One Million Moms: Boycott Mattel For “Promoting Sin” By Featuring Gay Adoptive Dads In Magazine

One Million Moms is calling on their supporters to rain down boycott threats on Mattel for daring to feature gay adoptive dads in their American Girl magazine. Monica Cole writes:

One Million Moms is extremely disappointed that American Girl, owned by Mattel, is promoting sin in the November/December 2015 issue of its magazine. On pages 28-31 of the magazine is an article titled “Forever Family” about adoption from foster care, which would have been wonderful if they had not decided to include a large picture of a girl with her two dads, Daddy and Dada, and three other adopted children.

1MM supports adoption and taking care of orphans as we are biblically instructed to do in Psalm 82:3, but American Girl could have focused the article on the child and not about the parents since it is a magazine for children. The magazine also could have chosen another child to write about and remained neutral in the culture war. American Girl is attempting to desensitize our youth by featuring a family with two dads. If your child has not seen this yet, then be careful she is not exposed and can avoid a premature conversation she is far too young to understand.

This is not the first time the company has supported causes that conservatives would not agree with. Their past partnership and financial support of Planned Parenthood has had them in hot water with Christians and conservative families before this. We must remain diligent and stand up for biblical values and truth. Scripture says multiple times that homosexuality is wrong, and God will not tolerate this sinful nature. American Girl doesn’t highlight other sins in their magazine.

1MM encourages you to avoid shopping at American Girl until it takes a neutral stand. If you receive their magazine in the mail, 1MM recommends you unsubscribe and even cancel the shopping catalogue. Be sure to tell them why you are unsubscribing and cancelling.

TAKE ACTION: Please use the information we have provided to contact American Girl (owned by Mattel) and strongly encourage the company to remain neutral and not take a position on controversial topics. Tell them as long as American Girl is pushing the homosexual agenda to children, your family will no longer be able to support the company, its magazine, or purchase its products.

You can thank Mattel/American Girl yourself by calling 1-800-545-0005. Email: [email protected] Facebook.

  • FAEN

    Typical republicans-they’d rather see kids age out of the foster care system than have a family with gay parents.

    • Yup because they don’t actually care about the kids. What they care about is their anti-gay ideology being accepted, and if that comes at the expense of the kids then so be it.

      • b

        The FRC is bizarre. Where is the complaint about abuse in heterosexual families? Creepy.

  • Justin

    As far as I can tell, all OMM really achieves with their constant drivel-spew is to become ever more loathsome.

    • Nic Peterson

      Well, that, and Matel gets a little bit of free advertising for American Girl; which I had never heard of. I do have family and friends that happen to be raising girls, maybe they would like a catalogue.

      Thanks Monica, bye Felicia!

      • olandp

        If they are raising girls, trust me, they have a catalog.

  • CPT_Doom

    So “staying neutral” means never acknowledging LGBT people exist, got it. Does that mean “staying neutral” in terms of religious dissent means we should pretend Baptists don’t exist? We wouldn’t want a good Catholic child to think that lifestyle is appropriate.

    Meanwhile I saw an Ikea ad this AM with two women celebrating their anniversary. I will be tres upset if a few thousand moms don’t direct their panty-bunched vitrol at them next.

    • b

      How can supporting good, kind families and their children be anything other than an affirming act of goodness? To not do so is abhorrent. If moral, the FRC would be condemning bad straight families. FRC is immoral. (I’m talking to you, lonely intern, falsely posing a a “Million Moms”)

      • Cattleya1

        These miserable hate mongers believe in biblical families. The words good and kind don’t enter into it at all. They’d be happy if Biblical-dad hauled one of the kids out and stuck him on an alter and threatened to sacrifice him until he(Dad) heard voices… These people live in a nasty, made-up world. I wish their god would hurry up and rapture them all.

    • BobSF_94117

      I often go weeks at a time pretending Baptists don’t exist.

      • JCF

        Even other Baptists do that! [See re Jimmy Carter]

      • Rebecca Gardner

        I dated a girl who’s uncle was a Southern Baptist Preacher from FloridaDUH. He was coming to NY for a visit and her entire family turned to me, as if on cue, and said, “And you! Please don’t say anything!”

        hehehehe! They knew me so well.

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        • Christopher Smith

          Sadly, that’s the exact problem. Gays and lesbians have ‘said nothing’ in response to outrageous hatred for far, far, far too long. No more.

    • Veylon

      “Staying Neutral” means choosing the orthodoxy of the day. I’m sure plenty of nice Romans were upset that someone could be so controversial and troublesome as to suggest that throwing Christians to lions was somehow bad.

    • Prion

      • Glen

        It’s little surprise that many atheists who were formerly Christians say that the most instrumental book for converting them to atheism was the Bible; actually reading it, rather than just hearing the very few cherry-picked passages preachers give to people.

        Likewise many ex-Muslim atheists say it was reading the whole of the Koran that moved them toward atheism.

        • blueturtles

          I’m not atheist, but I was a pretty hard core Christian until I read the Old Testament. That is exactly what happened. By the time I hit the passage where Moses ordered his men to kill the baby boys, the women who had ”known men” and to keep the virgin girls for their own ”use” I was finished with it.

          • Glen

            Well then you’re half way there.

