.

          • GC

            When I’m in the car, I’m often part of the radio audience – not geezing yet and not planning to shuffle off this mortal coil anytime soon. Though the only AM I pay attention to is local news & traffic; FM, public radio and college stations.

            (Like others here, I pack my own music for long trips that venture beyond radio-“dial” “civilization”. 🙂

        • Cuberly

          Social media is doing a pretty good job of choking off these relics. Not necessarily for the better as we’re well aware.

          AM radio is oversaturated with Rush wannabes and the advertiser returns on radio can’t be all that high. I think it’ll be a slow, lingering, and annoying demise similar to what we’ve already seen.

        • nowhereman

          Not “good radio”, more like effective propaganda for the rubes.

      • GayOldLady

        Yep……he’s more resilient than a cockroach.

        • Cattleya1

          And every bit as charming!

      • GayOldLady

        But, as long as the advertising boycott means his show is heard mostly by a rural market, it marginalizes him and makes him less effective. I can remember when Limbaugh was one of the most influential people in GOP politics, today, not so much!!!

      • He’ll pop up somewhere else. He still has a following.

      • Kissmagrits

        It’s his ability to cry on cue that keeps him afloat. Nobody, it seems,
        can resist his crocodile tears.

    • Yes, and it’s been pretty low level advertisers at that. Major companies don’t want anywhere near such filth.

    • Kissmagrits

      Has anyone heard from the apoplectic Michael Savage lately? He didn’t have a stroke during one of his rants, did he?

    • StraightGrandmother

      I’ll never ever forget his voice, him saying, “She’s a slut, right? She wants me to pay for her birth control, that makes her a slut.” I’ll never ever forget that.

      • Aye, and I’ll never forgive it either.

      • Soren456

        I’ll never forget that he had NO IDEA how female birth control works, and yet kept talking about it.

        He believed that if Fluke (or any woman) took 30 pills per month, she was having sex 30 times monthly; he thought the pills were like condoms, used individually for intercourse.

        I’d never seen anyone make such a fool of himself, for so long.

        Until Trump came along . . . .

        • Marides48

          Pissed because they don’t make condoms small enough for his tinky winky.

  • delk
    • Jean-Marc in Canada


  • MikeBx2

    So, insinuating and outright saying that his god will destroy the world if we don’t get rid of the filthy gays is ok with SiriusXM, but a guest threatening a hypothetical Trump presidency isn’t? Interesting.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      I can’t top this comment.

      • Margaretrtatum2

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    • Gigi

      Best Comment Today

    • MBear

      because gays are not equal in the eyes of SiriusXM

    • Gianni

      Speaking for God is hypothetical at best. So far, God hasn’t come through on any of their silly-assed, nonsensical predictions. Which is so odd, because they know His heart and mind so well.

    • dafs

      That’s because only one of the hypothetical assassins is real.

    • Fyva Prold

      Gays will not sic Secret Service on one’s ass.

    • OSG

      Yeah. Reinforces the idea that LGBT people aren’t even worth as much as a urine-soaked poodle’s comb-over to some folks.

    • koolaidyarn

      Unfortunately we have proof that Trump exists. Can’t say the same about Beck’s imaginary sky-friend.

  • Nic Peterson

    The wing nut equivalent of ‘yanking a weave’. Most responsible thing Sirius has done.

  • David L. Caster

    “Patriot channel”? Seriously? Just what, exactly, did you expect SiriusXM? And on a program produced by Glenn Beck of all people? Are you really that surprised?

  • Drayfield

    Sirius drops OutQ and keeps this asshole! I can’t wait for my subscription to end to drop them. Too late now, I tried!

    • We only listen to the music stations on SiriuxXM. Some of ’em are pretty nice.

  • it amazes me this idiot has a program on sirius. i guess i shouldn’t be, most of those kinds of services are filled with crap, from music to politics to news channels. but i can understand why they did it, and i hope they take a close look at his ratings and find them to be not worth reinstating him.

    • My RWNJ brother-in-law tells me that the ultra right channel on Sirius makes Limbaugh look like a moderate. I never listened because I was afraid he was correct.

  • Octavio

    Oh, happy day! 🙂

  • RainbowPhoenix

    I don’t think I even want to touch this one. Let’s just focus on getting Clinton elected so we won’t have to worry about this.

  • Elliott

    Frabjous joy, callooh callay!

    • Adam King

      Come to my arms, my beamish boy!

  • oikos

    Little do the Breitbartians know that we agree with some of their sentiments.

