HOUSTON: “No Men In Ladies Room” Hater Defends Man Sued For Photographing Women In Bathroom

Thank the Lord Almighty Himself that Houston does not allow men in the same bathroom as women! Oh, wait. The Houston Press reports:

Jared Woodfill, the former Harris County Republican Party leader who successfully championed the fight against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance by proclaiming “no men in women’s restrooms,” is representing a man in court who has admitted to taking photos of women changing clothes without their knowledge—in a bathroom.

Ten years ago, at a pool party at a private home, seven women went into the master bathroom to change into their bathing suits. Following them were three drunk men, including local tech-company owner BJ Farmer, who sat in the shower, took out their cell phones, and began snapping pictures while the women changed. Earlier this year, one of those women, Andrea Villarreal, sued Farmer after his ex-wife found the pictures on his laptop, shortly before their divorce proceedings, and brought them to Villarreal’s attention.

Villarreal is suing Farmer for invasion of privacy, negligence for having never deleted those photos, and defamation, alleging Farmer made false, misogynistic comments about her with fake user names on a Houston Press article about the case last year (tech experts traced online comments calling her a “gold digger” and a “disgusting worm who flashes her breasts to get attention from every guy” back to Farmer’s computer).

On election night Woodfill told cheering supporters, “Houston has spoken loudly and clearly that we don’t want men in women’s restrooms.” (Tipped by JMG reader Ian)

  • MattM

    The statistics show that most sex crimes (like sneaking into women’s bathrooms to sexually harass them) are committed by white, cis-gendered straight men. And those who complain the loudest about something (in this case, THIS FUCKER) are probably trying to direct attention away from themselves. Those two facts have come together here to show the true face of sexual violence against women is men. But they don’t go to the effort to pretend to be Trans just to be a peeping tom. So that scare tactic was truly just a bunch of lies meant to target people these sexual deviant bigots think are icky, despite the fact that the truly icky people are the one’s pushing to disenfranchise Trans people.

    And the fundies fall for it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Because their kiwi brains are extremely susceptible to lies cloaked in godliness.

    • Judas Peckerwood

      The fundies don’t “fall for it” — they just use it as a convenient fig leaf to mask their hate.

    • Treg Brown

      The fucking fuckerz.

      • Bj Lincoln

        OMG! That is a fucking riot! In the late 70’s, he was on a late night talk show with Tom Snyder out of NY, I think. I found him to be creepy to start with but when he shows up for a late night show with a case of puppets and insists on using them, I Knew something was not right about this man. I never allowed my son to watch his show . This is fucking hysterical! Thanks.

        • Todd Allis

          I always loved Mr. Rodgers.

        • Bryan

          Then you’re not being the man Mr. Rodgers knows you can be.

        • TerryInIowa

          This is a clip from the “Where is Thumbkin” song. This is on the set of the Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood program.

        • JCF

          Fred Rogers was truly a mensch, Bj. Sorry you couldn’t see that.

          • I was invited to do a presentation for the 25th anniversary of the Mr. Rogers’ television program. I was in full traditional American Indian regalia and as part of my time, told the Legend of Ant and Bear. Mr. Rogers came up and to my surprise, asked if he could kiss me. When I said yes, he kissed me on my cheek.

            Many don’t know Fred Rogers was an ordained Presbyterian minister. As a family therapist, I was fascinated by a news bulletin that the night of his celebration, Mr. Rogers son was arrested for drunk driving. Ah–“Preacher’s Kids.” OT- at the banquet I was seated next to Van Cliburn and his mother. Both were delightful people. Van was, as someone recently wrote was “gay as a bucket of frogs.”

    • RoFaWh

      If they’re not deflecting, they’re projecting.

      • perversatile

        ”Hell Yeah! It rhymes, they’re both verbs…it’s awesome!”
        -Cal Naughton Jr.

      • Bryan

        That’s why I’m getting nervous about all their Civil War talk, it’s some serious projection. All the shit they accuse gays and non-Christians of too….makes you wonder where the fuck they come up with some of it.

        • olandp

          it is all stuff that they want to do. That is why they insist we need the bible to tell us what not to do.