            I went from Christian to skeptical Christian to theist to skeptical theist to finally admitting to and accepting reality logic reason and scientific knowledge and understanding. Which is that not only is there zero evidence for any sort of ‘god’, but there is no logical rational reason to believe such a thing exists.

          • blueturtles

            That’s quite an arrogant statement. In the words of Oppenheimer: “If we ask, for instance, whether the position of the electron remains the same, we must say ‘no;’ if we ask whether the electron’s position changes with time, we must say ‘no;’ if we ask whether the electron is at rest, we must say ‘no;’ if we ask whether it is in motion, we must say ‘no.’ The Buddha has given such answers when interrogated as to the conditions of man’s self after his death; but they are not familiar answers for the tradition of seventeenth and eighteenth-century science.”

          • Glen



            First not only is that a faulty characterization of quantum physics, wave/particle duality, and the uncertainty principle, but what does that have to do with the idea of a soul or the existence of some semblance of ‘self’ after one’s death, or whatever it is he was trying to say ‘The Buddha’ had to say’?

            There is still no logical rational reason to beieve in such a thing, let alone ‘god’.

    • Duane Dimitrov

      Um, CPT, “neutrality” to theocratic right wingers is only a weapon to be deployed in their seeking of dominance. In this instance the cultural dominance of their primitive anti-gay beliefs.

      Rule Number One of understanding anything at all about conservatism, CPT, is, as always, “never take anything a conservative says or does at face value, assume lying and obfuscation.”

      See how much clearer things are when one assumes the numerically-challenged One Million Moms (which, of course, does not consist of that number of mommies) is a lying bunch of liars obfuscating their real agenda?

    • grumpyoldman

      l saw that add – it was so well done and subtle, my heart swelled with pride (or gas).

    • Johnny

      No, “staying neutral” means not giving special preference to people based on how they like to have sex.

      • CPT_Doom

        But you’re fine with giving special preference to heretics, blasphemers, adulterers & fornicators (aka Protestants), right?

        • Johnny

          Why would you think that? Cerebrum cramp?

      • Chi-maiingan

        …unless they’re heterosexual?

    • commenter

      LGBT are mental cases, so why are they an example, especially for a children’s magazine!

  • KenDC

    The old gals assume it’s only your dsughters who need protecting.

    Both of my daughters had American Girl dolls, and one read every book in the whole series. It was a wonderful thing for them. I’m cheered to see Mattel’s progressivism.

  • Chuck in NYC

    Wait’ll they find out the current AARP magazine feature on adult caregivers features a lesbian couple. Oh, it’s just too awful for words.

    Seriously, I was touched and thought the world is growing up. Not that OMM has a clue.


    One Bitchy Mom, nuff said.

  • Oh goody! Boycott the toy maker just in time for Christmas! Looks like I’ll be donating Mattel toys into the Toys For Tots bins this year.

    • popebuck1

      I’m sure Mattel is reeeeeeally scared of their boycott, too.

  • 2patricius2

    “One Million Moms is…” As opposed to “one million moms are…” Of course, it is more likely that One Million Moms is one person, than that the group represents one million moms.

    • It is one, maybe two, persons and a TV set. It/they represent Tony Perkins.

  • Dale

    I truly cannot possibly imagine what miserable lives these people lead when their entire focus from sunrise to sunset is to dehumanize a minority.

    Just fucking WOW.

    • Judas Peckerwood

      You should meet my parents. Or not.

    • b

      And it’s getting old.

    • teeveedub

      I honestly don’t have a fuck to give about the 17 Moms. I do, however, care about their kids, for whom there may be some hope. Whether their kids are gay or straight, they are being forced into a joyless existence by these harpy zealots. I fear that the 17 Moms are manufacturing the next generation of runaway kids who will flee their current circumstances and will end up living by their wits cities all over the country.

      • Dale

        I agree. Fundamentalist christians are truly the cockroaches of today’s modern society. They are nothing but parasites, living off of the advancement of intelligent society, poisoning every home they infest and breeding filth at the rate of the Duggars.

        • sandy

          fundamentalist religion is child abuse.

      • bkmn

        They are more likely than not hom skoolin them so they won’t be familiar with the concept of running away.

      • popebuck1

        It’s why they’re so furious at Dan Savage, and at his It Gets Better project in particular: because he’s reaching their kids with a message of hope, and they can’t stop him. Because their kids are totally Dan’s target audience, and he’s reaching them. Because now with the power of the Internet, there’s no escaping the message that LGBTs exist and are okay – even in the most isolated, backward depths of the Bible Belt, they can’t enforce their attitude without rebuttal. That drives them NUTS.

    • bkmn

      They try to make their empty lives feel worthwhile by being holier than everyone else, even when the next door neighbor is boning them through a hole in a sheet.

    • kaydenpat

      All that hatred is so bad for one’s health.

  • Gordon.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if “One Million Moms” was just ONE cranky old lady.

    • Henri205

      I always thought it might be Phyllis Schlafly and her lunatic son, Andy. If so, 1MM is committing the sin of lying since the group would consist of one crazy crone and her crazier spawn. See Conservapedia and be prepared to laugh.

    • b

      There is no “Million Moms.” It’s just FRC.

    • Judas Peckerwood

      My money’s on Porno Pete.

    • Timothy Kincaid

      I refer to them as the half dozen men who make up One Million Moms

  • Michael Smith

    “Mommy would love to buy you a doll for Christmas sweetie, but that would be supporting a company that supports the homosexual agenda”.