    • David L. Caster

      That tweetation left out Palin. So bad she wasn’t worth mentioning I suppose.

    • HZ81

      Their whole reason for living seems to be making liberals mad. They still haven’t figured out that we’re not angry but embarrassed for/by them.

      • oikos

        Palin would be the dream pick on a drumpf ticket.

        • Gianni

          You aren’t kidding! There would be a mass orgasm in Republican world.

        • Adam King

          My head would explode with joy.

    • PickyPecker

      Haven’t been over there yet today to see. The waters boiling with impotent rage?

      • Dramphooey

        Oh, they turned on Beck when they turned on Cruz. They’re doing handstands, apparently. The TEA creatures are really fickle.

        • Gianni

          Have to agree. They really are an incredibly oddball group.

      • oikos

        Extreme impotent rage, but mostly at Beck.

    • Sk3ptic

      It’s fun to watch idiots hold their breath too long.

    • Jerry

      I doubt if my head would explode…but as a liberal, I might have to be hospitalized for an erection lasting longer than 4 hours.

  • HZ81

    Oh noes. Don’t take Glenn away from us FOREVER, Sirius XM. Please. PLEASE!!

  • Joe in PA

    Riiiiiiiight….congress determining if something is unconstitutional. Stupid fuck.

  • Kelly Lape

    “Responsible” – advocating violence is never “responsible” behavior. Failure to identify and rebuke violent rhetoric is cause for permanent dismissal. Should Sirius reinstate Mr. Beck, then Sirius will be seen as endorsing such commentary.

    • This shit has been the norm on the far right shows on Sirius for almost a decade. It never occurred to them that Sirius would have a problem with it. They haven’t so far. Oh, but now they are talking about killing a Republican so that shit has to be shut down.

  • They’ve been allowed to have similar discussions about the current president for eight years now. I guess so long as you are talking about violence against Democrats it’s okay.

    • Joe in PA

      That was my first thought as well. Sigh.

    • Schlukitz

      You caught that too, eh?

  • MB

    But Tin-foil Beck’s one-trick horse and pony show still airs on all of the 400 wingnut OTA broadcast stations around the country that also air Sean Hannnity, Mark Levin, Rush Slimeball, etc.

  • Dave

    One can only hold out hope the universe might course-correct by offering Trump a little “Rosalind Shays”-style nudge.

  • MB

    Responsible political conversation:


  • Mark

    There’s not a top dog in the gop out there that shouldn’t be enormously and publicly thanked for the fucking orange idiot at the podium. How or why they let the carnival barker cornhole them over a barrel leaves no doubt that the party MUST be dissolved – and the “candidate” withdrawn.

    • dr morbius

      And the other party too. Let’s do over the whole plutocratic system.

  • Mike C

    You built this.

  • Funny, Sirus didn’t seem to have an issue when callers called for President Obama’s death.

    • Taleisin

      That’s different. Trump isn’t black. /s

  • dr morbius

    In regard to assassination … Obama does it with lots of “collateral damage,” and so would Clinton, Trump, or Sanders. She wouldn’t:

  • TheManicMechanic

    He’s crying again, I’m sure

  • Ninja0980

    Where was this when the threats were made against Obama and other Democrats?

  • They still exist? I thought the Glenn Beck show was a group of monkeys with tin cans and string, but you’re telling me someone actually broadcast that batshittery? Will wonders never cease?

  • adamj2013

    Hello, nut job! Everyone and their uncle knows that it will Obama who is going to suspend the Constitution, stop the election and give himself a 3rd term. Duh!

  • ian

    I am a little surprised about Becks comments as I had previously thought he was looking for a way to come out in support of Trump. After all, a large portion if not virtually all of his listeners i would assume are Trump supporters. He certainly would want to stroke their prejudices and ignorance as usual, so yeah, this is a surprise to me coming from him. I don’t listen to anything on SiriusXM, I don’t have it in my car etc., but their hypocrisy in suspending Beck for calling for murdering anybody when he and his ilk have blatantly called for the effective “lynching” of Americas 1st Bi-racial President is almost as infuriating as the wing nuts call to violence and murder itself. SiriusXM should have shut them down when they we’re doing this over Obama years ago.

  • Gianni

    Why is it that only people who carry guns are considered patriots? Where did that ridiculous notion come from?

  • Margaretrtatum2

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  • JCF

    “warned Donald Trump poses an “extinction-level” threat to the country
    and suggested a “patriot” might need to remove him from office by any
    means necessary”

    Mr Beck is discovering the difference between unthinkable and unspeakable (don’t violate the latter!).