  • BobSF_94117

    On election night Woodfill told cheering supporters, “Houston has spoken loudly and clearly that we don’t want men in women’s restrooms unless they’re friends of ours or we can make a buck off them.”

  • pickypecker
    • pj

      great pic

    • Now Anon

      That dog is so… “Now why do I have a circle drawn around my eye?”

      Also… “Get Rin-Tin-Tin’s agent on the phone for me.”

      • pickypecker

        Hehe. Petey. Was quite the star back then.

      • What was the deal with the circle drawn around the eye? From this time period I’ve seen Petey, and horses, and mules and donkeys. Its quite odd if you ask me.

        • Now Anon

          You, me, and Petey agree!

      • William

        My dog doesn’t like it when I give her eyebrows.

  • bkmn

    This guy reminds me of another Jared who had a thing for young girls and hawked for a national sandwich chain. Major perv.

  • JaniceInToronto

    Hey. There’s a piece of shit in human form!

    • Michael Smith

      Except shit can be useful as fertilizer.

      • TampaDink

        In due time, so can this dude.

        • Piet

          That’s gonna take waaaay too long. Meanwhile, the stink of hypocrisy is overwhelming.

          • TampaDink

            It doesn’t have to.

  • Mark

    What ever happened to Fay Wray? – that delicate satin draped frame
    As it clung to here thigh – how I started to cry – cuz I wanted to be dressed just the same…..

    Yep – as long as the mens want to bang that booty – that’s A-OK. But look the same? – oh hell no….

    Woodfill is super obsessed with the bathroom.

    • TampaDink

      “As it clung to her thigh”
      It was stapled!
      “I wanted to be dressed just the same”
      You are!

      Sorry, I sometimes default into audience participation mode.

      • Man_in_the_mists

        “As it clung to her thigh”
        Like a homesick abortion!

  • marti386

    This just proves what I’ve said all along. It’s never trans women sexually harassing cis women in the restrooms. It’s cis men.

    So BASICALLY, I’m told I have to be punished for crimes my kind had nothing to do with.

    Yeah, fuck no.

    • GanymedeRenard

      Cis straight men. Worth noting.

      • marti386


  • TampaDink

    Today’s news is sponsored by the letter H.
    H as in Houston, hate, & hypocrisy.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Horrible Hags & Hacks !

      • 6…6…6! words that begin with “H!”

        ha h a ha h a ha…

        • bkmn

          Your television is on too much.

          • hey man, cut me some slack. i don’t know what you mean, but i was referencing what they “taught” me in elementary school.

            we used to spend 2+hr/day watching PBS. because it was “educational.” and, our teachers wanted to light up a phat one or have a smoke, and not have to watch over us.

            The Count was great. i laughed every time, no matter what number it Vas. ha ha ha ha hahahaha! also: i’m taking all your cookies for your mean comment. you know i don’t pay for TV, and mostly watch commercial free or foreign stuff when i do watch. 😉

          • I love Count! And Cookie and Bert and Ernie and last but never least Oscar! I’m however not that big of a fan of Elmo, hes so one dimensional.

          • perversatile
        • Now Anon
        • Ragnar Lothbrok

          That so amuses me.

      • TampaDink

        Those apply nicely.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    They just never fail to prove themselves to be the lying projecting god dammed nuts that they are.

  • Michael Smith

    No men in women’s restrooms, unless they’re taking pictures of women changing like God intended.

  • kirtanloorii

    Hypocrisy, go figure.

  • Jimmie Z

    Wait — the offender is paying Jared Woodfill to represent him — while Mat Staver would do so pro bono? What gives?

    • bkmn

      He might be interested in winning his case.

      • TampaDink


      • Jimmie Z

        Pesky details!

  • Ore Carmi


  • BobSF_94117

    A GOP defense attorney is a rare thing. I assume he only defends “traditional sex offenders” like this and wife beaters and priests, of course.

    • jomicur

      I’d be willing to bet Farmer is a good, godly Christian. And probably volunteered for the hate campaign. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to the same church as Woodfill.

  • It’s ok for Woodfill to be defending this fine upstanding man. Clearly he was photographing titty for Jesus.