    • TampaDink

      “Well, I hope that Santa isn’t so politically motivated & devoted to bigotry to deny me that American Girl doll that I put on my xmas list.”

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    Every time these twisted bitches call for a boycott, I make sure to call the company involved and tell them thank you for displaying and celebrating the diversity that makes up this country.

  • delk

    I ride the Chicago Blue line in the morning( Racine to Washington). That’s the line that goes to O’Hare. At least once a week I see families going back home with plenty of American Girl shopping bags.

  • Toasterlad

    I wish I had enough empathy to feel pity for these diseased women.

    • David Walker

      Why? Monica isn’t worth shit; she certainly isn’t worth your empathy or your pity. Now, perhaps a bit of well-placed spittle…

      • Beagle

        On the other hand, her children do deserve empathy, pity, and sympathy. For growing up with a mother like her.

  • Jan Wesselius

    “We must remain diligent and stand up for biblical values and truth.”
    OK that’s no more shellfish, wearing two different cloths, having a rapist marry your raped daughter. Letting your husband kill your son. and many other no-no’s in the bible.

  • Bluto

    Gift idea for the nieces, thanks “1 million” bigoted assholes!

    • BillTheCat45

      More like “100 Moms”, if that.

      • Reality.Bites

        No moms. It’s not a group. There’s no way to become a member. It’s a brand name, nothing more.

  • gaymex

    1MM. Where hate wins over love 100% of the time. I hope those children have wonderful and happy lives–thanks to Daddy and Dada.

  • vorpal

    What fucking culture war is Monica even talking about?
    There is no culture war.

    There are simply normal people, and a bunch of homophobic trash who are of the mindset that everything is a fucking war that somehow involves them cast in the role of hero, as always.

    • lymis

      There’s a culture war, and they’re hosting it. It’s just that fewer and fewer people on the other side are bothering to give them the time of day.

      • David Walker

        Or the numbers from their credit cards.

  • Judas Peckerwood

    Time to buy stock in Mattel…

  • Glen

    Like American Girl should give a crap about what these people’s “scripture” says.

    Imagine OMM’s reaction to a Muslim group that wrote to this company as to what the Koran says regarding girls and the proper hijab they should be wearing.

  • anne marie in philly

    go fuck yourself, you one miserable BITCHY mom!

  • SFBruce

    Nothing says sin like opening your home to four children who need one.

    These children are biological siblings who were removed from their (heterosexual, you know, the gold standard) parents because of abuse. How many of the One Million Moms have done anything remotely as unselfish as this? The real story about this beautiful family is worth checking out.

    • David Walker

      Thanks. Excellent article. I wish “Monica” would read this and maybe get a clue.

      • Octavio

        Better yet, she catch a bad case of the crabs and then god finds her “unclean.” Oh, the joy in that! 🙂

        • Snarkaholic

          Crabs = shellfish = eternal damnation!

      • greenmanTN

        Sadly, reading that or any other article wouldn’t change a thing. All they see is a “culture war” in which they, bizarrely, are the biggest victims and prime sufferers.

    • Baltimatt

      They also run a charity called Comfort Cases, which provides clothing and personal items for children in foster care, who often arrive at a new placement with nothing but a bunch of tattered clothes in a trash bag.

      Have a tissue ready if you read the about us page.

      Damn those homosexuals and their hedonistic lifestyle!

    • Homo Erectus

      Thanks for posting that. OMM is making the baby jeebus cry.

    • popebuck1

      And don’t those four kids look radiant and loved? Awesome.

  • JustDucky

    “If your child has not seen this yet, then be careful she is not exposed and can avoid a premature conversation she is far too young to understand.”

    Dear One Miserable Mom:

    Repeat after me: “Love makes a family. That’s why some families have a mommy and a daddy, some families have two mommies, and some families have too daddies!”


    • abel

      And some loving families only have ONE parent.

    • Chris Baker

      So how do they explain to their daughters why they can’t go into the American Girl store?

      “No, Ruth-Margaret, we don’t shop at American Girl because they promote the homosexual lifestyle”
      “Mom, what’s the homosexual lifestyle?”
      “It’s when two men rub their dirty areas together”

      Unless you keep your kids on a farm in the middle of nowhere, they are going to find out about gay people. My mom was an uptight prude, and my family was very conservative, but I remember, when I was 10, reading in the newspaper about the death of Bob Crane (the family liked Hogan’s Heroes). And it really fascinated me that Bob Crane might have had a male lover (as was the speculation around the time of his death.) So even in my conservative family, not knowing anyone who was gay, I had an idea of what being gay was.

      (It took me another 17 years to realize/admit that I was gay, due to the same upbringing and shy, sheltered life).

      • WildwoodGuy

        And even when you DO keep your kids on a farm in the middle of nowhere, they are STILL going to find out about gay people!

        Our nearest neighbors were two miles away and we were over 10 miles outside of ‘town’ (as it were.) And I can assure you, I found ALL the gay boys at the church, at the grammar school, at the high school, at the public library, at the grocery store… you get the picture? Just ‘cuz my parents kept us all out in the sticks didn’t mean I didn’t get my fair share o’Dicks!

        • Reality.Bites

          At bare minimum they’re going to find out about gay animals!

          • WildwoodGuy

            Um… that opens up an ENTIRELY different conversation. I don’t think I’m ready to go there!

