Corden & Abdul – Opposites Attract

  • Paula looks great.

  • Lars De

    Is there anything about James Corden not to love?

    • bzrd

      Little red riding woof

    • Alan S. Lee

      He is cute and adorable!

    • Lakeview Bob

      He is ridiculously talented! And fucking adorable too.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    lol…had a cute bf at the time,.. was our song at the club lol.
    Where are you John John ??

  • Are we sure he’s straight? I’m still a bit amazed he has a wife…

  • Everything about this makes me smile!

  • Alessar

    Whoa Paula slayed that routine. I’m surprised… didn’t she say she had injured her back and that’s why she didn’t dance much anymore?

  • MattPS

    Two eminently likeable performers. Miss Paula, once again, showing her resilience. I wonder if she raided Raquel Welch’s closet in order to find that outfit…

  • ChadSF

    What an unexpected but fantastic remake of my all time Paula Abdul fave. Go Paula, go Paula. Go, go Paula!!