    • That would make a great t-shirt! Titty for Jesus!

    • Like Josh Duggar, this fine christian man was merely using his god-given curiosity about female bodies.

  • Ninja0980

    We’re not really shocked by this are we?
    I’ll bet my house you’ll find this guy has some intresting photos of his own at his place.

    • Gustav2

      We knew there would be AT LEAST one.

  • MattM

    Where are the emboldened transphobe sockpuppet commenters from all the Drop the T related stories? WHAT DO YOU SAY NOW?

    • marti386

      They’re awfully quite all of a sudden. I think their mommies gave them a bottle and put them to bed. 😛

      • MattM

        Maybe they suffocated on their shitty diap….I mean opinions.

        • Bryan

          If only we could be so lucky. But much like their nasty opinions, their rotten stink will linger on for awhile longer yet.

          Who has the Febreeze?

          • MattM

            Not Poo-pouri?

  • Taleisin

    So it’s only a bad thing if you’re gay.
    Yeah, makes sense.

    • clay

      or queer.

  • Sk3ptic

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m SUPER in love with his “I’m a privileged douchebag Kris-chin” hairdo. Nothing I know of announces assholiness better.

  • William

    Woodfill (really?) looks like a smarmy fuck.

    • McSwagg

      He walks like a smarmy fuck and talks like a smarmy fuck. Thus he IS a smarmy fuck!

  • Gerry Fisher

    Anything to get the queers–or make a buck–eh? smh

  • nycmcmike

    Does anyone really buy men being in the women’s restroom had anything to do with HERO?

    • clay

      I’m still waiting for them to actually make it illegal for men to enter women’s restrooms and locker rooms. I’m afraid I’m going to be waiting a long time.

  • Richard B

    There are some strange people in Texas – this one almost comes off like a cartoon character

    • stuckinthewoods

      I have been searching for the cartoon character this picture always reminds me of. I’m thinking it was on the Simpsons but I’ve looked and still can’t find him. Perhaps it was an episode that featured Abe when young, but there’s just something in this pic of Woodfill that is familiar.

  • Well, this really puts the truth to what their campaign against was truly about, HATE. Pure simple hate and an overwhelming desire to keep us away from our civil rights.

  • Lane

    He knew it was a real problem and not just something he made up to win the campaign. He wasn’t lying after all!

  • From a lawyer’s perspective, there is nothing to see here.

    There is nothing wrong with a lawyer representing a client whose actions are morally repugnant, or conflict with the lawyer’s beliefs. The lawyer does have ethical obligations to represent the clients’ interests.

    Even dirtballs like the defendant are entitled to have legal representation, if they can afford it, in a civil case. And in this case, the dirtball defendant has chosen a dirtball lawyer to represent him. It figures.

    • clay

      If a lawyer sees a problem in the law, shouldn’t that lawyer try to fix it? He’s not really doing anything to protect women’s privacy.

      • TrollopeReader

        Wouldn’t an ethical (*yeah, yeah, I know) lawyer turn down the client and say “I’ve been spending the past year campaigning against what you just did. In fact, I used people like you in ads, interviews, etc. Yes, you have the right to a lawyer, and here are some I will recommend to you; however I cannot be your lawyer. Good luck.”

    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      Dirtballs of a feather cling together.


      With enough spit, they can also be rolled up into a big GOP dirtball.


    • JCF

      From a human perspective though, Joann, we’re entitled to point and yell “Booooo!”

      • I know. One of the reasons lawyers are perplexingly held in low esteem in society is that many of us do represent the interests of dirtball clients, greedy clients, and clients who “everyone knows” are guilty of the most heinous crimes.

        There is a movie that resonated with me on this level: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0313737/

        In Hollywood, one can manage happy endings.

        There was a point in time when one of my primary jobs at the law firm where I was employed was handling foreclosures for a local savings bank. They had a rule (this was in the 1980’s) that I had to complete at least one step per month on each foreclosure. There were a few occasions where I got into hot water with the firm, and with the bank’s board, because I took it on myself to try to arrange for help for the defendants (not violating any canons of ethics).