          • blueturtles

            We had a couple of homosexual mallard ducks in our neighborhood. They were easy to spot because the male coloring is so different from the female. And they raised a duckling together. Not sure if they duckling was orphaned or if they stole it, but either way, my kids thought they were adorable.

          • Glen

            They may have used IVF and surrogacy.


  • Tom G

    Yes hags. Remain neutral by not showing the gays at all. That’s comfy isn’t it?

    • Homo Erectus

      Monica would have preferred that those kids were adopted by a loving christian married heterosexual couple. For instance, Josh Duggar?

  • Sean K. O.

    Mattel also just announced a partnership with Lady Gaga and the Born This Way Foundation, so I don’t think this “boycott” will do much:

  • Irish856

    They need to send me a list of acceptable places to shop and of food to eat…. I am running out of options… the only safe places that I know of are Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-a… soon they will like us and I will never be able to leave the house… But now since I sold my Subaru (They say it is a Lesbian car) I can’t go far anyway.

    • “Subaru” is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star-cluster in Taurus, also known as the Seven Sisters.

      The small stars in the Subaru logo represent the five companies that merged to form the Subaru company, represented by the big star. Neither that nor the ancient Greek myth of the goddess Pleione and her daughters has any lesbian connotations.

      • bkmn

        But Subaru sure does.

      • Irish856

        Thanks for the info… I had never heard that info about the name or the stars… interesting

        It appears that you are not up to date with the relationship that Subaru has with the GLBT community. It goes back to before the turn of the century. They have advertised to our community (especially Lesbians), sponsored races and had Martina Navratilova as a spokesperson, They even sponsored a The Pride credit card and the TV show “The L Word”

        Subaru Forester has been perceived to be a lesbian car for years.

        • The relationship Subaru has with the US GLBT community, you mean? They haven’t been chasing the pink dollar with anything like the same, um, enthusiasm here.

          But tell me, how does a machine have a sexual orientation?

  • Octavio

    It will never occur to the conservative xtians that the world does not revolve around them. How sad.

  • Colleen Juniper

    I’m going to bet that the American Girl catalog promotes at LEAST one other sin. I don’t know what it is, but c’mon. At least one.

    • Snarkaholic

      They DO! A few years ago, at a bookstore, I flipped through one of the A.G. books. I think the kid’s name was Maddie, and she and her parents escaped from a plantation in the South…eventually settling in Philadelphia…so, that family of sinners blatantly disobeyed the biblical rule that slaves must obey their masters!!!11!!1!

  • OdieDenCO

    New flash: Mattel stock set to skyrocket after OMM declares Boycott.

  • jonfromcalifornia

    Another dysfunctional conservative “Christian” group fighting against time and progress. These people keep insisting that God is “conservative” and on “their side” when Jesus shows us a completely different kind of God from the one they worship. A God who is not afraid to associate with assorted social outcasts (Matthew 9:10-13). A God who made a member of a hated group (much like gay people are) the hero of His parable (Luke 10:25-37). A God who made love and doing good for others the primary Law and means of salvation (note: Jesus makes NO mention of “sexual sinners” being damned in His definitive description of Judgment Day), see Matthew 22:37-40 and Matthew 25:31-46. The Old Testament God of wrath and jealousy was a clear reflection of the ancient Israelite’s tribal culture and their fight for survival in a harsh and hostile environment. But even then, elements of a loving and merciful God shone through as in the story of Jonah when God had compassion on a wicked city that was not even His own. No, God is NOT a “conservative”.

  • dcurlee

    I’m so glad now I spent what I did for my great niece for Christmas. I guarantee most of them have never purchased an American Girl product. If you know anything about it. they ain’t cheap

    • Snarkaholic

      I think they present their products as collectibles first and toys second.

  • Sean

    “but American Girl could have focused the article on the child and not about the parents since it is a magazine for children.”

    Actually the article is focused on the child who happens to have two adoptive dads.

    “the magazine also could have chosen another child to write about and remained neutral in the culture war.”

    Nothing says neutral like rejecting a child because his or her parents are gay & pretending these families do not exist. That is what they mean by “remain neutral”. Properly educated, civilized, rational people know that showing both opposite gender & same gender families IS remaining neutral. Which is exactly what the magazIne does.

    “American Girl is attempting to desensitize our youth by featuring a family with two dads.”

    Nope. They are attempting to inform our youth that these families exist in the real world while OMM is attempting to teach our youth to hate anybody who will not live & form their families the way the religious-reich demands just like the Nazi filth Heinrich Himmler did.

    “has had them in hot water with Christians and conservative families before this.”

    Because Mattel sells to reich-wing Hitler wannabe “Christians” only. NOT!

    “Scripture says multiple times that” Monica Cole & her mentally ill Nazi whore followers should shut the fuck up (1 Timothy 2:12). should do to others as they want done to them (Luke 6:31), and ONLY God can say who is or isn’t sinning (Matthew 7). Oh and then there is that whole worldly possessions & false idols thing aka dolls.

    Oh right, I’m forgetting that reich-wing “Christians” are allowed to violate the human written alleged “word” of their human made “God” whenever they feel like it for whatever reason they want but everybody else must and will adhere to it how they (the religious-reich) allows and approves like the grotesque, anti-American anti-freedom christofascist barbaric toxic waste fake Christian Nazi whores they are.

