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Right Wing Pastors Sue To Stop TX Stay-At-Home Order

Bloomberg News reports: Three pastors are challenging the constitutionality of a stay-at-home order issued by Texas officials in the county that includes Houston, saying the mandate improperly tramples on individual freedoms by closing churches and failing to designate gun stores “essential” businesses. The pastors — along with a conservative activist — filed a request with the Texas Supreme Court Monday …

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TEXAS: Judge Tosses Suit Seeking To Stop Houston From Paying Same-Sex Spousal Benefits, Appeal Likely

The Texas Tribune reports: A Houston judge has thrown out the six-year-old lawsuit a pair of Houston taxpayers filed to keep the city from paying spousal benefits to the same-sex spouses of municipal employees. But the long-running legal saga is long from over, according to the side that was handed a loss this week. The lawsuit dates back to 2013, …

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HOUSTON: “No Men In Ladies Room” Hater Defends Man Sued For Photographing Women In Bathroom

Thank the Lord Almighty Himself that Houston does not allow men in the same bathroom as women! Oh, wait. The Houston Press reports: Jared Woodfill, the former Harris County Republican Party leader who successfully championed the fight against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance by proclaiming “no men in women’s restrooms,” is representing a man in court who has admitted to …

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