        One case in particular stands out in my mind. A 61 year old Italian-American shoemaker and his wife who never worked outside the home, having $3,500 left on the mortgage. He has a massive heart attack and is no longer able to work.

        I called a friend of mine from law school who was working at legal aid. I had him contact the couple, and he arranged for the Department of Social Services to pay off the mortgage (putting on a social services mortgage instead), allowing them to stay in their home and not become homeless. he also got them appropriate assistance to cover them until social security would kick in.

        After several situations like this, I ended up losing that job because, as the senior partner put it, I did not have enough “fire in the belly.”

        The quality of mercy is still not strained.

  • tcbnk

    He has no soul.

  • allen329

    There needs to be a transgender convention in Houston so there can be thousands of masculine, bearded men using women’s restrooms city wide and beautiful women using men’s rooms. They built the campaign on one very flawed fear tactic… Use it against them.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Imagine the class action lawsuit against the city and the cops for wrongful arrest and prosecution……after all, their law says biological women must, regardless of gender expression, use a women’s washroom, same for the men. The resulting chaos would absolutely put the fear mongers on the defensive, as they should be.

      • Baltimatt

        Does “their law” really say that?

        • McSwagg

          HERO was defeated. There is no law that says anything.

        • Jean-Marc in Canada

          The law, as it stands now, states that it is an act of indecency to enter a washroom that does not correspond to your sex/gender. HERO would have codified an exemption for trans persons based on their gender identity. So yes, in a sense, their law (meaning current law) says that.

      • McSwagg

        The ordinance was defeated. Thus there is no law that states that women must use the ladies’ room and men must use the gentleman’s room. HERO is null and void.

        • Jean-Marc in Canada

          I think you misunderstand what’s being said. The ordinance would have allowed for trans women/men to use their corresponding gender washrooms. As it stands now, if a trans woman (not fully transitioned) enters a women’s washroom, she could be charged for indecency or the like. HERO would have prevented that.

  • zhera

    But that’s just it! This is why they’re so against HERO. They think that all people think and act like they themselves do. They think that all gay men and transwomen are predators because the haters are predators.

    This guy is such a stereotype he should be mocked everywhere he goes.

  • Bill T.

    The prick is probably going to claim the statute of limitation (the legal refuge of rapists and child molesters) has expired for this incident, and the asshole will get away with it.

    • Bj Lincoln

      Thing is, there is no statute of limitation on the internet. It is FOREVER. I think some statute of limitations need altered to reflect this fact. As for rapists and child molesters, there should be none. If it can be proven, there should be no time limitations between the act and filing charges.

      • Bill T.

        Tell that to the Vatican.

  • kaydenpat

    Well ain’t that a b*tch?

  • I’m a tranny, why is it that the guys who trip over themselves to try and fuck me are always married conservatives?!?! hmmm……..

    • Dan Robinson

      I suspect sometimes people become conservatives in a futile attempt to protect themselves from their own unwanted desires.

  • Marc

    That’s a forehead and hair combo that screams “everything goes over my head.”

  • Marc

    He looks like more of a goomba from the SMB movie than Matt Barber does.

    • sikkentarred


  • coram nobis

    I’m a little surprised at you, Joe. Of course an attorney, if he is an attorney, should take on cases — if somebody sued you, too, you should want representation no matter how unpopular you are or how vile the charges are. Mind you, I hope his client loses, and I hope this guy charges him top fees to plead his case, but the point is, any case needs a day in court if it’s worth pursuing. As this lawsuit is.

    • Mark Slade

      Attorneys are not required to take on every client who comes there way. If I’d just led a successful campaign to deny people equal rights under the law by claiming that men should not be allowed in women’s bathroom I’d have the sense not to defend some breeder pervert.

  • Kim Schroeder

    Absolutely no surprise to me. this is the typical dishonesty we have come to expect. Its sad really that Christians will be forever associated with the toilet when it comes to social issues. For those of us who are now on the outside looking in its difficult to not think that the lady’s room has become a holy place in the Christian experience.

  • Kim Schroeder

    no doubt he will be the first to do physical inspections before anyone is allowed to pee.