  • Porkie

    Monica your concern does you credit, but if I may offer you counsel? Instead of offering criticism and boycots, which are lets face it not very loving and in nature very negative, why don’t you share the stories of the disadvantaged children to whom you have opened your home?

    • Jimmie Z

      That ought to press some of OneMonicaMom’s hot buttons!

  • Sean


    • Octavio

      That uniform suits her. 🙂

  • Timothy Kincaid

    So I left this on American Girl’s Facebook:

    “Wow what a great ad in your magazine with the girl and her brothers and fathers. Adoption is so important and every girl deserves to feel loved and wanted and a part of a family.”

    (I should have said story instead of ad)

    I’ve been getting steady likes, and American Girl responded with:

    “American Girl stands in strong support of all girls everywhere. Our goal is to encourage, inspire, and unite girls of all ages and backgrounds. Amaya’s story is a perfect example of how one young girl is making a difference for kids in foster care, and we’re proud to have shared her story with our readers.”

    • Queequeg

      Excellent. I don’t have Facebook, but maybe I can post a comment on American Girl’s we site.
      OMM’s are the scum of the earth, but this is a new low, even for them.

  • Taleisin

    If only 1MM were as enthusiastic about stopping people from eating shellfish.
    Which god hates way more than gays.

    And it’s about time they stopped using that lie of a name.
    There aren’t one million of them.

    • Octavio

      Absolutely correct. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lunched with god and she’s looked at a crab louie served at the next table and commented, “Damn crabs. Why did I ever create them?!”

      • Reality.Bites

        Sorry, Octavio, but that’s not the best lunch/shellfish joke out there.

        Groucho Marx used to tell the one about asking “Do you know the difference between a blowjob and a lobster salad? No? In that case, let’s have lunch.”

        • Octavio

          Well, mine was just a personal account. But your joke’s very good. 🙂

          • Reality.Bites

            You can’t credit me for the joke, just for the memory that’s kept it in my mind for 40 years.

    • TampaDink

      They’d get right on that if Red Lobster began featuring gay families in their advertising campaigns.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      One Million Moms Mission Statement
      Where there is hatred, let us sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy.
      Nah. Let’s just pick on gays.

  • Richard, another Canuck

    Time for a new stock in my portfolio. Mattel will be on the way up in value with the OMM kiss.

    • Reality.Bites

      I wouldn’t. There’s no evidence whatsoever that right-wing boycott threats have any effect on stock prices. People should REALLY stop making this entirely false claim.

      And Mattel stock hasn’t performed particularly well over the past few years.

      • 2guysnamedjoe

        Mattel may be ripe for that Wall Street phenomenon known as the “1MM Bounce”. (I am not a securities professional, and past 1MM Bounces do not guarantee future results.)

    • bkmn

      Mattel should have a very good year after this.

  • chris james

    Who are these bitches? Probably ignorant church ladies with dead batteries in their dildos. These two white gay men adopted children of color who are far too prevalent in our foster care system, they are heroes.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      Except for their figurehead spokes-harpy, I suspect no women at all are involved with 1MM. Their eructations all have a grumpy old white man vibe about them.

      • And not just any old white man. Tony Perkins.

        • Snarkaholic

          Yeah…and written while wearing his mother’s dress and wig!

      • Bad Tom

        Upvoted for the sentiment, and also for eructations.

  • SammySeattle

    And by “neutral”, the three harpies mean “only heterosexuals”.

    • Reality.Bites

      Only MARRIED heterosexuals who never have sex. They went ballistic over a Ragu ad that suggested a married, heterosexual couple had sex.

      • Snarkaholic

        And also over the zesty salad dressing guy…who was being adored by WOMEN.

  • NZArtist

    Gods, I wish I could get them to boycott my company. I could do with the extra revenue.

  • B Snow

    Look at those kids. What a happy family.

    OMM should be ashamed of herself. If she’s even capable of shame.

  • Reality.Bites

    Pretty sure parents with four kids aren’t getting a chance to do all that much sinning.

  • I.Smith

    Are we sure that OMM are not a publicity company, It has come to the point that if you want a surge in sales just get OMM to write a stupid boycott about you and you can be guaranteed lots of publicity and sales for what you want to sell.

  • lymis

    It’s almost Halloween. Shouldn’t they be screeching about the war on Christmas?

  • CA2015

    1MM is a super ineffective organization with little influence. So, yeah, ridicule and criticize it. But it’s so not worth worrying about it too much.

    • David Walker

      But like a scratching post, they’re fun to use to sharpen one’s claws.

  • Treg Brown

    “This is not the first time the company has supported causes that conservatives would not agree with. Their past partnership and financial support of Planned Parenthood has had them in hot water with Christians and conservative families before this.”

    So all the times in the past you’ve boycotted them really got your message across?

    Perhaps Wham O would stock some exciting toys for the kids on your shopping list? Unless of course they too support human rights.

  • TexasBoy

    On the bright side, boycotting Mattel will give OMM members a chance to make their own toys for their kids for Christmas.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      And here’s a present for the kids who’ve been real good:

      • rabbit_ears

        If they’re extra good they can have a dead rat to swing around on the string.

    • LonelyLiberal
      • Reality.Bites

        Pretty sure they only buy cheap knock-off toys at Dollar General anyway.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    “If your child has not seen this yet, then be careful she is not exposed and can avoid a premature conversation she is far too young to understand.”

