NORTH CAROLINA: Senate Rules Chair Tom Apodaca Refers HB2 Repeal Bill To Committee That Never Meets

From the Raleigh News & Observer:

State Senate Democrats’ proposal to repeal House Bill 2 appears to be dead just a day after it was filed. On Wednesday, senators Terry Van Duyn of Asheville, Jeff Jackson of Charlotte and Mike Woodard of Durham filed Senate Bill 784, which would repeal the controversial LGBT law in its entirety. The bill is identical to one filed Monday by House Democrats.

Senate leaders assigned the bill to committees on Thursday. Because of a budget item included, its first stop is the Senate Appropriations Committee. But if it got approval from that panel, its second assigned stop is the Senate Ways and Means Committee – which is something of an inside joke in the Senate.

The three-member Ways and Means Committee hasn’t held a meeting in years. It’s widely known as the graveyard of the Senate – the place where Senate Rules Chairman Tom Apodaca sends legislation that he wants to kill. So it’s virtually certain that the repeal bill will never make it to the Senate floor for a full vote.

On the House side, the bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee where its two co-chairs are supporters of HB2.

  • Prion

    • Women young’uns about 14. You know, marrying age.

  • oikos

    The longer they persist in this, the more confident I am that voters will remember in November.

    • lymis

      The voters need to be continually reminded of this.

      • oikos

        These republican asshats will keep doubling down so I think that will happen and the economic fallout continues. It was either BBC America or PBS newshour that had a segment last night on all of the companies that are changing their expansion plans in NC.

        • Gustav2

          Cruz Seizes on Transgender Bathroom Access

          “As Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas seeks every possible edge to stop Donald Trump, he has seized on a once-obscure issue with a proven power to inflame conservatives: letting transgender women use women’s bathrooms,” the New York Times reports.

          “With polls showing a narrower lead for Mr. Trump in Indiana than in the five Eastern states that he swept on Tuesday, the Cruz campaign’s private polling indicates that the bathroom issue has the power to help close the gap. Moreover, it is fresh in Indiana voters’ minds because of high-profile battles in the state in recent years over gay rights.”

          • oikos

            They can’t run on policies so they run on hate.

          • bkmn

            They have to use issues like bathroom access to hide the fact they have no ideas.

          • Chucktech

            AND show that they’re going to stop the homo fascism that they’ve convinced themselves and their sheep is actually a thing.

          • Frostbite

            they have policies???

          • William

            Finding new ways to limit abortion is a policy.

          • oikos

            No. Seriously, no is their policy.

          • Todd20036

            It’s all they’ve done for a LOOONG time

          • Patriciaaceballos

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        • bkmn

          I keep saying it but I believe they think this is a holy war and they can’t lose.

          • ColdCountry

            Given how many “holy wars” they’ve lost in the last decade, you’d think they’d start to question whether or not their beliefs are in line with their god’s.

        • BobSF_94117

          The PBS Newshour ain’t what it used to be.

          • oikos

            Not since they became Koch whores.

          • why?

          • BobSF_94117

            Their segment on HB2 was “lite” on facts.

      • Todd20036

        Another benefit of the boycotts.

      • vorpal

        Given how many entertainers, conventions, etc. have pulled out of plans to go to NC, the gaping cultural hole that has been left behind needs to be filled with some sort of activity, so they’ll have plenty of time to think about this bill and those responsible for it.

    • David Walker

      One hopes, but the republicans know they can spin this in their favor no matter how much the goobs may lose financially and personally. “It’s the trans’s fault, not the government,” they’ll say. “We did this to protect you and your children. Liberals don’t understand that we’re being pro-active on this matter. And liberals like Springsteen make a big fuss about discrimination. It isn’t discrimination. But you gotta re-elect me to make sure the liberals don’t take this protection away from you and your children.” They need to keep that mantra going for the next 6 months, and I think they can do that.

    • Dave_in_PDX

      Sorry to say that it won’t happen. The House and Senate districts are so gerrymandered that Jesus Christ couldn’t win against an incumbnant Republican.

      • oikos

        Well then the economic fallout will continue. NC has been added to my list of flyover states.

  • Mark Neé Fuzz

    Where are all the checks and balances our governments are supposed to have to keep absolute power out of the hands of a single individual? It’s just bullshit that one single person can make or break pending legislation.

    • clay

      but it’s not in the hands of a single individual– the governor agrees with him.

  • Sam_Handwich

    Maybe the Ways and Means committee could produce a report detailing how much it will cost to defend this bullshit in federal court.

    • oikos

      You just want to pee in the girls bathroom.

      • Joe in PA

        That gif never gets less creepy. Eeeewwwhhh.

      • trouble94114

        Ok, if I have nightmares about a pedophile Bug’s Bunny all weekend, it’s going to be YOUR fault.

        Joe’s right, this has the creep factor dialed up to 11.

        • oikos

          Glad to be of service. 😉

  • ceeenbee

    If that’s so, we need to amp up the pain.

  • ceeenbee

    It’s bullshit that the majority of north carolinians are against hate bill2 and they are not being represented by the people they elected. The good people of north carolina need to make this right in the fall by voting these scum out of office.

    • clay

      Recent polling in NC found that the only part of HB2 with NC popular support was the bathroom limits. The least popular part of the bill was stripping North Carolinians of their ability to sue for discrimination in state courts.

      • Chucktech

        Thus, the North Carolina electorate. I don’t think they’re going to vote anybody out over this. Hell, they voted them in in the first place.

        • Mark

          And in some cases, they would have to vote against their church ministers and preachers.