    They really hold kids in low regard. It’s not that fucking hard for a child to understand that some kids are raised by two dads, two moms, one mom, one dad, or any other combination. No, you just are uncomfortable with any positive portrayal of gay and lesbian couples.

  • Michael Senesac

    Maybe One Million Moms should “stay neutral.”

  • JT
  • Rebecca Gardner

    What is wrong with these people? I thought they were “Pro Family” and always thinking of “The Children” but you show a loving family and smiling, loved, happy children and they call for a boycott.

    Oh, wait! Never mind! They are only PRO-White-Heterosexual-Blonde Hair-Blue Eyed Children families and children. Sorry, I forgot, I was living in my bigot-free reality based world.

  • bdsmjack

    Ugh. I can’t even address this except to thank the two dads for being great dads. You have a lovely family.

  • Cuberly

    “1MM supports adoption and taking care of orphans as we are biblically instructed to do in Psalm 82:3”

    So the only reason they’re for adoption and taking care of orphans is because of……………..Jesus. Or should the patheticism be that 1MM thinks of itself as a religious arbiter?

    Such a wealth of disgusting and hateful in all of that.

    • Beat me to it. Follow the Bible, but let the children be orphans if a same sex couple want to adopt them. Their hypocritical hubris is beyond comprehension.

      • Cuberly

        I read it up to that point and came to a screeching halt, & for the same reason you mentioned. Lot of gall at work with them, isn’t there.

  • Sporkfighter

    American Girl will not yield to these assholes. They’ve published quite a few books for girls the Christian wing of the asylum don’t like.

    For anyone raising a daughter, especially a couple of gay men, I recommend “The Care and Keeping of You” from American Girl as a fifth grade graduation gift. My wife’s a school nurse, and we relied on it!

  • marshlc

    Message left on Facebook page. Let’s let them know we appreciate this.

  • Jim

    Not one of the umpteen companies these people have target has back down in face of this anti-gay pressure. You’d think that would tell people something about the ineffectiveness of this very limp political pressure group. It also should tell us not to pay attention to their whine-of-the-week. It’s a fact: the anti-gay right has collapsed. Why do we care about the few tattered survivors who have climbed out of the rubble?

  • Bj Lincoln

    What would ‘neutral’ be like? If you are writing about a girl and her family, how would one show this neutral family? A mom and dad would not be neutral if 2 dads or 2 moms aren’t. A single parent would have to be explained and the only real reason for a single person with a child is if their spouse died. The rest would be promoting sin.
    They are so full of shit!

  • Robincho

    Memo to my broker: Buy Mattel. Stat.

  • tasteless chap

    Funny how “remaining neutral” means only presenting the heterosexual side of this so-called culture war to 1 Million Hags.

  • Todd Allis

    “Neutral in the culture war?” There’s a war, eh?
    Then for true neutrality, they should never show heterosexual parents either, right? Just to be safe, never feature pictures of more than one person of any gender on the same page. Or sensitive people might get ideas.

    • Dale

      “Neutral” as in Shit-Fil-A, which they demanded.


  • Dale

    Sort of off topic but I wish that two-tonned christian pig falwell would’ve lived to see this shit.

    Unfortunately his fat gluttonous ass is burning in hell as his BuyBull demanded he go.

    • I live near Lynchburg, VA which is the world headquarters of the Fallwell empire, his brainwashing college and his cult church. When the bastard died, I was quite inspired. I rented a Tinky Winky costume. This was the purple character in the Teletubbies that Fallwell made such a fuss over because it carried a red purse. I had planned to drive to the funeral and show in the Tinky Winky costume. My friends were convinced that I would be locked up in jail a mental facility, so they took my keys to keep me from going there. I still have plans to piss on the fucker’s grave whenever I’m in Lynchburg again.

      • skeptical_inquirer

        That would have been hilarious though I do agree with your friends that there would probably have been negative consequences for you.

      • Snarkaholic

        Purse? I thought that it was a magic bag.

  • Guest

    What a breathtakingly beautiful family portrayed in this photo! Their love for each other and their happiness are right there, for all to witness.

    On the other hand, One Million Moms (+/- 999,900) are horrible excuses for human beings.

  • Natty Enquirer

    I believe we can safely ignore yet another methanous eruption from Cow^6.

  • rabbit_ears

    One million micromorons farts again.

  • Rusty Redfield

    It’s probably going to be more efficient if One Million Moms would release a list of the five stores that they think are okay to shop at. Can you get clothes and food at Hobby Lobby?

  • JamesStone

    Look at how “miserable” those children who are loved by their parents look!
    I’m sure they would be a lot happier languishing in foster care until their 18th birthday!
    I think anyone envolved in “One Million Moms” should be banned from adopting children. Children should not be spoon fed hate

  • Marides48

    It seems that their bibull makes them blind to the fact that these happy kids have parents instead of having none. Their energy is misguided & mean spirited.

  • Queequeg

    Certainly their version of God would never want two men to adopt children who may not otherwise have a loving home. What the fuck kind of God is that ,and just how evil are these women? They aught to be ashamed, but there they are promoting hate. despicable.