          • Chucktech

            Well! Can’t have that…

        • Hank

          With luck, they may take their anger out on McCrory in November…. enter a Democratic Gov!!

  • bkmn

    Every election matters. If NC Dems can’t get their act together to retake the legislature they are screwed for a long time in NC.

    • Ninja0980

      Sadly, even if they do, the Republicans have gerrymandered themselves into a majority until 2021 at least, when the maps can be redrawn.

      • Cackalaquiano

        Which is why all elections are important, not just national ones.

      • clay

        Yep, NC is the current example of gerrymandering in geography textbooks.

        • JCF

          Geez, and I thought Texas held that title!

    • Blake Jordan

      The judicial path is probably going to be the “quickest” way to deal with HB2…

      With all the money North Carolina loses because of the boycotts, and then when it has to pay the court costs, the state is going to be severely damaged for a significant period of time…

      • Harley

        Hopefully a-la Puerto Rico. Broke as shīt.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      But wait, as we’ve all been told before on this blog, both parties are EXACTLY the same, did you not get the memo? /s

      • clay
      • Harley

        Only the trolls believe that.

        • Jean-Marc in Canada

          Oh, don’t I know it 🙂

      • customartist

        Excellent point

  • The Milkman

    This is exactly why we need vindication in the courts. The vote of the mob is simply not appropriate when it comes to equal civil and human rights.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      The thing about HB2 is that it wasn’t even a vote of the mob. It was quickly ushered in at night then immediately signed by the Gov without any discussion or anything. It just appeared on day and was law the next.

      • The Milkman

        That’s right, I had briefly forgotten about that. Reminds me of the shenanigans that were happening in the Wisconsin statehouse right before I moved. But people in both states voted for these amoral lumps of flesh, although I can’t for the life of me understand why. (Or maybe, deep down, I do understand why, and just don’t want to utter it aloud.)

      • customartist

        The mob however is the majority of voters who believe the rhetoric that Trans people, or “men in dresses”, pose a threat to others, and this is what has propelled HB2 into law.

        These people sorely NEED education.

      • Balderdashing

        It wasn’t YET voted on by the mob, but there’s now talk by some of those same legislators to “let the people decide” (on other people’s constitutionally-protected civil rights). And the legislators were elected by the people, so it was “the vote of the mob” by proxy. Either way, it’s wrong, wrong, wrong, and the only vindication will come from the courts. Then the legislature will try other end runs, as with all the “religious freedom” bills.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    You really do need to be a heartless scumbag psychopath to be a Republican.

    • Todd20036

      I disagree. You don’t have to be a heartless scumbag psychopath to be a republican, but it sure helps!

      • customartist

        Just a psychopath

    • WNY


      • clay

        Today I’m wearing my brand-spanking new “Y’all means ALL, NC Equality” T-shirt and eagerly awaiting my Ponysaurus/Mystery “Don’t be Mean to People” tee.

      • Rebecca Gardner

        I have that exact magnet on my fridge.

    • glass

      I thought those were the minimum qualifications.

  • Blake Jordan

    Who knew there were rethuglicans that hated money so much…

    • customartist

      The threat of funding loss has not become real enough yet

  • JT

    Don’t keep the Apodaca flying.

    • MBear

      just got an image of the Hindenburg in my head.
      O – the Humanity

  • D. J.

    More material for Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder.

  • Octavio

    Those bastards!

  • JustSayin’

    I hope no one here is surprised at this

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    North Carolina’s Ways and Means Committee is just three people. It shouldn’t be too hard to pester them into getting them to act.

    Chairman Sen. Tom Apodaca
    Vice Chairman Sen. Andrew C. Brock
    Member(s) Sen. Terry Van Duyn

  • delk

    They’re just digging their own eventual graves. The more this shit drags out, the more people can see it for what it is: unbridled bigotry.

  • CCleverly

    Time to pull any and all federal funding.

  • SHOCKED SHOCKED that politicians play dirty tricks.

    This is a small sand berm against a sunami.

  • Hank

    time for Title ix Funding to go and an appeal to the Federal Circuit Courts!

    • customartist

      We’re waiting patiently for the Obama Administration to act and notify the State that they are in violation of Title IX, endangering Federal Funding, and giving the State a firm deadline to repeal the law.

      I believe that after this happens, that this will end up in Federal Court or with SCOTUS.

      Obama is likely weighing the ramifications on the coming elections against taking action against the State of NC.

  • Put MORE pressure on the NBA (Adam Silver) to withdraw the ASG (All Stars Game) and give it to a non-discriminatory state. Hit NC in the sport pocketbook!

  • customartist

    “Surprise, surprise, surprise!” – Gomer Pile

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Not really sure how to bring this to Joe’s attention, but

    Cops in North Carolina Force Lesbian out of Women’s Bathroom for not Looking Feminine Enough

    What I love about this is the fact that it also implies that you have to carry ID around with you 24/7.

  • Bob Conti

    My dad lives in Apodaca’s senate district. Apodaca just lost his vote.

  • cowboyinbrla

    Every time someone talks about how corrupt Louisiana politics is (and it very much can be), I have to think about our legislative process here. Both the House and Senate have rules about the jurisdiction of each committee, and the chief clerical officers of each chamber (who are non-legislators, chosen by each legislative chamber) are pretty scrupulous about where the bills are referred. There’s more leeway in the Senate, but even there things are pretty above-board. The idea of having a standing committee to hear bills that doesn’t meet at all would be a foreign concept here.

  • JCF