  • Ninja0980

    Look at the number of kids who age out of foster care every year.
    Read their heartbreaking stories about being lonely and having no idea how to handle themselves in the world.
    Bigots like Monica Cole and others would rather the kids in this photo and other groups simply rot in foster homes rather then be raised by a loving couple who happen to be the same gender.
    They don’t care about kids unless it’s using them for their bigotry.
    Other then that, they couldn’t give a damn.
    It’s never been about the kids, it’s always been about anti-gay bigotry,period.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    I took OMM’s advice and wrote American Girl an email…

  • glass

    Mattel makes too many toys for people to boycott. And 3,000 Freeze Dried Vaginas are not going to be able to rally enough people to make a boycott effective.

    • Snarkaholic

      Especially this close to Christmas.

  • nycmcmike

    Has anyone researched who this group really is? My bet it’s one closet case in his mother’s basement.

    • It’s a website created (in 2012) and owned by the “Family Association”, better known as Tony Perkins.

      Google “one million moms” and the banner result is the AFA.

  • Homo Erectus

    Those horrible, horrible men! Please pray with me that God will strike them dead. No one in our prayer circle would have adopted those children. Jesus must be spinning in his grave.

    Yours in Christ,

    Monica Cole

    PS Smart money says buy stock in Mattel.

  • kaydenpat

    Looks like a loving family to me.

  • Todd20036

    … And then Matel’s stock tripled

  • Judy Youngman

    I’m speechless with disgust!

  • MDB

    So one irrelevant mom would rather the kids be fostered/adopted into “hetero” homes where they’ll be shown the “light” – by beating the crap out of them until they confess their sinfulness, starving and abusing them, bullying them over the head with all of that TrueChristian love – then throwing them back into the street if the children don’t COMPLY ??????
    Fucking homophobic sociopaths !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Reality.Bites

      Don’t be silly. They don’t care WHAT happens to the kids. They could be left dead in a ditch by their heterosexual birth parents and they’d never say a word.

  • Notice that they can’t really say that the family itself is a bag thing…just that
    Mattel should “stay neutral”. Even for the anti-gays it is hard to demonize a couple that is adopting kids and giving them a good home. As for their attempt at a boycott….please, they know that has zero chance of going anywhere.

  • Happy Dance

    They just are not going to have anything to eat, any place to shop, and be left completely without at the rate they are going. I guess Sam’s Choice is neutral on everything!

  • geru

    OMM should just establish a “Boycott modern Western civilization” campaign, so they don’t have to keep putting out these single silly protests against every little thing.

  • Now Mattel wishing the boycott becomes successful as with Doritos…

  • Dorothy Bonnell


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    • Necessitas

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    • Reality.Bites

      I always feel these people are telling me more about their family specifics than I really want to know.

    • Necessitas

      Here is the person who owns the domain ( that all these ads are coming from:

      Perhaps you’d like to call him and tell him how you feel about it!

      D Shaver is Realtor or real estate agent, broker located in Diamond
      Valley, UT, Washington county. John D Shaver real estate company, agency
      is ST GEORGE GMAC REAL ESTATE, located in 1060 S Main St, Ste 200,
      Diamond Valley, UT, 84770. If you are looking to buy, rent or sell real
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      Listing Details
      Agent Name
      John D Shaver
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  • sandy

    their point of view is NOTHING but bigoted. still touting the idea of the “homosexual agenda” as though it were still the 1990s when that kind of language was ok… the “culture war” is over. they LOST.

    we’re not second class citizens, and this kind of language basically amounts to hate speech. they can continue to be bigoted if they want to, and selectively follow their “scripture,” but their religious beliefs are irrelevant to anyone else. there are a lot of christians who also see these kinds of ideas as irrelevant and misguided. are these people all wrong, too? is everyone wrong but you, 1 Million Moms? hmm. interesting.

  • Mark McGovern

    OK everyone, call your brokers and by Mattel ’cause you just know their profits are going through the roof once 1MM commence to shrieking!

    Who wants to throw 10 bucks into a fund, and every time 1MM issue a boycott, we’ll re-invest? We’ll be fabulously wealthy!

  • lymis

    They’re losing people with this. It’s so clear that they’re just shrieking about the mere existence of gay couples and gay families, and that’s a losing proposition.

    They’d do better sticking to things that can be legitimately seen as inappropriately sexualized or things that appear to put down “normal” values. (I’ll still disagree with them, but they’ll be more successful at it.)

    Parents who feed their kids dinner, or buy their daughters dolls, or who consider the safety features of a car they’re buying, or wander through IKEA and have a challenge fitting things into their car are normal, and are being more and more seen as normal by more and more people.

    If anyone is actually listening to them besides LGBT watchdog groups, their message is getting more and more absurd, and they’ll be driving themselves into obscurity.

    Historians will look back at the decision by religion to hitch their wagons so firmly to being anti-gay as one of the single biggest cultural mistakes they made.

    If they’d, instead, embraced the reality of homosexuality, and brought to bear all the screwed up sexual guilt and insane sexual hangups equally upon the gay people under their control, they’d likely have kept their cultural monopoly. But the chose the other path, and it’s destroying them.


    • Reality.Bites

      And people with young kids are overwhelmingly LGBT accepting. Now if they started showing LGBT people in those ads for prescription meds and easy-exit bathtubs on Fox news, they might have a chance at pissing off the target audience for the ads.

  • Rex

    It’s about time for a one million Gay Moms and Dads group.

  • You guys are a bunch of retards. I know that family very well and they’re the best people ever and give the kids the best lives ever. You guys need to grow the hell up and stop acting like children. If anything is going to be considered a sin it would be dealing with people who think that their way is the only way. The bible is one of many religious books, Christianity is one of many religions and people who are boycotting Matel because two dads decide to do something good for the world and pursue their own happiness are one of many idiots in the world today.

  • David

    Oh Monica, fuck off.

  • This is why we have to pay attention to JMG, so we know when to deliberately ignore OMM.

  • grego115

    I go to church with Rob and Reece and they are my friends. Those two have displayed the love of Jesus-and continue to do so through their charitable work- more than anyone I know. I thank God my church didn’t react like “one million moms” when they walked through the door a few years ago looking for a church home. Christians could learn a lot from their example. I know I have. As Christians, we are called to love. Let God take care of the rest.

  • theonlyseven

    “…be careful she is not exposed and can avoid a premature conversation she is far too young to understand.”
    And that ladies and germs, is the real motivation to this sad tantrum. Their opposition to GLBT in the media, the teaching of evolution in schools, teaching the truth about what caused the Civil War…it all boils down to the parents not wanting to have a conversation with their children. They fear their children will start questioning them and begin to reevaluate what they have been told. If mom and dad were wrong about gay people being evil, flesh eating monsters, what else were they wrong about? If a parent fears a child could disassemble their faith, then their faith was not very strong to start with.

  • KAdams

    For every one million moms boycotting, there’s probably two million moms cheering them on. GO MATTEL!!

  • Robb

    1MM says homophobic blah blah blah, yeah we are used to that by now.

    BUT did anyone else sense the incredulous infliction in the beginning about adoption: “1MM supports adoption and taking care of orphans as we are biblically instructed to do in Psalm 82:3”. It’s like, if we didn’t HAVE to, we wouldn’t, but since we are told to do, I guess we better have to.

    I’m over the normal homophobes, they are dying out. What I do hate, however, is just how their ignorance and apathy to people not like themselves is started to shine through as they begin to realize they are not getting their way.

  • Charlie3

    People incapable of critical thinking always feel threatened by those who have different lifestyles and opinions, and yet, live happy, fulfilled lives. In their minds, it calls into question the validity of their existence.There are as many valid ways of being as their are people. The only sin is trying to force to people to live and believe as you do. It is arrogance in the extreme to believe your lifestyle is the only valid one.

  • GanymedeRenard

    Can any of you harpies (both of you) look at these most beautiful and happy kids in the eyes and tell them that their dads are bringing them up for the sole purpose of pushing a “gay agenda”? FUCK. YOU!

  • Carolyn Bunkley

    I will happily do whatever I can to eliminate the spread of such outrageous ideas to our children. I’ll sign the petition to help get rid of One Million Moms.

  • Tokie1

    Personally I find this group, One Million Moms, an affront to real, true christian values. At times, they have threatened boycotts before that have never gone anywhere. In fact I am sure that this group is compromised of one or two individuals with their computers using social media to push their bigoted agenda, kinda like the guy that calls himself the Catholic League. The sad thing is that when they called for boycotts, like they did a year ago when Ellen became a spokesperson for some product, it backfired. They don’t realize that the gay community has a much stronger economic base and network to work with. I assure you that the gay community would support Mattel. Their false outrage should be equated to fear mongering , which I hope that Mattel has the strength to standup and tell them to back off. The other thing is that 1MM’s children will still want their products…

  • Janie Garbo Goss

    Thanks for the info! I used it to thank Mattel and American Girl for being inclusive. I hope they do more of this kind of feature.

  • EquaYona

    There is no ‘culture war’ dipshits. You lost.

  • Ralph Mercier

    One million CLOWNS , they are so ridiculous.

  • autumn

    We are a heterosexual couple who adopted two sweet little girls from foster care. Our daughters were ecstatic that there was an article about a foster family in their magazine. Not one mention that she had two dads, they didn’t even notice. They were happy that it was a story about a family like ours – one made by foster-adoption. OMM (which is a lie, they only have like 80,000 members) are complete idiots.

  • Jennifer Michaels

    “American Girl doesn’t highlight other sins in their magazine.”
    I hope 1MM also counts wearing clothes consisting of dfferent materials, eating ‘unclean’ foods containing ingredients such as shrimp or pork, allowing females to decorate themselves or cut their hair, eating fruit less than four years after planting, not standing in the presence of the elderly, doing any work on the Sabbath, and on, and on, and on….
    In fact, isn’t there something in their book about women refraining from preaching? If so, I’m thinking there’s one million voices that need to be silenced before they go pissing off their deity.

  • LeNair Xavier

    I wonder…How many of those One Million Moms took a dick in their mouth, pussy, and/or ass, and/or scissored a woman before becoming a wed mom? Any one of them that should raise their hands is an even greater sinner for their hypocrisy. So they need to sit the heck down!

  • Kate

    Attention: conservative a**holes: Some of you WILL have gay or transgender kids whether you like it or not. Those kids growing up with these views you have, and I need to stress that this IS already happening all over the world, those children will lead terrible lives and will kill themselves to escape your hate.
    Or you could place your children’s lives and happiness before your blind adherence to whatever your priest tells you and perfectly happy, functional kids who are gay and/or transgender. It sickens me that you people place your religion before your children, it makes you less than human and not fit to breed.